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Dear People of Connecticut:

WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? Us progressives told you Joe Lieberman was a sanctimonious prick who couldn’t be trusted, and now that you’ve stuck him with us, you’re all like “oh my god, Joe Lieberman is a sanctimonious prick who can’t be trusted!” As much as us progressives have to suffer with the goddamn moronic choices made by our fellow Americans, we are also PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS RIGHT.

I will leave the genteel stiff-upper-lip stoicism to those with better manners, because I am not above yelling “WE TOLD YOU SO.” Recent American history is littered with our correct-yet-unheeded prognostications and now yet another has come to pass: Joe Motherfucking Lieberman.

The record will show that I loathed that droning, self-righteous asshole clear back in 2003, and still managed to choke down my bile long enough to pull for the doomed Kerry ticket – but really, what was the alternative? Many of us yelped for joy when Ned Lamont knocked him off the Democratic ticket, but when Lieberman won the Senate race as an “independent”, we were forced to endure the media narrative of “regular people don’t like being told what to do by the liberal blogosphere.”

Well, they ought to, if they know what’s good for them. A year after Joementum (**HORRFFFFF**) won the seat, people from Connecticut were asked if they’d made the right decision. “No fucking way” led 51-37, and even Independents agreed, 53-36.

Again, what were you thinking, Connecticut? What vital piece of information was not available to you at the time of the election? You’re like the 17 million Bush voters who subsequently disapproved of him, and like them, you make me fucking sick. You should be ashamed for sticking us with this guy.


To paraphrase “A Fish Called Wanda”, calling Joe Lieberman a selfish twat is an insult to selfish twats. 68% of Connecticut wants the public option, but Lieberman is going to torpedo it, and why? Is it because corporate Connecticut is the home to Aetna and all the big health insurers? Is it because he knows killing the public option will destroy Democrats’ re-election prospects next year? Or does he just want the whole world to be kowtowing at him him him?

He claims to be super-religious, but I didn’t know self-serving, infuriating vanity was a major tenet of Judaism. If he manages to fuck meaningful change for American health care, then he will be personally responsible for actual Americans dying, and I know there’s nothing in the Torah about that.

Connecticut, I want you to look at that droopy-jowled, whining, proselytizing, fatuous schmo and craft an apology to the rest of us. Don’t worry about spelling, just put your heart into it.

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  1. Piglet

    You’re preaching to the choir. I sent Ned Lamont a campaign contribution from my home state on the other side of the country.
    And I don’t see why you had to choke down bile to vote for Kerry. I seem to recall Traitor Joe actively endorsed the other guy that year, because that’s the kind of “Democrat” he is.

  2. craighill

    bob – i appreciate your pointing out that the approval rating for the health care bill is actually 34%, not 40%. add the 12% for those who didn’t think the bill went far enough and you’re still only @ 46%.
    excellent point. wish i had made it.

  3. John Galt

    Good grief; what are you ‘progressives’ on about anyway? Do you really think the legislation being dragged through DC is really about any kind of health care reform?
    You rant and scream and stomp your feet about wanting “meaningful change for American health care” when in truth the only change this legislation will bring about is greater and more widespread dependency on the teat of the federal government, and substandard healthcare for everyone to boot. Since when have the Feds done anything well or efficiently? And Obama expects us to believe that this travesty will be revenue neutral? That’s pure BS, and you all are so blinded by love for your messiah Barack that you can’t see any of it. You all make me ashamed to be an American.
    And has anyone noticed that NONE of the provisions of this legislation — except of course the tax increases — will take effect for four years? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that it’s after the next Presidential election…
    Rant on, Ian; your sycophants love to hear it, and it’s little more than the rattling of pins & needles to those of us who are really truly “PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS RIGHT”.

  4. craighill

    galt – keep in mind that patriotism is verboten around here unfortunately. wonder how many people on this blog fly the american flag on their front doorsteps, windows or lapels. not a stretch to guess 10%….sad.

