they left the house, at half past nine


Greetings from France, everybody!


stitched-together pan of Polly & Lucy at the you-know-what



Being in Paris is awesome, but making it très super awesome is having old pals George and Laurie here, along with Polly, perhaps Lucy’s oldest girl friend in the world. Together, they have danced across Paris:



And of course, Lucy is still on her Arabesques Across the Continent Tour™:




We took a short trip down to the Côte d’Azur to see Jiffer and Ingo in the mountains above Nice near Grasse (where she was married) and got to meet their twins Amalia and Henry for the first time. They gravitated toward Lucy with heartbreaking swiftness, and she walked steadily, slowly, utterly unused to being the tallest one in a crowd:




Tessa stuffed Easter egg dye in her suitcase all the way from California, and we did our best with the brown eggs as Ingo filmed:




And then the twins had their first hunt, piqued by odd-colored orbs peeking out from the early spring soil:




Back in Paris, the weather changed from sullen, frigid and gloomy to carbonated gorgeous, and we’ve spent the last two days outside. On the Batobus, Lucy ponders the Seine:




The opulent decorations are so stunning, like the detail from the corner of the Concergerie:




And the little things are just as arresting, like these happy shutter-dogs in Montparnasse:




But of course, there was one place in France that Lucy had dreamed of for many months. Ever since Christmas 2008, when she had asked Santa for “hard guys in pajamas” (and we deciphered what she meant), we have referred to Playmobil characters as “hard guys”. You know, “hard” as opposed to soft dolls and stuffed animals.

Tessa discovered there was a Playmobil Fun Park in Paris, and thus Hard Guy Land® was christened. The real Hard Guy Land is in Germany, with slides and open-air accoutrements, but Lucy and Polly – having never been to a place like Disneyland – got to the small one in Paris and were in heaven. Pretty much every kid was, and I have to say, being an old Hard Guy aficionado myself from the ’70s, I was into it. Long live le Pays des Hommes Durs!


Lucy and Polly at center, beneath wing tip of plane

0 thoughts on “they left the house, at half past nine

  1. killian

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And in shameless promotion of my own art-from: get that grrrl some dance lessons!! Her arabesque is indeed amazing. and I see hundreds of ’em a day!
    Thanks for all the beautiful pics and words—eases the sting of Dook and the pressure of exams. Bless you and yours.

  2. Anne

    What beautiful kids, all of them. Breathtaking.
    Love the little shutter dog (never knew that’s what they were called); I’m a sucker for those small details.
    Thanks for helping us armchair travelers live vicariously through your adventures. I *will* get to France someday, dammit! ;-)

  3. GFWD

    Anne, I went to your blog after you mentioned others had and I scrolled down to see the de-motivational poster with the storm trooper riding the subway with the caption: “sucks when your job gets blow’d up”. I wish my office door had not been open when I saw that, because I laughed out loud so hard that I drew some curious office mates. Didn’t matter. That’s one of the funniest images and captions I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks. I think this is the link:

  4. Neva

    Are you sure you aren’t just ripping these photos out of a mini-Boden catalog or something. How does one have such a perfect looking life?


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