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I’ve asked a version of this question before, but how many of you consume caffeine at some point each day? Also, what form does the caffeine take (coffee, etc.) and would you say that you definitely need it? Further, do you suffer any side-effects from it (or the lack thereof)?

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  1. killian

    1. I consume 4 cups a day
    2. Coffee, period.
    3. HELL, yes, I need it.
    4. Lack thereof–look out world! Emotional: Cranky, petulant, deprived, whiny. Physical: headaches, exhaustion, pallor.
    Maybe you are headed toward some philosophical discussion about the finer points of addiction? At what point (read ‘substance’, ie coffee vs. gummy bears; coffee vs. wine; pot vs. crack) does addiction become a communal rather than individual concern?
    Just guessing. Looking forward to your debrief! :D

  2. LFMD

    When I was a kid, I would scoff at my mother, who literally could not function in the morning without first brewing coffee. Guess what? I have become my mother.
    I need coffee first thing upon waking. Without it, I get terrible headaches.
    I drink coffee in the am only. Following by one or two Diet Cokes in the afternoon. Gotta have it.

  3. Anne

    One big cup (thermos) per day… about 12 oz. I only started drinking coffee last year. I was so chronically sleepy during the day, I decided to give it a shot. It helped. Now I am taking Concerta every morning and probably don’t need the caffeine bounce, but I have grown to like the taste (half/half and Splenda please) so I keep drinking it.
    Laurie, headaches are the most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. They do go away after a few days if people can tough it out that long. But why bother? ;-)


    come for the buzz, stay for the antioxidants. And remember folks, better to drink less good coffee (organic free trade innit) than more bad coffee.
    Great story a while back on NPR about a guy who studied insects who developed an allergy to roaches — he could only drink small batch roasted gourmet coffee because the commodity stuff has too many roaches ground up in it…

  5. josie

    One of my favorite topics! I love my coffee. I have – on heavy days – 2 cups, 2x a day. I mostly make it at home, no fancy equipment except a nice quality percolator (part of the goodness is keeping it easy). Of course, I do dress it up a bit with flavors and whip cream. A good cup of fresh coffee is an incredible comfort to me.
    Yes, it does have an effect. In the morning, it clears the cobwebs and helps me string a few lucid sentences together. In the afternoon, it reboots my circadian rythym, and gets me on my way for the remainder of the day.
    I have trouble sleeping and have “tested” my afternoon caffeine as the culprit. I cut the p.m. coffee out for two weeks, wanting to see if it alleviated the dreaded catch-up-on-the-news-at-3-a.m. events that were wearing me out in the first place. It did not; I happily resumed my regular coffee regimen.
    Then there was the era of pregnancy and breastfeeding. I recall that early in my first pregnancy, some study came out (to much fanfare) linking caffeine consumption to low birth weight. Seriously, my first pregnancy left me so DRAINED that my only hope of stringing two sentences together came in a Grande anything. This news was seriously disconcerting.
    I actually sought out the specific study details (completely overlooked in the mass media) for hope. There it was: the study was made up of all these Swedish ladies who drank at least 8-10 cups of joe per day. And that’s European-style coffee, certainly more potent than anything we buy here – even Starbucks (which I was addictd to). I could have two commercially prepped Grandes, and still be below that 50% threshold. Rationalize much?
    Anyway, my research gave me the strength to ignore the stink-eye from patron and barista alike when I corrected their misguided assumptions that I should drink anything decaf.
    I guess I can relate to smokers and drinkers in that I feel our culture is way too quick to deem anything enjoyable (requiring outside influences) as somehow being bad for you. My poor mom had cut so much out of her diet in the name of being healthy that she achieved a whopping 90 lbs. during a period of great stress. (A 75 year old woman needs better reserves than that!). Seriously, you can kill yourself trying to stay healthy.
    Life is short. Enjoy what you can. Practice moderation.

  6. Julie

    Must. Have. Now. Half way through my first bottle of diet coke. It’s the only thing I drink though. Sometimes I will have green tea on the weekends. Total consumption – anywhere from 3 20 oz bottles to a 2-liter bottle, depends on the day. What’s it like without it? Very tired and by day 2 I will have a nasty headache that takes forever to get rid of. We all need to have a vice, right?

  7. Lee

    I can’t deal without it any more. I went a couple of years without coffee b/c it was giving me an allergy. Then, I could only drink it with Nexium- I wanted it bad. Now, I’m back to a healthy addiction. I have 2 lattes in the morning and often one at lunch. And sometimes I need chocolate.

  8. Salem's Little Sister

    It’s Diet coke for me all day. I probably have 4 of the new little bottles during the day and night. I just went through a bad stomach virus last week and only drank Gatorade and water. I guess I could have kicked the caffeine addiction, but Diet Coke makes me happy, so I went back to my old friend.
    Josie, when I was pregnant, one of my first questions to my doctor was about my beloved Diet Coke. I was allowed one a day and I savored that drink as if it was a fine glass of wine. It was also the first thing I sipped on right after having my son, but I’m pretty sure the nurses didn’t realize that’s what it was.

  9. Susan

    I used to hate coffee. No matter what I added to the coffee (folgers, maxwell house, etc…)it never tasted good. My husband bought a Tassimo machine and that machine is why I drink coffee. I get to try different kinds and have found my favorites. One cup in the morning and one after lunch is great! I think I have become a coffee snob…won’t touch the folgers, etc… anymore!
    The Tassimo is awesome!!!

