st. valentine was beheaded so you don’t have to be


Okay, fans of virtual disclosure! How about four questions that are COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO ANYTHING?

1. What is one non-essential feature you truly crave in a car?

2. What plant or flower do a lot of people like, but you just find annoying?

3. Are you in love?

4. How would you like that cooked, sir/ma’am?

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  1. ken

    1. A kickass stereo. My current car has the best stereo I’ve ever had in an automobile: a harman/kardon AM/FM/XM system with integrated iPod dock with which you can manipulate the iPod with controls on the steering wheel. Although living in Chicago, I love my heated seats, especially on days like today.
    2. I’ve never understood annuals, what’s the point? Sure some of them are beautiful but the idea of spending money on them every year then having to plant them as well kinda negates the point of having a garden. Give me perennials every time, unless were talking about fruits and vegetables.
    3. With two females at the same time actually. My wife of seven years (we’ve been together ten) and my daughter who will be one year old on St. Patrick’s Day. Parenthood is the greatest club ever.
    4. Medium-well. It should be pink in the middle, NOT blood-red, or purple.

  2. kmeelyon

    1. I want my GPS voiceover to come with positive affirmations and compliments. I find it annoying to be given all these instructions without an positive reinforcement. I want it to tell me that I made that turn nicely and that I’m really good driver, and that my butt feels nice in the driver’s seat today. It’s a small thing, but it would mean a lot to me. :)
    2. Orchids. The smell makes me wanna puke. Yick.
    3. No, no, no, no, no.
    4. Medium rare. Yum. I haven’t eaten red meat in about two months except for a fully cooked meatball recently. Just reading the words “medium rare” make me want to cry a little bit.

  3. emma

    1. Seat warmers. Never had them, but I sure hope to on my next car. (Stereo is an essential)
    2. Roses from the florist on Valentine’s Day. Overpriced, showy and they die in a week or so, but I do love our rose bushes in the back yard.
    3. Yes – and in two weeks, our marriage will become a teenager and we will have been married for 13 years.
    4. Medium-medium rare. The subject of answer number 3 makes the best perfectly cooked steaks I have ever had – I rarely order them in a restaurant for that very reason.

  4. Greg T.

    1. Automatic Climate Control. I have had this feature in my last 4 cars and it drives me nuts whenever I get a rental car that doesn’t have it.
    2. Carnations. I think this is an acquired dislike – when I first met my wife, I discovered that she doesn’t like them and I haven’t liked them since.
    3. Yes. (I love you, honey!)
    4. Medium-Rare, please.

  5. jersey

    (1) Sirius Satellite Radio.
    (2) Cactus. Or is it cacti? Either way, they suck.
    (3) Most of the time.
    (4) Medium rare all day long.

  6. scruggs

    1. MP3 hookup and remote controlled doors. So, minivan it is.
    2. All of them annoy me. I’m allergic.
    3. Yep. Together 18yrs, married about 12.
    4. Scattered, Smothered, and Covered

  7. jje

    1) Hmm, trying to decide between nav system, seat warmers and satellite radio. Okay, I’ll say nav system because I can’t imagine life without it (well, except that my iphone does the job when the damn thing is clueless).
    2) Marigolds
    3) Madly in love with my husband. It’s been 19 years, 12 of them in wedded bliss (with some days being more blissful than others ;-), since we first met/started dating on 5th floor of Granville Towers South. Also with my two little boys, who rock the free world.
    4) Medium well

  8. GFWD

    Lurk this bitches:
    I am still awaiting little Mike’s apology to the staff of the Chronicle for ripping them behind closed doors under the auspices of a private meeting in the team locker room after they graded the team’s performance [fairly] in the late ’80’s.
    Roy, by comparison, stepped up admirably following a perceived misinterpretation.
    Go lurk on your own team.

  9. craighill

    1) sirius or steering wheel heater.
    2) with jersey on cactii. there’s a reason no one lives in the desert
    3) yes, with lindsay vonn.
    4) medium/medium rare. if u order a well done steak u deserve whatever they do to it in the kitchen, and trust me it ain’t pretty. think floor, microwave, then deep fat fryer. not kdding.

