kickstart my heart


Hey, wanna know what happens when you leave your Dextroamphetamines in one town, and then go to another without them?

Let me offer a simulation.

Step 1: Hit yourself in the head with a crowbar.

Step 2:

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  1. Salem

    Hey, if it also cost you $$$$$ for a courier, that’s a lot like our “Casino-In-A-Box” kit from your Bachelor party.
    1. Hit yourself in the head with a brick.
    2. Throw $200 bucks out of the sun roof.
    3. Get home 8 hours earlier.

  2. Anne

    Owww. Sorry to hear it.
    A few years ago I arrived in Indianapolis for a convention and realized I hadn’t brought my Lexapro. This is a med that should be tapered off, not gone off cold turkey. Plus, I need it.
    Thank goodness for the ubiquitous CVS. My home CVS pharmacy was able to fax over a one-week emergency scrip to the CVS in downtown Indy. *whew*

  3. Sean

    I totally forgot about the Casino-in-a-box. I also loved the many items that Scotty and I came up with for the unemployed busy guy, including febreeze that you just spray all over yourself (so you don’t have to take time taking a shower on the trip from your bed to the couch…)


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