i’ll eat up all your crackers and your licorice


I don’t know how many of you have ever had the croup, but it gets passed down through family lines, and unfortunately, my mom and I have given it to Lucy. I shan’t go into the “seal barking” that accompanies the affliction, nor the impending feeling that you’re about to be asphyxiated, but suffice to say it’s scary as shit when you’re a kid, and I’m up all night tonight making sure the Lulubeans can stay calm. Best that Tessa isn’t here – she doesn’t need the stress.

I, however, need the CODE WORD question to take care of the blog tonight, and in an attempt to keep things looking positive, I’ll re-ask a question from a while back, then compare answers: what is your favorite and least favorite part of your own body?

No checking back and cheating, if you answered in 2008.

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  1. jif

    poor lucy! we all had the croup as kids too. we were smoothered in vics vapor rub and the humidifier stayed on all night. in the spirit of commiseration – we spent half the day at the hospital yesterday – both of mine need to get holes poked into their ears to let the fluid behind their eardrums out. If the fluid is thick, it could mean tubes – which I had THREE times as a kid. And they SUCKED every time… I was hoping my kids wouldn’t have to go through this.
    as for your question, my favorite and least favorite part of my body is the same: my belly. there is a 4 cm circle around my belly button (which has never gone back in all the way) of wrinkly skin – stretch marks. it is ugly and beautiful at the same time. in one breath, it has made me consider the possibility of plastic surgery for the first time in my life (but I am too much of a wimp to willingly go under the knife so I will pass on that); in another, it is an ever-present reminder of the time when i carried two babies, a 7 and an 8 pounder, to full term. and i love that.

  2. Salem's Little Sister

    Favorite would be my eyes and eye lashes.
    Least favorite is my muffin top which isn’t too bad, but it sure ain’t very good.

  3. Anne

    So sorry for li’l Lucy. :-( You are such a good dad to sit up with her. When she is grown up, she will remember your big (to her), gentle, watchful presence at such times and be strengthened. I speak from experience; I *still* feel my dad (RIP) watching over me with love when the going gets rough or scary.
    Favorite: Cheekbones. (more thanks to Dad)
    Least favorite: The fat padding that grew between my navel and breasts around the time of menopause. A pot belly I can live with, sort of; this ugly blob higher up — not so much.!!! Ah, getting old… Best I can say is: beats the alternative.
    Get and stay well, Williams family.

  4. Tanya

    Gah, we went through the croup earlier this year, too. Sooooo not fun. My doc – a relatively young UNC med school grad – said the best thing is an occasional blast of dry, cold air. Worked great when we were dealing wtih it in January. We just took Grant out on the back porch for a few minutes. She also suggested a couple deep breaths from the freezer. Sounds like voodoo, worked like a charm. Oh yeah, and a tablespoon on honey before bed.
    Favorite part – my eyes (though hubby would say legs)
    least favorite part – my arse: small and lifeless. but I’m working on it.

  5. Caroline

    Favorite: my eyes – they are not blue and they are not quite green, they are aqua. If someone asked me what color they were I would say green – I hate when people say I have blue eyes for some reason and if they do I correct them (I’m such a tool) – I would never actually say ‘aqua’ because that seems cheesy. I only did now because you asked a specific question.
    Least favorite: my torso – it’s too long. I’m tall so I have long legs but my torso is disproportional with my body. My legs are comparatively short. I’m either supposed to be shorter or freaky tall! Neither of which is ok with me. So, it’s no big deal but clothes shopping can be annoying.

  6. Rebecca

    At the end of the day, will you give us the 2008 date, so we can look back? I probably answered.
    Fav: arms. Michelle Obama’s got nothin’ on me. (Okay – that’s not true, but I enjoyed saying it!)
    Least fav: booty. Too round.
    I’m so sorry Lucy is sick. Henry’s sick too – he fell asleep on the floor at the dance studio yesterday at 3:30, and basically slept until 6:15 this morning. He woke up multiple times to cry and whine, but didn’t get out of bed. I think he has bronchitis; it’s going around. We’re off to see the pediatrician at 10:30.

  7. cate

    least favorite: nose. crooked (through no fault of genetics — car accident when i was seven) and snub with a little ball at the end. my profile is wretched.
    most favorite: eyes. big and dark and flashing when angry, or excited…pretty much whenever. and gentle when sleepy.

  8. Neva

    Will think on the question but wanted to add about croup..
    IMO Cold air is better than moist. Those steamy bathrooms just scared my kid more. A nice cold popsicle or (in this weather a look out an open window is much, much better and better tolerated..

  9. julie

    Croup stinks – both my kids had it at least once. I let my younger one sleep on me. My breathing and my heartbeat comforted him during the worst of it and, even though I didn’t sleep a wink, I actually felt rested I guess since I was literally right there and could feel any change in breathing.
    As for the body parts, I like my eyes the best and dislike the side area between my knees and hips. No matter how much exercise or toning, the extra flab will not firm up. Creates a weird outline when wearing a bathing suit.

  10. Piglet

    Favorite: my lean, muscular satyr legs.
    Least favorite: my gut. I have firm chiseled abs deep in there somewhere, but you can’t see them.
    Good on exercise, fail on diet, that’s me.

  11. josie

    Sorry Lucy is croupy. It’s such a contagious thing, and so difficult to watch our kids endure. Hope she recovers soon.
    I don’t know that I participated back then, but if I did, I am sure today’s responses would be way different. (What does it mean?)
    Fave: Belly, or a pretty decent lack thereof. I am blessed with a strong core muscle group which keeps it from all hanging out with very little effort. When I make a consistent effort, I’m looking pretty swell in that area for a 41 year old. Two babies have caused some collateral damage which keeps me away from a bikini, but shape is generally not the reason for that choice.
    Least Fave: Knees. They are hardy. I think my kneecaps measure nearly twice the width of dear husband’s (however, his legs are so buff and curvy that if you shaved them, he could go drag). Without effort (as is typical), I can look bulky in that general area, so I need to be careful about heel height/skirt height etc. The girls in the room probably understand.
    This feels a lot like over-sharing.

  12. Mark L

    I recall the first time my daughter had croup. Watching her chest sink in as she had trouble breathing was very scary. Since then I’ve learned to do plenty of stuff, some of which I don’t think helps (like having her sleep propped up, drinking cold water, etc.), but it gives her the sense that Dad knows what he is doing and will make everything OKAY. And keeping her calm is over half the battle.

  13. Amy S.

    Favorite, and least favorite: the sista booty. I mean, it sure does make my waist look small, but dang, it’s hard to find pants that fit. And getting through the rows of seats at the movie theatre ain’t no picnic either.


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