florence hinterlands


One thing about traveling with a 4-year-old: they keep you honest. You may have a bunch of museums or random churches on the agenda, but for every minute of that, there needs to be three minutes of unplanned crazy-pantsing. Thus a trip to Florence to see Great Art will be sidetracked for an hour because of a merry-go-round:


Going to the cathedral actually means picking out a marionette…


…so you can dance said marionette on the ancient, cold church floor:


And of course, the wonders of foreign hotel rooms:


Occasionally, the parental life forms get to lean on each other…


…and take in the Florentian full moon from our own hotel window:


0 thoughts on “florence hinterlands

  1. killian

    Too. Much. Beauty. Thank you for sharing these amazing pics and delightful commentary. Does a body good! xoxoxo’s to you and your fabulous family.

  2. jersey

    Walking the streets of Florence with your family vs. attending the Heels’ NIT Semifinal game tonight at the Garden? Advantage – jersey!

  3. scruggs

    Awesome pictures. We have the same bridge shot from our honeymoon (if that is the Ponte Vecchio).
    I wish we were more adventurous with our kids to take them to Europe, but I HATE flying.

  4. wottop

    When we went to the big art museum in Florence I was astounded at the sheer density of art per square foot of wall space. That painting in the top left corner of the wall would get a whole room if it ever made it over to the US.
    Duke of Urbino? Sure, he’s over in dark corner somwhere.

  5. emma

    There is some great consolation to me in the fact that although you are able to see these beautiful sites that we can all see that same beautiful full moon.
    Hope that the rest of your trip continues to be amazing.


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