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Before we get back to life’s biggest mysteries, I’ve been asked to create the bracket again for NCAA hoops, but you know what? FUCK the “Big Dance” bracketeering this year. I am a fan of one team only, and if we’re not in it, it might as well be the Polish Jai Alai quarterfinals for all I care. Plus, I’m again sickened by the cakewalk Dook has to the Final Four, a nausea that will no doubt be quelled by them losing again long before they ought.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time, though. Yes, we’re in the NIT, a fate that no doubt coughs up disgust among the elder statesmen around here, but the games are televised and I can’t help but cheer the Heels – it’s in my DNA. Plus, if you look at the bracket, it could just as easily be March Madness, given the traditional powers therein.

So I’ve created an online bracket for the 2010 NIT, and we can play against each other there. Winner gets to post their very own blog here on the site without any censorship or meddling. Here’s how to do it:

• Go here to our NIT (alas) bracket.

• at upper left, click on “Predict It!”

• you need to register as a new user. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, but do it anyway! They don’t spam.

• when that’s done, come back to the NIT (alas) page.

• fill in each round and hit “enter” – when you’re done, you can click on the leaderboard in order to talk shit back here in the comments. [UPDATE: you have to click “next page” to see all the other people’s entries]

• deadline is 4pm PST, 7pm EST TODAY so GET CRACKIN’. Don’t put it off, or else… oh, I don’t know. Don’t make me say things I’ll regret.

As far as I know, it’s the only online competition for the NIT set up by one of us, so we’re in rare, uncharted territory. Go over and register, so we can salvage at least a little bit of fun out of this situation!


our almost-five-year-old even put on a 3T dress

0 thoughts on “don’t shoot my kite down

  1. Greg T.

    I couldn’t make myself submit what my gut says is really going to happen, so I have submitted a sunshine-filled Pollyanna bracket. Time to take some meds and re-read the comments from Friday.

  2. emma

    I informed my hubby last night that I was not doing any NCAA bracket and I have been really bummed about not having any interest in doing a NCAA bracket, so I am now excited to have a bracket in the NIT. But I am going to hold off on any bold assertions that I might win this bracket (for now).

  3. Rebecca

    Thank you for accomodating my request – albeit somewhat changed based on our team’s circumstances. I enjoy being basically dead last in your pool year after year! I’ll register this afternoon.

  4. Scott M.

    Part of me thinks I’ve spent enough time watching this depressing team (NIT, really?), but I’ll be there tonight – a chance to see the Heels in Carmichael is too tempting. Go Heels!
    I’m sure they’re feeling smug over in Durham tonight, looking ahead to their ridiculously easy region while we’re playing in the NIT. But I comfort myself in knowing that we’ve won two national titles since the last time the Dookies even made the Final 4. I really hope they flame out early, as has been their habit of late.

  5. Lee

    cute dress! when you’re done with it, send it our way, please!
    i can’t even talk b-ball, but i can talk cute 3T dresses.

  6. wottop

    I picked Illinois. I picked Illinois back in 2005, maybe that will help.
    I am going to the game tonight. They moved out of Carmichael before I could get to school.

  7. scruggs

    Well, given the theme this week, I had to decide whether to submit a bracket or have sex. So, bracket it is.

  8. Bill

    I’ve opted out of my usual March Madness pools and instead will participate here. Ugh.
    Hey, could be worse! Could the CBI or the CIT.
    Go Stony Brook! Oh, wait. I didn’t pick them.

  9. kjf

    as a maryland terps fan i know the pain of the NIT. you will be back to fight another day. but until then we can unite in our hatred of koach K and dook.

  10. Lindsay

    Is the Bill T. in the brackets the Bill T. from Red Star Belgrade?
    Also, (*Triumph the Insult Comic voice*) my money’s on Herb. To lose to the Heels!
    (in one bracket, anyway)

  11. Lindsay

    In retrospect, I should have gone with “my money’s on Herb. . . for UNC to poop on!”
    Oh well. The whole season’s been full of missed opportunities.

  12. caveman

    just saw this, excited to start any bracket with Carolina winning and branching out from there, was late by 45 mins though, if i’m out, i’m out (if he dies….he dies) but thanks for giving me a brief glimpse of joy in this time of misery


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