  5. Piglet

    “Good grief; what are you ‘progressives’ on about anyway? Do you really think the legislation being dragged through DC is really about any kind of health care reform?”
    Well, no. Not any more. Traitor Joe and the Republicans have pretty much seen to that. That’s the point of Ian’s post, right?
    “You rant and scream and stomp your feet about wanting ‘meaningful change for American health care’ when in truth the only change this legislation will bring about is greater and more widespread dependency on the teat of the federal government”
    And there’s not much chance of that, either. In reality, the only change is that it leaglly forces people to buy insurance from private, for-profit companies, whether they want to and can afford to or not.
    They’ve crafted a bill that is an utter, utter giveaway to the big corporations, and their reward is that the biggest capitalists continue to accuse them of communist behavior just as loudly as if they’d actually done something meaningful. The fact that they apparently thought it would play out any differently if they pandered to the GOP base instead of their own is the most damning proof of their incompetence of all

  6. Neva

    Piglet – you said it just right. I’m so disgusted with all of it. The only thing I can say that is still good in this bill is the requirement that insurers can’t exclude people for illness but I imagine there is some sort of loop hole in that too.
    What was so wrong with folks 55-64 being able to buy into Medicare if they wanted? Joe even said he was for that himself not long ago. The saddest cases I have seen are the folks who lose their jobs (or are self employed)in their 50s, become ill and have no insurance. They can’t buy insurance on the open market because they are denied or priced out due to age or underlying illness (and believe me we ALL have that – even using claritin daily will get you denied).
    My own father lost his insurance in his 50s, was very ill and paid through the nose for health insurance that only covered hospitalization. He counted down the days until he turned 65 in order to get Medicare and he was far from alone. It’s horrible that we can let hard working middle age people go bankrupt and lose their homes from health care bills. Allowing them to buy into Medicare is a very reasonable option. I hope to hell they vote Joe out the door next time.

  7. Ian

    craighill, I’m a true patriot and have two flags: one is a UNC National Champions banner that I got for my birthday, and I’m trying to find a big enough ladder to put it at the top of my barn.
    Oh yeah, the other is an upside-down American flag with a giant open rectum on it, with a fist next to it… giggles!

  8. craighill

    ian – first of all, you’re gross. second of all, you’re funny AND gross.
    by the way, we all know that’s not a fist next to the flag you so desecrate, but the blunt end of the hammer that precedes the sickle! ;)
    go heels.

  9. Caitlin

    “when in truth the only change this legislation will bring about is greater and more widespread dependency on the teat of the federal government, and substandard healthcare for everyone to boot”
    John Galt, are you one of those people that wants to keep the federal government out of Medicare? And about the “substandard care”, the last time I checked one of the best health systems in the country was the VA — 100% dependent on the teat of the federal government, and with demonstrably better quality and outcomes than almost all for-profit insurers.
    Craighill, do you think that the best way to demonstrate one’s patriotism is to wear a lapel pin or fly a flag? Don’t make assumptions about progressives — I don’t fly a flag, but I’m serving in uniform for the next two years.
    Ian, thanks for the rant. We were so close to something pretty good, and having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory because of one intransigent corrupt servile insurance company puppet really upsets me.

  10. John Galt

    craighill; methinks you give Mr. Ian too much credit. Funny isn’t how I would describe him.
    p-p-p-piglet; Do you actually believe that the Republicans are to blame for what you see as the failure of this legislation? And Dems pandering to the GOP base? YOU are the funny one. If the Democrats’ vision of health care reform is all that and a bag of chips, why did the Dem leadership have to blow so much taxpayer money on pork promises to the foot-dragging members of their own party? $300 million to buy Mary Landrieu’s vote? Yeah; it’s the Republicans’ fault.
    And caitlin: Feds out of Medicare? Seriously? Medicare = federal gov’t. Or am I missing something? As for the VA, what you describe is the exact opposite of my experience. My biggest fear is that healthcare in the US will look like the VA following the progressives’ fix. Yes it’s 100% dependent on taxpayer money and yes it’s free for vets (in some cases), but it’s a huge money pit, and the bureaucracy surrounding the VA creates nightmarish problems for people seeking care. Please don’t hold the VA healthcare system up as a shining example of anything, because it’s not. Especially with Obama’s ‘promise’ to keep it revenue neutral; it’ll never ever happen.

  11. herman

    Ian, you can blame Lieberman, but it looks like Obama didn’t really want a public option either. Obama and Lieberman are not that different.

  12. Caitlin

    John Galt, obviously the federal government = Medicare. Some conservatives don’t seem to grasp this basic fact.
    e.g. this Washington Post article from the summer:
    In other pockets of the state, the reaction to Democratic proposals has been strong, too. At a recent town-hall meeting in suburban Simpsonville, a man stood up and told Rep. Robert Inglis (R-S.C.) to “keep your government hands off my Medicare.”

