oh, neonta!


I just pulled into our farm in upstate New York, having driven from Iowa City in a minivan with two apple trees, a little girl’s purple bicycle, a deflated redneck above-ground pool and a tiny dog. Any of you found yourself in surreal circumstances over the last few weeks?

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  1. wyatt

    I was cycling with the local public radio morning announcer last week, and every time he spoke I had the sensation that another hour had passed. We were overtaken by an El Camino with a large hog in the bed. The hog was wearing a harness. The El Camino slowed and pulled off at an espresso stand, in the middle of nowhere. The radio man said, “There’s something you don’t see everyday.”

  2. Anne

    Can’t beat Ian’s scenario for eccentricity, but I have been in Surrealville since March 25, when I learned of my impending layoff and realized I would be unemployed for the first time in 37 years of working continuously since I graduated from college in 1973 (with a couple of short breaks for maternity leave, but still on payroll during those times). Not to be among colleagues, not to drive in to a gorgeous campus every weekday morning… It simply won’t sink in yet.

  3. Greg T.

    I walked down the lawn at UVA and sat in the 3rd row (with 30,000 ppl behind me) to receive my MBA on Sunday. It wasn’t exactly bizarre, but it certainly felt surreal.

  4. emma

    Funny you should ask. On Saturday night, I found myself at a party out in the country, down a dirt road across the train tracks, not far from the intersection of Lizzard Slip Road and Terrapin Track Road with barns in plain view. After the sun went down, a microphone appeared and people started singing country karaoke. Next thing I know my gun carrying state trooper friend is singing a Loretta Lynn song. Then, my son’s good friend’s Dad, also high school principal is singing some country song that, of course, I have never heard. Shortly after, the Cupid Shuffle comes on and about 20 people gather on the “dance floor” fully knowing all the moves of the Cupid Shuffle. When Flo-Rida came on, I knew I had to get out of there before I did something to embarass my kids. All this before 9:30 in the evening. Seemed like I was back in high school, save for all the 10 year old boys running around.

  5. craighill

    reading your blog on my iphone at the nra convention last week in charlotte was fairly surreal.

  6. Rebecca

    This morning my 11 year old was called up in a school assembly in recognition of being on the math team and competing on Saturday at a county-wide event. He did not come up, so I’m standing there with my camera in front of 800 kids and probably 100 parents, wondering where the hell my child is. My heart started racing, and so I walked quickly to his classroom (trying not to freak out, because he walks to school alone – was he abducted?) to find that his teacher forgot about the assembly. I was really upset. Maybe it sounds silly, but I can’t help it. Unfortunately, I feel like he’s becoming more socially awkward, and here was his one recognition for being smart (which is not rewarded much) and he missed it. The principal did call him up at the end, which probably embarrassed the shit out of him to be singled out. Damn.

  7. jif

    i am flying to tbilisi tomorrow to observe municipal elections there and have a date to meet joseph stalins great grandson for drinks on Wednesday! totally surreal…

  8. jp

    Given a choice between going out for ice cream or going to the book store last week, my 7 year old chose the book store. (So we went to the book store… and then stopped at the ice cream place across the street.) This it the kid who’s only been speaking English full time for three years. I am one proud (and surprised) mama.
    Saturday night I slept in a tent with my husband, two kids, and our tiny dog… and then Sunday night I spent at the ER while my husband passed a kidney stone. It wasn’t surreal as much as quite a contrast.

  9. gucci

    This morning my 11 year old was called up in a school assembly in recognition of being on the math team and competing on Saturday at a county-wide event.


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