he’ll say are you married, I’ll say no man, but


All I want is a Big Wheel so it go vroom vroom all over the house and outside, and when I get bigger I can move the seat back ‘cuz it has holes for that.

All I want is the yellow G.I. Joe helicopter because I have one G.I. Joe in my bedroom and the other one lives down the laundry chute in the basement, and the little elevator I built with cardboard and string keeps breaking.

All I want is the orange Huffy 10-speed with the awesome foam handlebar tape to keep your fingers comfortable on long journeys. I plan to ride the McDonald’s bike marathon and you can sponsor me for one dollar a mile if you want.

All I want is a bass guitar – I’ve been listening to “Synchronicity” since the summer started, and I’ve gotten so good at doing the bass lines on my tennis racquet that I’m sure I can just start from there.

All I want is the Mac Plus. I know it’s a gajillion dollars, but I’ve been using Mom’s original Mac for two years, doing music notation and writing stories for Jill McCorkle, and it looks like this is not going to be a fad.

All I want is for someone to help me pay my motherfucking rent, because two of my roommates just bolted, and left us with all the bills, and I’m just so sick of worrying about money all the god damned time.

All I want is to be away from here, to do anything else, to not feel like killing myself.

All I want is some help to buy this ring, because I could get the cheaper one, but I don’t know, I saw this one, and it’s so perfect, and I hope she’ll be wearing it for the rest of her life, y’know?

All I want is to have everyone together, just so we know we all made it this far, to break bread with the ones we love, to drink eggnog, and watch movies, and not answer any cell phones, because everyone we care about is here.

All I want is to get my daughter a purple bicycle.


0 thoughts on “he’ll say are you married, I’ll say no man, but

  1. Salem's Little Sister

    All I want is to feel as great as I did this weekend.
    All I want is for Ben to stay happy, healthy and safe.
    All I want is to get this astronomical debt from MBA school behind us, so we can have some security again.
    All I want is to keep feeling like I won the lottery every time I look at my husband.

  2. Alan

    One of the best posts you’ve ever had. I’m in the same place you are…amazing to look back and see how what we wish for changes as our life situation changes.

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t it good to realize you have what you need?
    All I want is a healthy baby or two, and for my husband not to get freaked out when it happens.
    And for everyone in my life to stay healthy.
    I really have all the material things I could want – my needs are simple. But I’d like to keep making money to pay for the things above.

  4. cullen

    great entry, we always look forward to going to WNC where our cell phone coverage is spotty at best out in the country cove. Jingle yells!


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