venus de milo grew an arm


A few random facts:

1. We went to our preschool’s fundraising auction tonight, and our “donation” was a tasting of rare single-malts that I would give to the winning couple and four of their friends. I thought nobody would care. And then there was a bidding war and I think we raised over a thousand dollars for the school.

2. My sister is marrying one of my best friends in the world this weekend.

3. The new version of Scrabble allows proper nouns. I mean, come on. Why they just allow monosyllabic grunts, acronyms and fart noises while they’re at it?

4. While at a restaurant tonight, I heard that California has more people in prison than any country in the world. Because I’m a little daft, I wondered how California could have more people in prison than the United States. Then I noticed a car. And then I noticed a pretty song on the speakers.

5. I got Lucy a little box of Playmobil (“hard guys”) mermaids from the toy store, which she immediately loved. One of the hard guy mermaids is pulled along by a giant seahorse. Seahorses are primarily monogamous, and once the female develops an egg, she gives it to the male to fertilize and carry to term in his belly.

6. My brother Sean and sister-in-law Jordana are 7 months pregnant with a girl, and you can see her move around Jordi’s belly from across the room, which is totally awesome.

7. In February, we were visited by a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker outside Lucy’s window, which made me geekily happy:


Your random facts may be expressed below!

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  1. LFMD

    1. Our new dog thinks that I am the Alpha Dog in our family. I like that.
    2. My brother and his wife are expecting their second child (boy) at the end of June. We are all very excited. When their older son, Michael, went to the sonogram with his parents, they asked him what he thought of his little brother. Mikey, who will be 2 in July, looked at the sonogram screen and said, “Elmo!” I laugh every time I think of this.
    3. I am sick of work, but need to remind myself to be grateful to be employed. It is ugly out there.
    4. I have a meeting today to discuss all the changes that need to be made to the Insurance Job’s health insurance contracts, and Good Grief, this federal legislation is going to keep me very busy for a very long time.
    5. I don’t know quite what to think about what is happening in Arizona. I would be very scared if I were a Latina living in AZ right now.
    6. I am trying to get back into my exercise regime. Wish me luck. Summer is coming, and if I can’t fit into my shorts and bathing suit, I will CRY.

  2. emma

    1. Am looking forward to seeing the American Watercolor Exhibit this weekend and my step mother in law get signature membership into the group. Also looking forward to seeing my niece whil lives in Brooklyn and taking her to see Billy Elliot.
    2. My son pitched an amazing baseball game on Saturday. He pitched 5 innings, had 12 ks, just one walk and the final score was 6-0. “I pitched a shutout, Mom!!!” he said. Baseball is such a great sport.
    3. Although I still haven’t turned into a dog person, in general, I have become a “holly” (our puppy) person in the last few months. She is the greatest dog ever.

  3. josie

    1. Adding proper nouns to Scrabble isn’t such a crime. I would love to apply knowledge of a little current events to the game. However, I wonder how they will dictate which proper nouns are suitable. I guess I will find out in July. Hopefully, the new rules will role out to the online version as well. Anyone care to play on FB?
    2. On another note, I think it would be hysterical to play a game based solely on the urban dictionary. (.com)
    3. My husband keeps two pairs of binoculars in the kitchen cookie jar specifically for bird sightings. You two should talk.
    4. Remember I once said it “infuriated” me that we did not have decent public school options in my city/county (one in the same, but that’s another topic)? The next day I received word that my daughter got into the impossible-to-get-into magnet of her (my) choice as a rising 2nd grader. Unheard of. So, now I am fraught WITH choice, instead of fraught about not having it.
    5. Life is good.

  4. Anne

    I can’t play — too scared, grumpy, depressed, pissed off, and anxious due to being laid off by my employer of 34 years at the hard-to-employ age of 58 in the nation’s 3rd-highest unemployment state — but I enjoyed everyone’s random news.
    We get several kinds of woodpeckers on our suet feeders, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a yellow-bellied one, Ian. So cheery looking.

  5. jje

    My husband and I spent our 12th anniversary at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville this past weekend. You might have heard another famous, lovely couple was spending their weekend there as well.
    On Sunday morning, the President of the United States of America, Leader of the Free World, ran on the treadmill beside my husband. I think Patrick’s small, cold Republican heart grew three sizes that day. ;-) No, really. I think he might even have a tiny mancrush.
    Me, I developed a lasting bond with the Secret Service guy stationed between our bank of elevators and the Spa (sweet cracker sandwich, how I love that Spa). A few more “wandings” and I think he would have invited me home for Christmas.
    Kids, I urge you not to moon the President while he’s playing golf. It will not be looked kindly upon by the Secret Service and will in fact earn you three solid hours of interrogation in a hotel room, while your parents sit in another room presumably pooping puppies and discussing how many different ways to Ground You. For Life.

  6. dean

    1. Having shoulder surgery next week, so was trying to squeeze tons of tennis in beforehand. In doing so, tore my hamstring and my right leg is now 14 shades of purple.
    2. My son goes to his annual neurosurgical consult at dook University Childrens Hospital tomorrow. In the words of Woody Durham, please everyone “go where you go and do what you do.”
    3. My dad is running for County Commissioner in my hometown and the primary is next Tues. If any of you live in Davie County, North Carolina, please vote for Carl Humphrey. It is his first foray into politics.
    4. My nephew got a job as a lifeguard at Carowinds and I scared the buh-jeezus out of him when I told him he had to wear a Speedo.
    5. I am starting to get the itch for a new car, but I have no money.

