out with the aughts and in with the zippy ‘teens!


Happy end of the year, everybody! Recharge for 2010, ‘cuz it’s gonna be the best year ever and we’re gonna RULE the SCHOOL with our new sweatsuits and attitude!


0 thoughts on “out with the aughts and in with the zippy ‘teens!

  1. CM

    This year sucked. 2010 will be better. Happy new year to all of the wonderful commenters here, and to the Williams clan. Cheers to a great 2010!!! Looking forward to hearing all of your comments and remarks in the new year.

  2. Anne

    Happy New Year to all the Ianites. (It’s a cult ya know.)
    It’s amazing to me, in comments on blogs, Facebook, in person… how everyone has pretty much the same attitude to the new year: good riddance to 2009; high hopes for 2010.

  3. JohnH

    Instead of the Consumer Confidence Index, perhaps the media should start reporting on the Blog/Twitter/Facebook-er Confidence Index. We’re an indicator species or something.


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