stirrup pants are sexy, i don’t care what you say


Suddenly called back to LA for one day, for dental surgery and then a big meeting – in that order. How about this for today’s CODE WORD question… what is your least favorite fashion item/accessory/kind of clothes currently aflounder?

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  1. Salem

    Cool men’s jeans; suck. Unless you are in an actual rock band, and even then, only on stage.
    I gave in a few years ago and got two pairs of not distressed, not pocket stiched, not bedazzled, not funny colored, not low rise, Lucky brand jeans, but that’s as far as I’m goin’. They look exactly like Levi’s, they just fit better.
    Do guys in their 30’s & 40’s have to dress like John Gosselin?

  2. Bozoette Mary

    Women’s shirts and sweater vest combos where the shirt hangs out from under the vest, untucked. I know, deep in my heart, that it really looks okay, but I’m from the tucked-in generation. TUCK! TUCK! TUCK THAT SHIT IN!

  3. Joanna

    Spandex in jeans that causes saggy ass within an hour’s wear. What was wrong with 100% cotton and when can I have it back?!!!

  4. FreshPaul

    I have to second that emotion on UGG boots…I’m a high school teacher, and they’re more epidemic than h1n1 up in here.
    The only solution, as I see it, is to have the Twilight people write another “book” revealing that vampires are repelled by them and, ergo, UGG boots are the new literal silver bullet.
    Also, any women’s wear that reveals the entire sternum, yet not any decolletage. What’s the point, other than being a walking science project for gravity?

  5. Neva

    I know it’s not new but I HATE saggy jeans. I work with adolescents and we have special velcro strips they have to wear to hold their pants up (they can’t have belts) and they all need them. They are constantly trying to remove them so they can “sag”. I just do not understand the desire to let your ass show.

  6. Neva

    Oh, and in the same topic area, the super low rise jeans for girls. Yuck. I have yet to find anyone in which this looks attractive.

  7. Neva

    Oh, and Salem, when I see these 30-40 year old men wearing funky man jeans I have to hold in laughter it looks so silly.

  8. mom

    Okay, Uggs are uggly, in their own way, but omigod, are they warm and comfy. Tell those high school Twilight (speaking of ugg) fans that Ian’s 70+ year old mom LOVES her Uggs. Mmmmm warm and comfy on winter dog walks… and the HS set might abandon them. That way the price might come down and I could afford another pair.
    My current (and longtime) pet fashion peeve (male): huge, baggy, low-slung jeans on thug wannabes. It’s all I can do to resist yanking them down around their ankles.

  9. LFMD

    I like Uggs! And Crocs! Then again, fashion is not my main concern. . . I am all about comfort.
    My pet peeve is JUSTICE. I hate that store as much as the tween, pre-tween American girls love it. All of those expensive cotton shirts that shrink in the wash and end up as rags in my cleaning supplies. Luckily, Helen is in private school and happily wears a uniform each day. If I had to buy civilian school clothes for her, it would be a nightmare.

  10. FreshPaul

    oh…and in the interest of gender fairness and equity, I’ve got major beef with guys who wear jeans to the gym, especially because the jeans in question are generally of the aforementioned gaudy type. These bros are usually also wearing a do-rag that nearly covers their eyes, a designer tank top, and fall in the category of reprehensible white guy I like to call the “howmuchyabench”.

  11. chaircrusher

    Anything men buy and wear from Abercrombie & Fitch. ESPECIALLY LOGO TEES. Living in a college town, an Abercrombie Logo Tee says “Hi. I’m date-raping douchebag alcoholic.”
    On women? Hair pulled back tight into a pony-tail. Are American women becoming Chavs? Next thing you know, they’ll start saying “awwwraaht” instead of “hello.”

  12. Anne

    Stretchy leggings worn by anyone who isn’t very slender. I don’t know why heavy women think these garments flatter their legs and thighs: they do NOT. If you have even a flicker of a doubt that you might not be skinny enough to wear leggings as pants, DON’T DO EEET.
    Equal time: Men, do not wear baggy “manpris” — overgrown shorts that hit just below the calves. I’m lookin’ at you, KFed.

  13. LFMD

    What happened to pantyhose/stockings? I have noticed the bare leg look over the past few years. First, celebrities appearing in evening gowns and bare legs. Then, professional women in suits with bare legs. I am mystified! Bare legs in the workplace just don’t go together in my mind. Anyone else agree, or am I officially a Fuddy Duddy?

