fruitful multiplying



Tessa and Jordi on Saturday

We’re on Babywatch 2010 here in the greater family, as Jordana is most likely hours away from giving li’l Barno a sibling. She’s already begun dilation and ready to rock and/or roll any minute now. Send your best thoughts their way, won’t you?

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  1. GFWD

    Bring Barnaby a little gift basket to the hospital from his new sibling. Something with little knick-knacks and gadgets and toys. We had bubbles, coloring books, trading cards and some candy. It will help mollify him when he observes the new little one “stealing” his mommy. It’s a bribing dowry that will be way worth it. You’ll see.
    Best of luck. With all due respect to all of you with just one kid, you ain’t really parenting until you have at least two.


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