man clones himself, then dates his clone, ensuring hilarity


GFWD asked a good question – no, not the one about this blog being “just a dream inside of a snow globe of some little kid’s mind”, although that’s pretty awesome – but about the bigger scripts we’ve worked on every year since we started. When you work in our business, you have to be cagy beyond belief, since there’s always the fear someone will come and hijack your material, but shit, I’ve been scooped so many times I barely care anymore. I’m sure Tessa would be okay with me giving a very, very small description of these, since they’re either too bizarre to steal, or too convoluted to translate.

Here’s a partial list of what we’ve been working on, and some of them are still in the game, so I’ll be vague:

2004: Hogwarts School in America. Sorta.

2005: Tessa’s documentary set to drama.

2006: A fighting couple can fix anyone’s problem.

2007: A paranoid conspiracy thriller romance mixing the ideas of “Griffin and Sabine”, “The Tipping Point” and my then-fear of flying.

2008: Comedy about a family rallying around a dysfunctional brother.

2009: Spooky police procedural set in a “Twilight Zone” Manhattan.

2010: Four or perhaps five projects vying for first position in our collective heads, but one is autobiographical, one is political, and one is supernatural.

Sound interesting? Okay, I’m off to suck frosting off candles! As it were!

12 thoughts on “man clones himself, then dates his clone, ensuring hilarity

  1. Tanya

    Happy Birthday, Ian! Hope it’s fantastic. :) And THANKS for giving us a peek at what you’re working on. I understand that you can’t share much detail about your daily work, but since you’re in such an interesting industry, it’s hard not to beg for more info. As for the scripts/shows, I would be interested in most of them! (Kinda over any sort of police show…it’s been done in every different way, along with medical and legal stuff).
    You have to at least promise to give us all a heads up when one of them (or several) actually stick!

  2. T.J.

    “2009: Spooky police procedural set in a “Twilight Zone” Manhattan.”
    So “The Unusuals” was going to turn dark if they hadn’t canceled it? Huh; who knew? :)

  3. wottop

    Too bad the “Purgatory” twist was used so recently. Of course you could make a whole show about characters going through purgatory to sort out their lives.
    Not exactly “Defending Your Life”, but perhaps each could gain some sort of retribution for the others they wronged while alive. You could go on an “It’s a Wonderful Life” tangent and show the characters what could have been if they were not born.
    Every other show on TV is a derivative of three shows or movies that came before it. Why not another?

  4. GFWD

    Sweet, I got a reference in the opening line. If I had not been out all day meeting prospective clients, I’d have seen it earlier.
    Thanks for giving us some insight. I can appreciate being guarded if people keep stealing your ideas.
    I think a show about a bi-coastal blogger could be interesting. Cast a neurotic cutie like Dooce to be on there and let the fun times go. The main set can be the barn, complete with a half court and jarts!
    And your character can collect snow globes.

  5. Bob

    My idea for a great new series: a group of former pro wrestlers hunt down Internet trolls and give them what for. Working title: Little Black and Blue Footballs.

  6. Joanna

    Happy belated birthday, Ian!
    Promise you’ll never use the purgatory cop-out. Calling it a “twist” is waaaaaaaay too generous.

  7. Neva

    I think whatever show you write you must have an episode where the person is allowed to go back and re-live his college experience for a one day. I’m fascinated by that idea and what it would be like to bring your wiser self back to the days of yore. You could write it so well too.. And – imagine the soundtrack!

  8. xuxE

    oh how did i miss this post! these all sound like shows i’d watch, except maybe for the fighting couple who fix people’s problems, for some reason i imagine it would be cast really badly and i would end up hating the couple.
    i would love that ghost chimp m.d. one as a spoof type thing ala joss wheden or something. i think the chimp should also be in a band so there could be little music video moments like on the monkees or the young ones. that would so rock.


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