  14. katd

    LFMD – AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I despise Justice, too. It is a marketing genius, but a parent’s hell on earth. My daughter walks in there and thinks she has died and gone to heaven. She swoons and pines over the tick-tackiest, heaped on bling-iest, eye-gouging colored clothes in the store. Lest I forget to mention the racks and piles of toys, lip gloss, hair accessories and jewelry always on sale and offered up at the cashier station. After being cajoled into purchasing one piece of the “add-on” I find that it gets lost under the back seat of the car where it melts creating a strawberry scented cesspool, or it is taken away by her “obsessed with no make-up on my child” dad within minutes of leaving the store. Overpriced? Yes. Worn by every girl from grades 2 – 6? Yes. I, too, am thankful for uniforms, but it is interesting how the girls can accessorize the uniform for that “Justice look.” After 3 visits to the store, I decided no more. The grandmother is the only way they will get there in the future.
    As my children age, I hear I can look forward to the next step in the shopping chain. A poorly-lit store that will require me to carry a flashlight to navigate my way to more overpriced, poorly made junk all the while listening to ear blasting music and store “models” who completely ignore me.

  15. Salem

    Oh yea, I’ll go ahead and be a nerd. I just can’t get on board with the men’s un-tucked dress shirt thingy. I have given in on occasion, but I feel like a sell-out.
    Full Disclosure: Any shirt that fits my neck size, drags the ground when left un-tucked. What’s the going rate on hemming shirt tails?

  16. adrienneg

    Flip-flops, anywhere outside of the pool or beach, particularly in the middle of winter. And pretty much anything on, although those outfits are more scary than trendy.

  17. Megan

    The current women’s “fashion” boot trend that revives the early ’80s look: slouchy, festooned with unnecessary buckles and doo-dads, and always tucked into jeans. With either a completely flat or a high heel, neither of which is useful for serious walking.

  18. LFMD

    Katd – the only thing I like about Justice is the big circular ottoman-type thing that I can sit on, just outside of the dressing rooms. I sit there with other parents in a daze while our daughters peruse all the crap. And, it is junk. Helen bought a wristwatch two weeks ago. It fell off her bureau, and now it does not work. It fell 2 feet onto a carpet and is broken! Junk!
    You made me laugh about the next stage. Helen and I wandered into Hollister for the first time recently. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So dark! Such overpowering cologne stench, which appeared to be intentional! Such ill-fitting crap! Such surly-looking employees!
    I truly miss the old days, when Helen would wear whatever I ordered from

  19. The Situation

    Hey, you don’t like what me and my friends wear you know whatchoo can do. Anyways, the Situation always looks betta without clothes. Which you ain’t nevva gonna see unless you get lucky and catch a glimpse on TV.

  20. Tessa

    I’m all for fashion pet-peeve but y’all just sound old and grumpy – and maybe a little racist and ageist.
    I am all for 100% cotton jeans and Uggs are too floppy and cankley for my taste. But fashion, like language, is a living organism, a jazz improv, an outlet for expression or conformity.
    There are some great modern fashion trends… I love bare legs. I never tuck anything in. I’m crazy about flip flops. I hate ironing. I think low-rise is great (as long as you don’t give away too much. I’m glad knee boots became a staple.
    Here’s what drives me crazy… Pants that are too short to be worn well with heels. It’s just cuts the body in a way that makes a woman look unfortunate.

  21. Chuck B.

    It has to be harem pants. With a crotch area that sags down to the knees, they make every woman who wears them look like their are wearing ill-fitting diapers.
    I agree with many of the comments here (Ed Hardy, Uggs and Crocs are — fortunately — fads that are fading), but I must say I am flabbergasted by some of the comments here. Flip-flops are unacceptable anywhere except a pool or beach? I totally disagree. Flip-flops are a perfectly good choice AS LONG AS YOU KEEP YOUR FEET NICELY GROOMED!
    Also, I don’t know you LFMD, so I’m loathe to call you a Fuddy Duddy, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with women not wearing stockings in the workplace. I work in a corporate environment in NYC, and stockings are very common in the winter months. But during warmer weather, women under 50 who wear stockings are very rare even in the most convservative of workplaces, and they are definitely perceived as old-fashioned and fuddy duddy.

  22. Caroline

    I have to defend Uggs, too. The price points are appalling but they are so warm and cozy for errand running in winter. I just bought another pair of them that look like normal suede boots, not the usual uggliness and they rool!
    I hate the ’80s style slouchy boots. They weren’t attractive then and they are worse now. And I was in middle school when they were 1st cool and I hated them then. I wore clogs, which were also kewl in those days.
    Worse than the 80s boots are the slouchy jeans. The slouchy jean thing has been in style for years and I can’t get over it. Why do these teenage boys (and older ones) think that it’s an attractive look? They look like they are wearing their pants over diapers, which in my book is NOT A HOT LOOK. I like my men continent, thanks.

  23. FreshPaul

    I dunno…flip flops on men outside the beach or locker room seems uncalled for.
    I’m amused more than disturbed by the trend of ever-humungous baseball caps. I mean, I like “Peanuts” probably more than the next guy, but I’m not about to wear a baseball cap that dwarfs my head, swallows my ears, and makes me look like a pea-head.
    Speaking of head gear, I’m nearly as amused by the concurrent trend of guys wearing their winter hats (toboggans to we in the south) on the very point of the head’s crown and kind of up in a peak. It cracks me up and defies physics a little bit…I mean, these dudes look like gnomes. Gnomes disturb my soul.
    My wife works in fashion (in production and design for a very small maker of hand made, tho not gaudy denim), and my rule is that I can attempt to understand any fashion up to the point where I have to ask the question, “Where do the boobs go?”. Beyond that, I’m lost.

