hope you like jammin’ too


Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Lucy and I went out a couple of days ago and chose presents for the three tchotchke winners of the What You Hate Most About America contest. Actually, she picked out two of them, and I picked out the boob shirt, because it’s hard to explain that level of irony to her.

Anyway, we have:


• for Anne, the aforementioned boob shirt, complete with the pockets peeking under the shorts, and a “Venice Beach” thigh tattoo. A perfect nightshirt to wear when you’re guaranteed to be around no other humans.

• for jp, a nonsensical lotus-flower design beach towel map of California featuring its cheesiest places. Comes pre-itchy!

• and for caveman, a tie-dye ‘WE BE JAMMIN’ T-shirt featuring three Rastafarians about to enjoy a day riding the frigid junk surf of Venice Beach. Guaranteed to bleed in the wash, turning all other clothes a faint mulberry!

Next contest to be held soon, and happy to take suggestions. As for you three, gimme your addresses (or your clandestine Mailboxes Etc™ unmarked dropbox).

0 thoughts on “hope you like jammin’ too

  1. Anne

    Oh wow! See, I skip xtcian for a few days and this happens.
    Ian, what lovely taste in t-shirts. Merci bien. I can’t wait to welcome my husband home in that one. He’ll think he’s having a multiple-decades flashback. ;-)


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