san pellegrino frizzante


More pictures for you crazy kids from our last day in Italy. Next up, France (and your underpants).


view en route south from Amelia


the German edition of “What Mushroom Is It?” – would have been VERY helpful during Mardi Gras ’92


view from Silvignano, just north of Spoleto (click thru for hi-res)


in Amelia, a little something for commenter Josie


we attempt a family pic, but the kid has had enough (and has monkey-bar scars to prove it)

0 thoughts on “san pellegrino frizzante

  1. josie

    Gee, thanks! :)
    Love the calloused half-pint hands. My daughter was/is the same way. So agile on the monkey bars…it’s amazing to watch (although a little unsettling when she learned to twirl down the fireman’s pole like a real pro.)
    Look forward to seeing the rest of your adventures! Buona Pasqua!

  2. Greg T.

    I didn’t know that they made men’s shirts with caps sleeves in that color. Are you sure that isn’t Tessa’s shirt ;)

  3. Rebecca

    Thanks so much for sharing the photos this week. I’m off tomorrow on my first Italian adventure, and your blog this week has helped me work through the anxiety and become excited about the trip! Now if I can just get little Sarah to stop crying and telling me how much she’s going to miss me, I’ll be able to concentrate on my packing this afternoon. (As if I needed more Mommy Guilt.)
    Have a wonderful time in France, and I will share my photos via Facebook when I return.

  4. Anne

    Love the last pic. You are all so nicely color-coordinated.
    Are you enhancing the greens in your outdoor pics in Photoshop or iPhoto or something? Amazing colors.
    Also, re: lavender shirts: my 17 year old son has a big collection of purple, lavender, and pink shirts that he wears often. And he is what he calls a “Bro” with a capital B. :-)

  5. bridget

    ooohhh what a lovely family. i do (too) love the color coordination. though, i will say, that sometimes it happens quite by accident. as a family, my husband and I have gravitated towards a certain palette. and then… we just buy our kid that color too.
    But ours is brown and blue and gray -Usually. From what I see, you guys are excellent at creating a perfect color pattern for Easter in Italy.

  6. Ian

    Actually, all color coordination is accidental unless specifically requested by a certain little punkinpants. I believe that shot was happenstance (guided no doubt by Bridget’s gravitation principle, and also by Easter).
    Anne- I use the “save for Web” command in PS for all shots going on here, so in some cases, it’s actually LESS green than reality. I try to keep it realistic…


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