  24. Caroline

    Also, I agree with Tessa – women need to pay attention to their hems! If you find pants you LOVE buy 2 pairs, one for flats and one for heels. They cannot work both ways and look good. And I love flip flops, too!!! And I hate tucking in. And every time my husband and I comment on the boys in slouchy jeans we talk about what old farts we sound like. What goes around comes around!!!

  25. xuxE

    damn you make me seem like a total fashionista. maybe i am… but i think fashion is art. i like to dress in all different styles and pull looks from different eras and sometimes it’s a mixture. i like things to go together properly with the occasion, like uggs and crocs and sweatpants in order to run to starbucks before you actually get dressed or you are doing yardwork or something, but they are not fashion, just practical. harem pants, flip flops, leggings, slouchy boots i think pretty much anything can work if it’s nice quality and done right, it depends on the lines and style and colors and details. and it depends of course on who is wearing it and where they are.

  26. wes

    LFMD, I wonder how old you are because I’m 52 and I also miss the days when it was okay to wear pantyhose. If bare legs had been the fashion when I was younger, tanner, and less, well, veiny, that would have been fine. But now it’s just not a good look for me, and I am made to feel (by my teenage daughter among others) that I am SO OUT OF IT when I wear stockings! I had to be on a stage in front of a bunch of people this past summer at a dressed-up event, and was not the least bit confident about how I looked until I broke down and donned the pantyhose. They just look better on those of us of a certain age. If you look great without them, more power to you, but don’t make the rest of us feel like fuddy duddies!

  27. tregen

    First and foremost, tattoos. Stop already.
    Second, couples with one dressed elegantly (usually the woman) and the other dressed like a slob(usually the man). Look, comfort is great, to a point but looking like a pile of unwashed dirty cotton that happens to cost $2000 is not appropriate for business and generally when going “out”. I realize that CA has a “relaxed” take on acceptable wear but come on. Ladies, if you just bought yourself a nice new set, great, no have a little self-respect and keep them at least somewhat tucked. Dude,s noboy, absolutely nobody wants to see your underwear/crack so pull your fuckingpants up already. I love my rainbow flops but would not dream of going to dinner in them. I guess I’m old but show a little respect and effort towards yourself and it’s amazing how far it goes in people showing you the same.

  28. LFMD

    Wes – I am a 41 year old Fuddy Duddy.
    Tregen – I feel the same way about tattoos. The human body is beautiful in it’s natural state – why tat it up? I am amazed by the amount of ink I see on a daily basis, esp. during the summer and at the gym.
    Any kind of body alteration really disturbs me. I don’t like big/obvious tattoos, the earlobe thing wherein kids have what look like bolts or washers in their ears. I once was at a Gamestop and the clerk had perfectly aligned white teeth. He had altered his top teeth in such a way that they all appeared like little triangular fangs. It was not a grill – looked like he filed down each tooth to reshape it into this Jack O Lantern effect. WTF???

  29. jen

    i love salem’s comment about gosselin. my husband wonders the same thing.
    yesterday, i read on a new gen x blog, The Slacker Factor, that people who tuck shirts into their sweat pants are psycho. very funny. there are a few people runnning around my historic neighborhood with that on. it’s not funny when it’s walking in front of your house.
    ok – i HATE those humongous belts women wear slung around their hips. Usually, it’s very large women, too. It’s not right.

  30. bridget

    I work with a bunch of women in their mid-twenties and it’s funny to see something on them that’s totally at the height of fashion and also looks like something I would have worn in high school in the late 80’s. Low slung belts, sweater dresses, slouchy boots, big glasses…
    But — hose or tights are completely in style these days. as long as they’re patterned or designed. Not sure that plain beige hose will ever be in style.
    I cannot stand the low-low rise jeans and pants for women. and i really don’t like flip flops anywhere but on the beach/poolside.

  31. Salem

    Ya know, I may take issue with some trends in fashion, but there is one fashion I can’t wait to be “on trend”.
    What is this fashion I speak of?
    None other than the “Nutter”.

  32. Salem

    yes, of course, The Nuttin'”
    All these years, I’ve had to use this Crown Royal bag. The Nuttin’ will be hailed as our generation’s contribution to fashion. I need to speak with Scott about a Fall line, for next year, featuring the “Mock Nuttin'” for those sunny transition weeks in October.

  33. oliver

    I used to be allergic to hoop earrings, so I guess I shouldn’t expect an explanation for what’s wrong with Crocs, but I really don’t get it. My working hypothesis is I “make them work” until proven otherwise (try wearing an orthotic with a flip-flop).


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