shiver in my bones just thinking


We’ve got 2 or 3 more weeks of vacation left – depending how Jewish you may or may not be – so I’ll try not to tax your molasses-like synapses here in the sloggy drench of late summer. I will, however, bitch and moan about something guaranteed to make you think I’m an ungrateful chucklehead.

There has essentially been NO SUMMER IN LOS ANGELES. And at the beach, where we are, it has been, on average, colder than the average temperature in January. I thought I was on crack, or perhaps not remembering previous summers here correctly – after all, I grew up in places where heat indexes of 110 degrees were quickly replaced with 6-foot snow drifts.

But then the news got official: the L.A. Times weighed in on the phenomenon (by the way, the “heat wave” in the article never materialized here), and then the National Weather Service actually issued a bulletin called WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SUMMER IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA?

Parts of the coastline are, on average, 10 degrees below normal for the last two months, which is hard to pull off. But they don’t mention the worst aspects: first of all, the marine layer moves in each night, making it colder than shit, almost getting into the 40s a few weeks ago. Then it hangs around all morning until 1pm, making it freezing, gloomy, gray, windy and miserable.

At 1pm, sometimes – sometimes – the clouds part, and it is sunny and in the lower 60s. Like clockwork, at 3pm, the marine layer moves back and the cycle repeats itself. Every fucking day since January.

Look, I know most of you are roasting under the most cruel sun imaginable, your body unable to release sweat because the air is already thick with hazy water. I know it has been the 2nd-warmest worldwide July ever, and the warmest year-to-date global temperature on record, but this is mind-boggling. I can’t get any plants to grow, and it feels like we’re living in the Ornkeys off the north coast of Scotland.

Okay, I said it. Now everyone else can complain about their weather.

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  1. kjf

    That sounds lovely to me. In fact I am driving out to LA on Tuesday for a week and looking forward to cooler weather even if it’s dreary. I live in Arizona which is literally hell for a variety of reasons – one of which is weather. It’s 110 during the day and 99 at night on a good day. And then we get monsoon storms which bring out critters like scorpions and snakes. And then there’s John McCain….

  2. Anne

    For someone (like yours truly) who sweats buckets when there is a hint of humidity in the air, this summer in New England has been the pits. This past Saturday was the only bearable day I can remember; it was gloriously cool and breezy with low humidity.
    So, I hear you, Ian, but I only feel MY pain. lol

  3. Greg T.

    We’ll be in LA (& San Diego) in 9 days, so expect the temperatures to quickly move to the unforgivably hot range – they’ve been following us everywhere we go this summer.

  4. LFMD

    I have been sweating like a pig ALL SUMMER LONG. The heat and humidity of the Baltimore area is a misery matched only by hot and humid summers spent in NC. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. By the time August rolls around, the promise of a lovely Mid-Atlantic autumn is the only thing keeping me going. . .

  5. Karin Tracy

    Hi LMFD, I’m also miserable in Baltimore! Ran a lovely 8-miler last night just ’cause I could. Stepped out this AM and felt sick by the end of a dog walk.

  6. Amy

    This has been the summer that never came in Venice. It is soooo depressing. I moved to Southern California 10 years ago because I had to get out of the depressing cold of San Francisco– and this summer has been a total deja vue of summers spent there. HATE. I’d rather be sweltering in humidity than cold any day. It will probably be hot in September and October (I sure HOPE it is!) but it won’t be the same–kids will be back in school and it will be getting dark at 6pm, so no running down to the beach for dinner. Dammit.

  7. jje

    So in fact, you are not hot enough to melt our collective popsicles, huh? ;-)
    This has been a brutally hot summer in NC. After a valiant effort to keep my boys outside at the park, pool, spraygrounds, beach, etc, I am waving the white flag and resorting to places found within the ninth ring of hell, like today’s repeat trip to Monkey Joe’s (indoor bounce houses).
    Fall and winter weather can’t get here fast enough for me.

  8. kate

    I second JJE’s comments – this has been the hottest, stickiest, most stifling and uncomfortable summer I can remember in the 20 years I’ve lived in NC. The air outside is so thick that I feel like I’m being smothered when I walk from the car to the house.
    Give me 10 degrees below normal any day! Hell, make it 20 degrees below normal.

  9. LFMD

    I think Caitlin wins the prize!
    Karin Tracy – you go, girl! I can hardly walk my dog up the street these days.

  10. Bud

    I agree, Caitlin wins.
    No rats in the tent in NJ, but we are close to the yearly record number of 90 degree days. Also, it’s barely rained at all in the last two months. Very little green, just lots of brown and yellow. Some of the trees have already shed all their (brown) leaves.

  11. Salem

    I have spent most of August in a -10 walk in freezer. Couldn’t tell you what the weather is like in Charlotte. Trying to get rid of my Chef’s frozen stockpile, so we can switch to all fresh veggies. We have more frozen nuts than the Iditarod.

  12. asd

    I live in the bay area. it is cold and cloudy here and for me that is depresssing. i am sure i would hate the really hot weather, but a cold and cloudy summer is just flat out depressing.

  13. jje

    Salem, are you running a restaurant in Charlotte? Share the name if you can – you had me at fresh veggies. Huge bonus if you’re in the uptown/Central neighborhoods area. ;-)


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