donuts cain’t make thumselves


We’re traveling today, but Lucy gave me a good question for everyone to answer: what is your favorite – and LEAST favorite thing you gotta do every day?

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  1. jif

    wait that was least favorite – favorite would be seeing my babies when they wake up in the morning. it was so wonderful to see you guys yesterday btw, albeit way too briefly. safe travels today xx

  2. Anne

    Favorite: Walking the dog early in the morning. People who sleep late miss the day’s first fragile, fresh beauty.
    Least: Flossing my teeth every night. It’s no big deal in terms of effort, but by that time I can’t wait to just get into BED. Yet, my gums thank me. My dental hygienist praises me. So, I’m highly motivated. :-)

  3. kmeelyon

    Least favorite: flossing. never feel like doing it.
    Also least favorite: first meal of the day. I usually have no desire for breakfast and put it off until I’m weak and ravenous which I don’t think is really good for a person.
    Favorite: You’ll laugh. Flossing. When I do it, it’s really kind of satisfying and I always feel guilty for skipping it the day before, so I’m filled with hope.

  4. Chip

    Favorite: walking the dog with cathie at the end of the day when the sun is low and our neighborhood is beautiful.
    Least favorite: dealing with certain work colleagues

  5. Salem's Little Sister

    Least favorite- any type of house cleaning, particularly having to clean up a certain husband’s dishes from the night before because he apparently doesn’t know how to put them in the dishwasher although he has an MBA from dook, but it is dook, so I guess that’s not saying much.
    Favorite- tie/ when same said husband gets home from work and we have a few minutes as a family AND snuggling in bed with our son in the mornings(he comes in to our room around 6:30 every morning and we go back to sleep for a few minutes.)

  6. GFWD

    Fave: Coming home to a chorus of “daddy” praises from my two wee ones.
    Least: Getting up for boot camp four days a week. Hate it going and hate that I still seat for another hour after my shower, or so it seems.

  7. al

    My least favourite daily task is filling in an online timesheet that requires 7.5 hours of my time to be accounted to specific files. I understand the need for it, but the system we use is very rigid and doesn’t allow for in-between day-dreaming that might, in the end, make me a better graphic designer.
    My favourite task is checking email, twitter and facebook accounts in the morning. I work in a remote part of the world, and my online connection to family, friends, and the world at large, has been a life line, and has helped me get through some pretty lonely weekends.

  8. julie

    favorite thing – breakfast. I can not live without it and I love love love fruit.
    least favorite thing – telling my kids, wait arguing with them, every single night that they have to go to bed. At five and seven, they have the sleeping habits of teenagers (and the attitudes sometimes too).

  9. Neva

    2 fave things – coffee in the morning and reading at night while the whole house is quiet
    least fave – forcing myself out of bed each morning when I just want a couple more minutes of sleep!

  10. Smartlypretty

    Worst: the commute home. The morning isn’t so bad- coffee, NPR, sunrise. But at night- it’s just awful, I’m worn out from a day at the office, wanting a beer and down time and having to wait an hour + to get it.


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