  13. John Galt

    Caitlin: And your little vignette means what? The guy might have been anything from completely clueless to a bit flustered and angry, and got his words mixed up. Whatever the reason, I can’t argue with what is likely the motivation behind what he said; anything the Democrats do with healthcare will screw things up for people currently enrolled in Medicare. It’s almost guaranteed.
    Show me one clueless conservative and I can show you a dozen liberals/progressives who honestly believe that the government by way of Obama’s leadership can spend enough money borrowed from the Chinese to pull the country out of a recession. And I can show you even more liberals/progressives who see no problem with taxing the snot out of people earning $200k or more, and believe that doing so will only benefit the economy.

  14. Paul G

    @ craighill & John Galt,
    Enough. Put your guns down and quit shooting ideas.
    What do you think the answer to this is? Seriously. Or do you just enjoy watching everything spoil?
    What are the uninsured 5o-year olds to do if they get denied or can’t pay the insane insurance costs? What are the cancer patients that reach their “max.” to do when they need more treatment in a calendar year?
    How do you think we can keep insurance companies in line, when all they have proven since Nixon is that they will fight to keep American peoples’ lives and deaths profitable.
    You peck and heehaw about how the public option will destroy doctors and healthcare in our country, but I’ve got news for you. Insurance companies have already destroyed most of our wonderful doctors and much of our healthcare system. And with health reform on life support, it’s only a matter of time until insurance companies truly run the world. Will you be happy then? You are so quick to keep control away from the government, that you don’t realize you are handing control to a profit-driven corporation that does not give a fucking shit about you. If you think government caring is care without a heart. Corporate caring is care without a heart or soul.
    An almost 30-year old white male with no health insurance that pays a shit ton of taxes for a bunch of shit he has never taken part in, and other stuff he doubts he will ever hear of, but god forbid his taxes start going into something like his own healthcare so he and others get to visit a doctor!

  15. John Galt

    Newsflash Paul G.: If “Corporate caring is care without a heart or soul”, as you say, then government caring is care without a heart or soul or brain. You think because it’s a bunch of progressives/liberals who say they have only the best of intentions that are putting this healthcare travesty together that it will actually work the way they say it will? Again, I suggest you look at the timing of all of this. If it’s so the-sky-is-falling urgent that this thing get done RIGHT FRICKIN NOW, why is it that no actual healthcare-related changes will take effect for another four years? And even then, most of the people who are uninsured, including your “uninsured 5o-year olds”, still won’t be covered for years to come. And if they do manage to get into the system, who’s to say that some government bureaucrat isn’t going to decide their life isn’t worth living and deny them coverage anyway?
    There are a lot of alternatives to make the current system better without the government taking control of ~16% of the GDP. For the amount of money they want to spend on this travesty, which is essentially a blank check drawing on borrowed funds, we could just pay the premiums for those who are truly uninsured. But no, we need this public option that will eventually become the ONLY option.
    If “Insurance companies have already destroyed most of our wonderful doctors and much of our healthcare system”, why is it that when someone in Canada or Great Britain or any other country with the vaunted single-payer healthcare system can’t get the help they need, they come to the US to be treated? You’ve obviously bought into the lie that our healthcare system is hopelessly broken, when in actuality it’s the envy of the world. That’s not to say there aren’t problems, but the cure being proffered by the Democrats in Congress & the White House is worse than the ailment.

  16. Paul G

    You did it again. I’ve heard you complain up and down. I don’t want to hear anymore of what’s wrong from you. I get what you think is wrong.
    What is YOUR solution to this mess?
    My solution was the public option b/c I don’t believe it can get much worse than what insurance companies have done to us. But you seem to think the profitizing of healthcare has and continues to be good for us. I’m not arguing about how great our healthcare can be, and how bright our doctors are. However, I believe healthcare should be a right, and not a privilege.
    The legislators are trying to get the healthcare through obviously b/c of wanting to look like they’ve accomplished something and so that it appears as if Obama did something in his first year. I get that.
    I also used to get why it was going to take 4 years to implement. Sweeping reform, such as installing a new healthcare infrastructure takes time. I was fine with that. Now though with this paper tiger of a bill, I have no idea why it’s going to take 4 years.
    And as far as if I think the government will try to kill those unworthy of life, I will take my chances with the government (that I can still have a hand in) over a company motivated by the profit of my own undoing.
    The time has passed to play spoiler. We differ ideologically, but if you’ve got a better answer, let’s hear it ’cause things are not getting better and leaving it alone is not going to work.


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