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playing with my telephoto lens at MSG

I know, I know, I haven’t been much of a “communicator” lately, and haven’t Spoken About My Feelings™ and there’s been precious little ShareTime, but sometimes you must simply ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM, DAMN YOU!


Where was I? Oh yes, our beloved Tar Heels played at Madison Square Garden last night, so about 12 of us gathered together to watch our boys in sky blue take on the Buckeyes of Ohio State. Did you know that a Buckeye is a form of chicken common only in Ohio? I had previously thought it was some kind of giant acorn or nut, which is probably why I never completed my doctoral dissertation in Botanical Science.

I can’t say it was an inspired game on either end of the court – until Ohio State started playing for broke, relaxed, and mounted a comeback. If there was ever a case of “one team still had more points than the other when time expired”, this was it.

Now we take on Syracuse tonight, which promises to be intense, given the proximity. If you’re at the game tonight, please wander over to Section 110, row D, won’t you?


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  1. Anne

    As a ’Cuse parent, I will have to defile your comments section with the exhortation: GO ORANGE. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’ll go on record as being neutral. May the best team win.
    That is a wonderful pic of you two.
    Are you sure, about the Buckeye? I thought I’d read it was some sort of nut, too. A chicken, huh? So much for the proud Ohio State mascot. :-)

  2. dean

    Last night was not pretty basketball. But, look at it this way:
    UNC defeated a tournament team from last year that had 4 or 5 (I forget) of its starters back. We played ugly basketball and got nothing from Ed Davis. Yet, our bunch of ragtag, inexperienced players still won.
    Go Heels!!

  3. Schultz

    Young teams have to learn how to put teams away. Expect better results later in the year.
    Our next four games are:
    2-Michigan St.
    If we come out 2-2 I will be happy. Come March, this experience will be invaluable.

  4. Jordi's friend Jill

    Ian, I think someone is pulling your leg. Either that, or I’m merely confused by a kinder, gentler version of trash talk. A buckeye is a nut. It grows into a tree with narrow leaves arranged in clusters of 5. When my sister was in high school, she once wore an OSU shirt with a buckeye leaf on it to school and the principal made her turn it inside it because he was convinced it was actually a cannabis leaf. Anyway, there is such a thing as a buckeye chicken, and there’s also a delightful peanut butter and chocolate treat called a buckeye, but the team is named after the tree or the nut.

  5. scruggs

    And I slept through the whole thing, what kind of fan am I?
    If I had known last night, I would have sent my husband over to your section. He was up there for work and went solo.

  6. Andy

    GFWD – What you said. No pressure on this years team and just in case the season goes a little sideways, we’ve got the cavalry coming in next year.

  7. Paul G

    If I was in NY, I would be in MSG.
    And if I was in MSG, you better believe I’d be wandering over to Section 110.
    Game got pretty tense last night, but I don’t mind watching these Heels learn and grow, and hold onto a good W.
    Hey Schultz, there are a few games in between those, but you definitely got the highlights. 2-2 would be a fine record for those games.

  8. Ken H

    figures that i tune out from your blog for a few weeks only to find out that we were a few sections over from you at the garden… 102 row A for us. what an ugly half of basketball to watch. will be a lot of ups and downs with this young team… looking forward to the next up!


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