all edward leared, then she appeared


A few pictures while have to suffice until I catch up on sleep depravation… here’s some for our family back East:


after New Year’s, the makeshift pond on our farm froze over…


…which led to Lucy wanting skating lessons (now she zips around the rink)


both my daughter and our luggage were hiding from us at LAX


male house finches greeted us upon returning to LA


back at school, some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers


art from above


I mean, all girls breastfeed their dolls, right?


mid scheme-hatching

10 thoughts on “all edward leared, then she appeared

  1. Anne

    PS: Our daughter also “breastfed” her dolls, although it did coincide with the months that I was nursing her baby brother. So precious that our girls found this the natural thing to do.

  2. cullen

    Great stuff, our ‘half-southern/half-Yankee’ kids have embraced ice skating too and are very confident on the ice. That cutie of ya’ll’s makes bi-coastal living look easy. Happy Spring!

  3. Salem's Little Sister

    I miss “that day.” It is best celebrated at He’s Not around 4:00 with a big old blue cup.

  4. GFWD

    GOD, I love “that day” day in Chapel Hill. I’m going to have to recreate that feeling on the playground with my kids this afternoon after work. Less beer, shorter hanging buddies, but the same sentiment. Cheers to that day day!
    Neva, so jealous of you right now.


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