  10. Tanya

    1. A sunroof. I’m a simple gal – but I need a sunroof.
    2. Impatiens/pansies – the ubiquitous over-winter flower. I also agree with Ken re: annuals!
    3. Heck yeah, thank GOD. Was on a “date” the other night with my hubby at a trendy Raleigh restaurant. We both talked about how glad we were not to be in the dating scene and to have found each other. *heart*
    4. Medium rare. (isn’t it weird that most people here have said the same?)

  11. Salem

    1.Triple Climate control (L,R,Back)
    2.Carnations (the pigeons of the flower world)
    3.No, unless you count my feelings for Candied Bacon or Clarified Plugra Butter.
    4. Knock it’s horns off and wipe it’s ass.

  12. Anne

    1. Heated front seats!!! Soooo good on my ol’ back muscles, and also toasty in winter.
    2. Dahlias. They look fake and gaudy and contrived, and are a crapload of work to grow. (Must be dug up and stored overwinter and replanted in the spring.)
    3. In many senses, yes. I kind of miss “infatuation,” but no longer crave it. (A blessing of getting older and less tempestuously hormonal.)
    4. Good steak? Medium rare. Everything else: medium well.

  13. Scott

    1. Sun/Moon Roof.
    2. Can’t think of any. I’m a plant person, so I tend to like all of them.
    3. Yes.
    4. Beef – no longer moving. Chicken – almost to the point of being dry. Pork – still pink! Fish – Well done or completely raw – no middle ground. Generally, blackened on the outside is preferred.

  14. Salem's Little Sister

    1. My seat warmer and I’d love to have an I-Pod dock.
    2. Those crap flowers they put in the vases at Chick-Fillet that last for ever. Not sure of the name, but they look like an iris knock-off.
    3. Absolutely!
    4. Medium Rare steaks, medium burger

  15. Kevin_In_Philadelphia

    1. GPS Navigation System. No need for it at all, since I rearely get lost, know how to read a map, and in the worst case have a GPS on my iPhone.
    2. I find the idea giving a girl roses more than a little cliche. Fortunately, so does my special lady.
    3. I love spending time with the special lady, but being “in love” is a wholly foreign idea to me.
    4. Red Meat? Pittsburgh Rare, please…or bleu, should I happen to be in France.

  16. MarkC

    1 – satellite radio (seat heaters are great, but I have them already)
    2 – All flowers generally, except wild flowers on a mountain side, etc..
    3 – with someone other than myself? please clarify?
    4 – Medium rare to rare (this from the once vegitarian)

  17. bridget

    what is Pittsburgh Rare? I’ve never heard that.
    1. sat radio
    2. lillies – they make me gag
    3. yes, though sometimes i have to admit i’m not “in like” and i’m pretty sappy for my son
    4. medium, anything less is pretty gross and anything more is tough

  18. kate

    1. Gotta go with Tanya and Scott – a sun/moon roof.
    2. I like most plants/flowers. Can’t really think of any I really *don’t* like, but if I have to choose one, it’d probably be red roses. I don’t mind other color roses so much, but red roses seem so cliche and unoriginal to me.
    3. Not anymore, thank god. Thinking about that now, though, I don’t know that I ever really was.
    4. I like red meat on the well side of “medium-well”. I don’t mind a little bit of light pink, but no dark pink, and no red. Blech.

  19. julie

    1. Sun roof and satellite radio
    2. Carnations, daisies, and marigolds
    3. Depends on what your definition is
    4. The rarer the better

  20. wyatt

    1.Good lumbar support. Subaru has this down. Toyota, not so much.
    3.Yes. 10 year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks. Though this is an off-year, as we were married on Feb-29.

  21. Joanna

    1. I love having that special place for my sunglasses! I crave, though, a hybrid mini-van or at least one with good gas mileage. I have a van full of kids in my carpool, so I need the space, but Honda’s mpg claims are flat out lies.
    2. Mixed feelings about zinnias. I planted them last summer because they last so long and then I got kind of annoyed that they lasted so long. They began to feel like fake flowers and I finally saw the beauty of a flash-in-the-pan bloom.
    3. Yes! There are ups and downs but it always comes back to awesome.
    4. Don’t eat much meat. Eggs, over hard.

