with a love like that you know you should be glad


Lucy has many loves, and more often than not, something random comes along that completely solidifies her love for that particular thing. Take Tyler Hansbrough, for instance. Each of her four years coincided with Tyler’s four years at Carolina, and she considered him the perfect hero athlete gentleman. So when the AT&T ad came on, the one that showed Tyler returning a lost dog to a little girl, she could barely contain herself.

One of her other favorite things in the world – again, with heavy influence from your humble narrator – is the Beatles. She has developed stories for each of them, knows about 35 songs by heart, and can get the 100% singing score on Beatles Rock Band. To her, they are perpetually in 1964 jumping around an endlessly exciting black-and-white London; or in 1967, wearing fuchsia paisley and singing “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”.

Mostly she just loves how much fun they seem to be having. So when Caitlin sent us this picture… once again, Lucy’s daydreams about the band seem to match reality:


Care to post a link to the CUTEST THING YOU KNOW?

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  1. Neva

    eI will tell a story about my Meggie here. Meg is 6 and developmentally delayed. She just had her first set of psych testing and we were told her IQ is 36, that should give you a little idea of her. She is just beginning to learn some communication and has a few little words (“go” “bye” “hi”).
    Anyway, she goes to McDougle here in CH and is in a wonderful self contained classroom with 6 other students. As part of their morning routine they do several songs and such and always watch this one Bob the Builder video (it’s called Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard box for those in the knwo). I got to visit her class and watch this happen recently. She has never watched TV at home at all – it’s like she didn’t notice it there even when it’s on. So I managed to find this video on You Tube and route it to our big screen TV through our Apple TV (which is really cool, by the way) and when she saw her Bob video come onto our wall you would’ve thought Jesus had made a second coming. She stared up in awe for the first minute, then began to actively dance (her dancing is a general knee pending shake with an excited arm flap) and smile and laugh like I’ve never seen her do. Now she has begun to “ask” for her Bob video by walking up to the wall and putting her hands up under the TV and dancing around.
    When I was young, I knew I wanted to be a Mom someday and I anticipated lots of great first moments of walking, talking etc and feeling pride as my children excelled at things, but I never anticipated the joy I could feel at watching my little 6 year old recognize her Bob video and dance. True joy comes in unexpected ways for both Mom and daughter.

  2. Neva

    Sorry, forgot you asked for a link. Because you are all dying to dance to Bob, here’s the video. Maybe I can record Meg dancing to it sometime..

  3. dean

    Braden (now 8) had various neurosurgeries at UNC when he was 6 months old. Prior to the surgeries and thorughout his life, he has been subjected to more CT’s, MRI’s, and scans than all of you combined. In every such radiological exam, he has clutched his 12″ stuffed Elmo.
    When Braden was SLOWLY coming out of anesthesia, one of his first signs of life was the way he clutched Elmo to his chest.
    To this day, although Braden is now a big boy, he clutches the Elmo in bed every night.
    I love that Elmo like my own child for the peace and comfort he has shown my Braden through everything. When I check on my children at night and see Braden clutching Elmo, my heart sings and thanks God for that silly little Elmo doll.

  4. MarkC

    I have two: one sweet cute and one funny cute.
    My son is 2.5 and talking is coming a little slowly, he is tall for his age so I figure that is where his energy is going and I have dreams of him playing at UNC, anyway back to reality. I mention the talking because they are central to both stories.
    Yesterday, after class, my wife and the boy go to lunch with some friends and my wife always wraps half of his sandwich to bring home to me. Yesterday, he wrapped part of his cookie in a napkin, pushed it to my wife and said “Ga Ga” (which is Daddy to you and me).
    OK that was the cute story, and now for the funny one. A few months ago (again after lunch) he was sitting in his chair waiting for my wife to get him down and he was losing patience while she was let out the dogs outside. Suddenly he started crying like something was really wrong. My wife asked him:
    “What happen?”
    (he pointed to his face)
    She said:
    “Did you hit your face?”
    (he nodded)
    “What did you hit your face on?”
    (he holds up his right hand and points at it with his left)
    Still cannot tell that story without laughing.

  5. Lindsay

    I don’t know about UNC hoops, but there’s a decent chance that boy will have a column in the DTH and a very entertaining blog one day.

  6. jje

    I snapped this shot of my 20 month old at the local science museum this morning and it cracks me up.
    ‘Cause sometimes one set of goggles just won’t do…

  7. Deborah

    Ian: We met up with you, Tessa, and Lucy at Weaver St. Market in Carrboro when my son was 2 months old and my daughter was almost 3. (Meg and Lucy had so much fun getting wet walking around the water fountain.) That 2 month old is now a big 3 year old and is obsessed with The Beatles. We will be in a store and he will hear a song, tug on my sleeve and say “Mommy, The Beatles!” And he’s right! His favorite is Ringo and he was very disappointed that your picture did not include Ringo! He is quite the drummer on Beatles Rock Band. I wish I could post a link so you could see him playing drums and singing. His favorite song is I am the Walrus. We were in that toy store in Carr Mill Mall the other day and he found a stuffed walrus and started singing I am the Walrus while clutching it to his chest! (He sort of skimmed over the “yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog’s eye” part, thankfully). Ringo is coming to Durham this summer and I swear if the show didn’t start after my son’s bedtime I would take him. He would be completely beside himself. Bring Lucy over one day and they’ll make a great band!


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