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Dear Prince Edward Island:

Your geese have arrived in Columbia County, New York, ostensibly en route to Mexico, where they will summer with their pals. I know Canada is a big country, but I still don’t know how you managed to create so many Canadian Geese. Every half hour a new batch of 15,000 arrive at our farm, making the skies sound like the psychedelic ending to the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

Dear UNC Basketball Team:

You’ve got no bigger fan than me, except perhaps Rhoda Osterneck. The rest of us here are tied for first place in eternal desire to see you do well, and we live (and occasionally die) with your victories and defeats. So why are you being so blasé this year? I know we’re National Champions, but even Caesar didn’t rest on his laurels. Perhaps none of us – even you – didn’t realize how much we’d miss the eternal combustion engine known as Tyler Hansbrough. I know you’ll get it together, but right now, you are a bunch of stories in search of a narrative.

Dear Republican Party:

Please, for the love of god, PLEASE make Sarah Palin your candidate for President.

Dear Readers of this Blog:

We’re going to rural Vermont for Thanksgiving this morning, so I shan’t speak to you until next week (nor should you be on the internet, for that matter), but I wanted to give Thanks to all of you for making this little pub on the Information Superhighway such a wonderful, well-appointed place over the last 7 1/2 years.

They said YouTube would kill blogs, then they said Facebook would do it, and then Twitter – and maybe they were right, and this is an antiquated means of gathering (or bloviating), but I’ve come to understand this is something of a happy anomaly. A few thousand unique visitors come here every week, and as of last night, there were 22,028 comments.

To quote Woody Allen, eighty percent of success is showing up, and to quote program, there is immense redemption in being a worker among workers, and for that, I’d like to give thanks to – to quote the South – y’all.

18 thoughts on “turn off your mind relax and float downstream

  1. CM

    Nothing will kill such a wonderful blog. You have lured such a cadre of interesting people into your life, and we are lucky enough to read their words and yours. .
    Thanks for letting us into your life and your mind, Ian!
    To the other blog readers, I’m thankful for all of you. Happy thanksgiving to fellow readers, to the williams family, and to all of those geese.

  2. LFMD

    Enjoy the holiday. If you are going to rural Vermont, does that mean that we will not get the yearly photo of you and Tessa in your farmhouse kitchen carving the turkey?

  3. Anne

    There is something special about THIS particular blog. I came for Coastopia and have stayed. This is literally the first Web site I go to each morning, after I’ve read my emails. The level of discussion overall is topnotch. Now even my 17 year old son (a highly politicized newborn lefty-pinko) reads Xtcian.
    Also, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, Ian, but some of us have become friends on Facebook and very much feel like kindred spirits. CL, LFMD, Salem’s Little Sister, Rebecca (forget your screenname!) and others — We have found that we have much in common, including humor, liberal politics, movies, literature, musical tastes; and we enjoy our online interactions here and on FB. I can definitely imagine getting together with some or all of these folks IRL if I’m traveling around someday. Social networking is cool, and Xtcian is a fertile incubator for virtual friendships.
    So: Thank YOU! Have a wonderful time in Vermont, one of my favorite states. And please, never stop blogging. :-)

  4. GFWD

    Sounds like you’ve got access to lots of pate.
    The kids are alright. It’s early. We’re about to go through murderer’s row. 0-3 during that stretch is expected. The lessons learned, however, will not reveal themselves until March . . . when we’ll see those same faces again. Ask Michigan fans if Carolina has ever had success seeing a team in the tourney that beat it in the early part of the season.
    Rhoda and King Kong ain’t got shit on me!
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. craighill

    you’re right – palin is awful. she’s probably the only person in the world that could do a worse job than obama is doing right now. they should both take long walks of short piers.
    heels will get it together. henson’s starting to wake up, and someone is going convince deon that he’s a big boy and should play like it.
    smoked turkey on the big green egg coming up!

  6. Tanya

    Agreed with all above! I am thankful for this little community – I love how you describe it as a well-appointed pub. Perfect!
    and the Heels will get it together. I’m not at all worried about those kids kicking it into gear. They’re just getting used to driving this fancy new car together,

  7. jody

    Went and saw the Heels at the opener against Belmont Abbey. Total wipeout, but uninspired. The corollary is that they would have scored 200 points with inspired play and would therefore be obnoxious. They’ll be just fine after the first loss.
    Thanks for the blog. At some point you made a plea for the other interseting people you know to blog. I don’t presume to be one one of those people but I’ll say this: some are writers and most are not. You’re a damn good writer- and that makes the difference.

  8. kazoo

    amen, thanks for the blog and the great commentors, who do somehow start to feel like familiar family members, that we can count on to support or debate and more often than not contribute gems to the conversation…
    i was driving past our favorite farm in lexington yesterday, and i was delighted by the seemingly thousands of geese eating their winter flowers and seeds. and, though it’s gray and raw today, there are some hearty yellow leaves clinging to the trees, and it feels hopeful.
    happy thanksgiving, everyone!

  9. John Galt

    I believe they’re known as Canada geese. A Canadian goose would be known by its use of phrases like, “Flap off, eh?”

  10. Ian

    John Galt is right! But it didn’t scan when I wrote it that way, so I went with the vernacular.
    LFMD, that picture is taken either TGiving or Christmas, depending on our crazy travels…

  11. kjf

    Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. This holiday is extra special for me as I just became a grandmother to a healthy and darling little girl. (smile)


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