  10. josie

    OK, so smoking IS unhealthy for you….for those that live long lives, they decide that their pleasure from smoking is greater than the degree to which their quality of life is diminished by it.
    In this particular case, as a [once] pregnant high-octane coffee drinker, I can relate to being a target of vilification only. I do view smoking as a poor choice of vice, given the existing science on the topic.

  11. GFWD

    The Saints are marching in and you recycle an old blog topic?
    I might have to yank your SAINTS card.
    Of course, you could just be too tired from all of the celebrating.

  12. FreshPaul

    12oz of Larry’s Beans around 8am…I can do without just fine, especially if it’s warm outside.
    I don’t have the biological predilection toward addictions, so I’ve got no problem giving it up (mild headache for a day or two) when my gerd requires it.

  13. Piglet

    Got as far as through grad school priding myself on getting up at 5:30 to exercise and being the only one not bleary eyed for my 8 am classes. People would offer me coffee, I’d say, “Thanks, but I figure I have enough stress without a caffeine dependency”
    My first professional job, they had free frappucino drinks in the refrigerator. First hit is free, right? That was 12 years ago. I’ve been hooked on the things all that time. Even after my morning workout, I go to work and if I don’t have my morning frappucino, I’m bleary and unable to concentrate on work for at least three hours.
    I drink frappes at work. I pretty much need them only when 1) I have to set the alarm and get out of bed before I’m fully awake AND 2) I’m going to be sitting at a desk doing sedentary work for the morning. Weekends I sleep till I get up and don’t even notice not having it.

  14. dct

    I’m pregnant and currently drink either two cups of tea in the morning, or one cup of coffee. Non-pregnant, I drink 2-3 small cups of coffee in the morning. I have to stop at noon, or I get too crazy, but drinking coffee in the morning while I write is a great pleasure. As is a glass of wine while I cook in the evening!

  15. michelle

    For years and years, I had one precious cup of coffee in the AM, and then the very occasional soy latte in the afternoon. About eight months ago, I had some sort of stomach bug (unrelated to coffee) and weirdly have not been able to touch the stuff since. I tried really hard to start drinking it again and simply could not. But I’ve replaced it with one precious cup of black tea every morning, and the very occasional cup of tea (often herbal) in the afternoon.
    What’s odd is I still have the emotional cravings for coffee. I miss grinding the beans, choosing between the french press and regular drip, the smell, everything. But there’s just no way I could drink any.

  16. Tammy O.

    One delightful 8 oz. can of soda per day. It’s the perfect caffeinated treat. Tiny soda!
    No coffee. Sometimes tea in the afternoon, or an extra soda on the weekend. I LOVE anything that speeds me up, but it cultivates bad habits and choices. So I try to keep it super minimal.

  17. kazoo

    well, having recently done a cleanse type thing, i had to give up coffee for 9 days. and it was hellish, to say the least.
    but, interestingly, what i realized was that it was less about headaches or withdrawal per se, which were fairly minor, and more about the ritual of it and the SMELL. the smell killed me. even on days when my food intake was really low, i wasn’t craving food, but walking past a cafe was torture. what that says, i have no idea.
    but i also know i’ve slowly gotten more snobbish about coffee than i’d like to admit. i’ll blame my friend, amy, who made an amazing documentary about the history of the cappuccino against the backdrop of facism and capitalism and quality and what it all means. it’s amazing. you must see it.
    so, i’m spoiled. thank god intelligensia finally moved to LA!

  18. mom

    1. I cup early, one or more later.
    2. Really good organic, free trade coffee. Roaches? Maybe. But they are organic, free-trade roaches.
    3. It’s just a habit. When I forget to drink it, for some reason, I usually think I have, and don’t know the difference..
    4. None. Have always been able to drink a cup of coffee at bedtime and sleep like a baby.
    HOWEVER, if deprived for a couple of days, I develop the typical caffeine headache, so it must be doing something I’m not aware of.

  19. CM

    Never liked the taste, so luckily never got into it. In my 20s my docs said I had fibrocystic breasts and that the caffeine I drink is probably making it worse, but I said I didn’t drink ANY caffeine. What a medical copout! Anyway, I very very rarely have tea, occasionally chocolate. I’m just not having it.

  20. jje

    Almost zero caffeine, with the exception of a little chocolate now and then. Never liked coffee and I gave up regular Coke and sweet tea about a million years ago. I drink water pretty much 24/7. A little milk some mornings and the occasional cup of green or white tea when the mood strikes. Strictly a social drinker, which is about once a month with my mommy friends. Giving up caffeine and sticking to water is probably one of the best things I ever did for myself. I wish I had that same resolve for other areas of my life!

  21. Megan

    You never stop learning what you can give up. I used to have a love affair with coffee, but finally realized that someone with my insomnia problems has no business consuming that much caffeine.

  22. JohnH

    Coffee, of varying quality (office coffee is free but mediocre), in the neighborhood of 3-5 cups per day. An occasional Coke or sweet tea (the south FTW!).
    It doesn’t perk me up much, or keep me up if I have it late in the evening, but I go a whole day without caffeine, I do get a headache.

  23. oliver

    ~ 3 double capps (~17g/pull) daily ad libidum, and it feels necessary. On vacations I can and occasionally do go without, especially when there’s no need to be either smart or charming. To at least the extent you can go around stoned, I can go around uncaffeinated. Probably I shouldn’t be allowed to pilot a 747 without. But then I’m diagnosably ADHD.


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