  7. jje

    Crazy, huh? :-) Patrick said he was really impressed with his athleticism and focus. SS came in, wanded everyone, then the Prez slipped in unobtrusively about 15 minutes later and was in there for a serious workout – treadmill, bike and elliptical. And this was apparently after playing tennis with Michelle. I don’t know how far he ran, but Patrick, who is a hardcore runner, said Obama was running pretty damn fast on the treadmill.
    Said he looks a lot older in person than on tv. Watched an old movie on the treadmill and a soccer game on one of the other machines.

  8. Rebecca

    Please, please post wedding photos next week. I don’t know Michelle at all, but I feel oddly thrilled for her and Jon.
    Congrats to Sean and Jordana too! My husband’s brother and his wife (who also live in Brooklyn) are having their first baby next month. A girl to be named Hannah. Kaoru (SIL) is almost 43 and swears she got pregnant after all these years because of acupuncture.
    My 11 year old had a revelation yesterday: he is a nerd. He so wants to be in the cool crowd, but just has nothing in common with those kids. It really broke my heart to hear how some stupid kid made him feel bad about himself for being smart.
    It amazes me how many of the “cool” kids play inappropriate video games, watch inappropriate movies and TV, and listen to music full of sex and violence. Have you watched a Lady Gaga music video? Soft Porn. Oh, and their parents are all super religious and conservative. So, wait, I’m the liberal here? Me, the one who tries to protect my children from sex and violence in our culture? What the hell is going on here?

  9. Joanna

    Yesterday was a great day, as we learned my sweet 7 y.o. son’s peanut allergy is milder after a year of desensitization at Dook! He was able to ingest 3 peanuts before having a reaction which was manageable with Benadryl.
    Today is an even better day. I’ve been smiling to myself, remembering his grin this morning when I told him he didn’t have to use his special placemat in the cafeteria anymore. And after school, he’s going to pick out a big cookie from Weaver St. for the first time ever!
    In other news, my sneaky 4 y.o. daughter propped the door on our screened porch and sprinkled the floor of the porch with bird seed “for the squirrels.” The squirrels seem quite pleased with the arrangement.
    Dean, I hope tomorrow goes well for your son. I guess those darn dookies are good for something!

  10. GFWD

    Dean, I hope Braden comes through with flying colors. I guess I’ll conditionally pull for dook just this once on his behalf, especially after he schooled me in basketball on your driveway! But if he doesn’t yell “dook sucks” on the way out of the hospital, I’ll think a little less of him.
    I would also like an XXL “CARL the COMMISH” shirt. I’ll wear it on Facebook and garner him three more votes.

  11. xuxE

    BABIES!!! WEDDINGS!! congratulations!!
    1. PUPPY!!!!!!!!! to see a picture of him go here
    and scroll down to the one named “lucas” who has been renamed “katsu”. lfmd – so glad to hear you have a new dog too!! it was time.
    2. so happy we are about to go to an amazing sound designer and studio in berkeley to mix the movie. totally geeked out about it.
    3. finally ordered the asbestos abatement to get rid of our 1920 furnace. downside is that also meant cleaning out 7 years of basement crap, but upside is soon i will have a lovely clean basement paradise and no possibility of hoarder diagnosis.
    4. scrabble is out, bookworm is in! getting heavy use on my iphone:

  12. janet oh !

    1.listening to the radio today i learned that we are constitutionaly more bacteria than human.
    2.i have bacteria coming to visit this weekend and have decided to cook boeuf bourguignon

  13. Neva

    Okay, I’m officially obsessed. I have not been able to stop thinking of working out with Obama at the gym. Did everyone try to talk to him? I think I would’ve had to corner him to discuss health care reform (or just ask how Bo the puppy is doing?). Did your husband get to meet him? Did SS ask people not to bother him?
    I know, I’m a goob, but that is so exciting to me and I wasn’t even involved, sorry.

  14. josie

    jje – is that your hubby (wearing a Duke T) and child I saw on MY evening news posed with Obama in the full gym gear? Seriously?

  15. jje

    LOL! We were the same way, Neva! Totally geeked out about it. :-)
    My understanding is that everyone left him alone. It was a small room with less than ten people as it was really early on Sunday morning. Patrick didn’t say anything or make eye contact with Obama – just kept sneaking looks at him in the mirror. LOL! Secret Service was stationed outside the room, but Patrick felt sure they had at least a guy or two working out in the room.
    When Patrick finished running, he had a split second opportunity where he decided he was going to shake Obama’s hand. But just as he was making his move, two guys ran over to the President and begged for a photo opp. Apparently Obama was reluctant, maybe a touch annoyed, but agreed to do it as long as it was fast. Patrick felt funny about bothering him after that, so he just left.
    The crazy thing is I thought our best stories were going to be seeing his entourage from a distance playing golf (spotted six golf carts at one hole) on Saturday morning and seeing his motorcade later that night. But no, Patrick won the Obama lottery. Michelle was at the spa on Saturday while I was there, but I got nuttin’. Pffft!
    Josie, Patrick graduated from Fuqua but wouldn’t be caught dead in Duke tshirt as a Carolina grad. ;-) And we were on our anniversary trip without the boys, so no, not my family. Lots of people did get pics of him throughout the weekend because I kept noticing groups showing off photos on their cell phones.
    On a kinda-sorta related note, have I mentioned on here that Rielle Hunter lives down the street from me? A bunch of my friends have encountered Rielle and Quinn at the toddler park we frequent in our neighborhood. Oprah was at her house a week or so ago to interview her. Granted, not as cool as Obama, but a little scandalicious…


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