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Awesome comments the last two days… and not just because I’m some sorta voyeur. Guys need to be told what to do, sportswomen!

Packing up for California and finishing every last chore at the farm compels me to a CODE WORD question… what is your absolute favorite place in the world?

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  1. CM

    I think Boston. I love New England when the leave change; I love the history behind everything and the crisp weather. I’d live in an old New England house if I could, with some rescue dogs. (And my family, of course.)

  2. scruggs

    In the world? Florence.
    We spent our honeymoon in Italy and Florence was awesome. However, I absolutely hate to fly so I’m not sure if we’ll ever go back.
    In the U.S.: Wash. DC.

  3. cullen

    Here’s two votes for NC, ditto Salem’s ‘lil sis’ on OIBeach and shout out to Haywood Co. in WNC, salute. c

  4. Anne

    I think my favorite comment from yesterday was this one:
    “Damn. Who needs Penthouse Letters?”
    LOL! “For a good time, read Xtcian.”
    Favorite place? Tough question. I haven’t traveled widely enough to say anything definitive. But two places I’ve loved are Little Compton, Rhode Island, where we used to live (farmland on the seashore; a peninsula, thus isolated from most traffic); and Sicily. In general, if I could retire somewhere in Italy, either on a hill in Tuscany or near the sea, I would probably be very happy indeed.

  5. jason savage

    My bed, after a really long day.
    Other than that, the ocean. That first dive in, when the bracing cold gives way to a comfortable temp.
    And my high school campus (okay, prep school) on a stunning Spring day with old friends.

  6. Caroline

    Super hard question but probably Patagonia, Argentina. It’s the most ruggedly beautiful place I have ever seen. It also has an amazing diversity of landscape, just breathtaking.

  7. jje

    Oh, and Chapel Hill is a given, of course. Specifically campus.
    Hey, SLS and Cullen – what do you love about Ocean Isle? We’re still trying to figure our “our” beach for the big annual family trip. We’ve enjoyed Holden and Oak Island, with the edge going to Oak for being a little closer to more “stuff.” Wondering if we should give Ocean Isle a shot this summer?

  8. xuxE

    wow that question is blowing my mind, i like so many places for completely different reasons for different activities and seasons and conditions. but if i had unlimited time and resources i guess i would rotate through tokyo, london, kauai, san francisco, and nyc.

  9. Dorothy

    If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard.
    Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!

  10. GFWD

    Depends on the time of year:
    Final Four Weekend, BUB’s in Chapel Hill, NC
    A random fall weekend, Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, NC
    Summer break, He’s Not Here in Chapel Hill, NC
    First day of Spring, Polk Place, Chapel Hill, NC
    Last Weekend in April or First Weekend in May, Jazzfest in New Orleans, LA
    Thanksgiving or Christmas, Gastonia, NC

  11. aigduke

    A front porch rocking chair of the Moses Cone Estate in Blowing Rock, NC around early fall when the leaves are changing and the air is crisp.

  12. Salem's Little Sister

    jje- There is not much at all to do at OIB and that’s why I love it. They have an arcade/ice cream place, a pier with fishing shop, a decrepit putt putt and a few restaurants right before the bridge. You can rent kayaks from Salty’s Surf Shop and boat in the intracoastal waterway. There used to parasailing, but I’m not sure about that any more. Myrtle is about 45 minutes south if you are looking for action. I love OIB because it isn’t commercialized and still has it’s old beach feel. There are lots of rebuilds, so it doesn’t look dated, but it still seems like the beach I started going to when I was 10. The west end is the newest development and it has condos, houses and a great restaurant with pool on the ocean. That is where we stay now and hopefully will buy someday. We are going the week of July 4th and I am counting the days. The beach is nice and so are the people. I absolutely recommend it if you like a slower pace. Cooke Realty is great and I can see if our friend’s place has any openings. 4 bed/4 bath condo, top floor with ocean view. Heaven.

  13. karin

    Santorini. We spent 4 days there last October and I would move into a cave there in a millisecond. It’s my ‘go-to’ relaxation place.

  14. Joanna

    This spring, I walked alone to the northern tip of Topsail Island where, at least off-season, there is no sign of human life. With vacant beach houses far behind me, I could look around and see nothing that tied me to 2010 or even modern times. I always love the complete sensory experience of the beach, but it was extraordinary to embrace those sensations alone, imagining myself in another time and contemplating centuries of others who had similar experiences.
    I can’t choose a favorite place in the whole world, but that place gave me a favorite feeling.

  15. Julie

    Santorini and Kauai have been awesome places where I actually have said I could live there. I really loved The Galapagos Islands and want to go back there too. But, on a more practical note, Hilton Head Island. I’ve been going there since I was 12 and you just can’t beat the free lodging ;).

  16. k_upon_a_time

    I’m with Joanna. Topsail has always had a magical quality and was in my childhood a wild, windswept place that was a former military outpost, with the towers remaining. It was also a fisherman’s haven, dedicated to blue and mackerel on the piers that dotted its Atlantic side. Searching for sharks’ teeth on the broad beaches was our constant pastime, and from ocean to sound, it was a perfect playground. Haven’t been in years, but the north end was always a favorite, as opposed to the more built-up south end. Not much happens there other than lazy days with family and friends – just as it’s supposed to be.


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