  22. kevin from NC

    1) sunroof
    2) roses (we have them in our yard..every year they llok great and then aphids or brown spot get them.
    3)yes… 24 years together
    4) I used to say rare and then I went to medium rare and now I am trending more toward medium. I read a report recently with blind taste tests that palates prefer medium. Of course we eat with our eyes first and if our eyes don’t like it our stomach will follow.

  23. Anne

    Breaking News for you Tar Heels:
    February 12, 2010
    U. of North Carolina’s President, Erskine Bowles, Says He Will Step Down
    By Eric Kelderman
    Chronicle of Higher Education
    After a little more than four years in office, the politically connected president of the University of North Carolina system announced on Friday that he would step down after a successor was found.
    Mr. Bowles, a former director of the federal Small Business Administration and chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, was chosen to lead his native state’s university system in October 2005 — his first job as a higher-education administrator.
    Despite his long business and political résumé, scandals on several of the system’s 16 campuses have made Mr. Bowles’s tenure occasionally tumultuous.

  24. ally

    I don’t drive but I really appreciate the automatic starters and heated seats in the cars of those who are kind enough to give me a lift on cold days.
    I don’t like those individual bamboo stalks in tall glass vases. To me they say “Hi, I have no personality.”
    No and it makes me sad. I’m kind of lonely. But it’s manageable. I guess. It’s Friday night and I’m still at work because I don’t have anything better to do. That’s pathetic.
    Medium rare.

  25. Ian

    1. AUX jack (or Bluetooth music streaming) – so many cars still have no way of playing an iPod
    2. good call on the carnations. Those little banzai trees are annoying, and I agree with cactii. Overall, though, I’d go with frickin’ poinsettias.
    3. With the warm intensity of our nearest star
    4. Medium rare, but I only eat them around Salem, so I always defer to the master.

  26. Amy S.

    1. A good friend in high school called my car The Manually Car. Not only was it a stick shift, but the mirrors, windows, door locks–*everything* was manual. I still drive a 5-speed but can’t imagine what I would do without electric windows and door locks.
    2. Paperwhites smell like homeless pee to me.
    3. I’m not in love, but I’m pretty sure the guy I’m seeing is. He’s wonderful, and I want to be in love with him.
    4. Medium, thanks.

  27. Neva

    1. love my heated seats. Think I must have them again in the next car.
    2. Really don’t enjoy roses, especially the ones that never even open up just die an unfulfilled death. How depressing.
    3. Yes I am, and I try to remind myself when times get tough.
    4. I used to think I liked medium rare but last few times I ordered that I got blood red so I have started to order medium. No red, just pink, please.

  28. Kevin_In_Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh rare is about 3 minutes of cooking time on each side. It is a very very rare price of meat. Maybe it is a Pennsylvania thing…

  29. Bozoette Mary

    1. An iPod dock.
    2. Plants that require water. (Oh, that would be all of them, wouldn’t it? Still…)
    3. For almost 31 years now.
    4. Medium rare, thanks!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to the whole family!

  30. Jennifer K

    1) Heated seats. I’ve lived my entire life in the Midwest, and I’ve survived not having heated seats. I’ll continue to survive.
    2) Red roses are such a cliche. I much prefer daffodils or tulips.
    3) Sadly, I’m not in love. How about being in like?
    4) Medium well works for me.

  31. Annie H.

    1) Auto. Matic. Windows.
    2) I dislike all indoor plants. It just feels wrong to me to have dirt in a pot inside. It feels like plants are meant to be outside in the earth. (Greenhouses are exempt)
    3) I am very much in like/lust at the moment.
    4) Pittsburgh rare.

  32. Kelly in NC

    Darn it. I really needed a new Ian blog this morning to jump start my brain. Oh well, here I am a day late and a dollar short.
    1. 5-speed manual. Hard to find in a minivan.
    2. Roses. I’m not much of a flower person but if you must, tulips please. But really I’d prefer a bottle of wine.
    3. Yes.
    4. Medium.

  33. ericmaloney

    1. CD player or tape deck, long as I can control the tunes.
    2. Juniper because it’s poison. I can’t drink 2/3 of a bottle of gin without seeing double and it is juniper’s fault.
    3. Yup.
    4. Rare or medium rare. Cooking time is inversely proportional to flavor.


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