the venus embrace 5-blade razor really works


Okay, today’s code word question is strictly because I’m a snoopy anthropologist of human behavior and a dedicated chin-stroking contemplator of brand-name products. Please, if you will, describe in detail your just-before-bed toiletry ritual (leaving out the major body functions), and the exact products you use, and how long it takes. Please be anonymous if you feel shy about your routine. Simple enough, eh?


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  1. anonymous puff adder

    ooo i like this one…
    – wash face (either Phisoderm or Proactiv, depending on need)
    – floss with mint Oral-B superfloss
    – brush teeth with Sonicare toothbrush and Crest
    – Clinique moisturizer
    – take 100mg of Welbutrin (probly switching that to morning)
    – Prilosec 20mg for acid reflux
    it all takes me about 15 min unless i need the quiet time to dawdle… i remember in college i barely had a ritual, just washed up and collapsed, usually!

  2. Bozoette Mary

    Stumble upstairs after waking up on the sofa.
    Brush teeth with Peroxiclean toothpaste.
    Put in night guard.
    Take off clothes and put them in the hamper.
    Fall into bed.
    Turn on the radio to NPR (30 minutes sleep timer)
    Roll over.

  3. Salem's Little Sister

    Wash face with Oil of Olay hydrating face cloths
    Brush teeth and night guard and retainer with Arm and Hammer toothpaste
    Put in night guard and retainer
    Take out contacts
    Put on Lancome eye creme
    Put on Lancome face cream
    Pull hair in high pony tail
    Hit the hay
    about 10 minutes

  4. Kelly in NC

    Wash face with Aveeno cleansing pad.
    Moisturize with Cetaphil lotion.
    Slather bridge of nose with Metrogel to ward off rosacea.
    If needed, apply Persa-gel to zits.
    Apply Bobbi Brown eye cream in vain attempt to get rid of dark circles and bags.
    Brush teeth with Sensodyne.
    Floss with whatever brand is available (only if going to the dentist soon).
    Swish with Listerine.
    Apply Blistex to lips.
    Done in 10 minutes.

  5. LFMD

    You people make me feel like a slob! Sadly, most weekday nights my ritual is similar to last night:
    Tired and cranky from a stressful day, I walked the dog in my pajamas, drank my nightly glass of Skinnygirl margarita (Love it, Bethenny!), watched a few minutes of “Real Housewives of DC” and went directly to bed. Make-up still on, teeth unbrushed. Fall asleep within 3 minutes. Are you horrified?
    I have more energy in the morning and my morning routine is more respectable. I also do as much self-care at work as possible. I drink lots of water and hydrate all day. I also take my vitamins, moisturize, trim my nails and floss my teeth in my cubicle when no one is looking.

  6. FreshPaul

    contacts out
    floss (Glide? maybe?)
    brush teeth with Arm and Hammer
    wash face with Neutrogena for Men…it’s minty
    arrange pillows properly
    read for 15 minutes.

  7. Mindy

    On very rare occasions my routine might look like some of the ones above, but usually it’s pretty simple.
    Peel myself off the couch and walk upstairs. Brush my teeth with Tom’s of Maine Wholecare Wintermint toothpaste — usually at the same time as walking around the house picking things up, packing Ben’s diaper bag for daycare, packing Lucy’s backpack for school, gathering my stuff for work, etc. A little embarrassed to admit that I don’t usually wash my face unless I wore makeup and that’s pretty rare. Fortunately, one thing I was blessed with was good skin.
    Change into t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Crawl into bed with the Netbook and play spider solitaire for a few minutes to clear my head. Lights out and I’m out!
    The getting ready routine probably takes between 5 and 10 minutes. How long I stay on the computer once in bed depends on how tired I am.
    This is oddly fascinating!

  8. Anne

    Take dog out to pee.
    Take my nighttime meds.
    Put on PJs.
    Wash face. Apply RoC nighttime anti-wrinkle cream.
    Brush teeth with electric toothbrush.
    FLOSS TEETH. (I am so proud that i do this nightly now!)
    Squirt Rhinocort spray into each nostril.
    Put upper teeth mouthguard in (anti-grinding).
    Set alarm for 6:10 am.
    Get in bed and read (with dog snoring in her bed beside ours).
    Hit self in head with book when I fall asleep unexpectedly.
    Lights out – night-night!

  9. MarkC

    – Bring last dog up stairs after their major bodily function
    – Brush teeth with toothpaste for sensative teeth (gums really)
    – Floss teeth religiously after a bad trip to the denist 17 years ago
    – Wash face (optional depending on whether face feels greasy)
    – Kiss dogs and wife (usually in that order) good night
    (3-4 minutes to this point)
    – Read for 10-15 minutes till eyes cannot focus
    – Lights out

  10. CM

    Brush teeth with Colgate
    Floss with those disposable plastic things that have a bit of floss stretched across them. They’re better than messing with string.
    Gargle with Listerine cool mint (I used to get strep throat once a year, and now I don’t.)
    Used to use acne medicine, but since I’m prego I stopped. I kinda wonder, since I’m almost 40, when I won’t need it anymore anyway. Puberty was a while ago!

  11. Tanya

    Seriously, you want to know this? okay then…
    – brush teeth with (new!) Crest 3D white
    – wash face with Aveeno daily cleanser
    – take out contacts (Opti-Free saline)
    – take b/c pill
    – smooth on Oil of Olay Definity night cream
    – hop in bed…depending on how tired, I may read my Kindle for a few minutes.
    Oh!! And let me pat myself on my back for a second – After 4 long months, I finished War and Peace last night!! Damn, that book sucked.

  12. dean

    Brush teeth with Oral B (soft). Colgate gel. Depending on whether my face feels icky, wash face with normal hand soap sitting beside sink — from Target. Two minutes.

  13. Joanna

    Brush with Tom’s of Maine Baking Soda toothpaste.
    Wipe eyes with Maybelline Expert Eye’s eye makeup remover, if wore eye makeup that day.
    Wash face with Aveeno daily scrub, or wipe with Target’s version of Clean and Clear astringent if I’m too tired to splash water on my face.
    Cover entire face and neck with generic Retin-A.
    Apply Burt’s Bees lip balm.
    Remove contacts and place in any random store brand no rub solution, sometimes in a bottle cap if I can’t locate my contact lens case. True confession.

  14. Bill

    1. Set up the coffee pot for the next morning.
    2. Brush teeth with whatever major brandname toothpaste we bought at Target. Generally some version of Crest, I think.
    3. Take contacts out, Renu solution (Bausch & Lomb).
    4. Floss with Glide or a generic equivalent.
    5. Tweez off those annoying ear hairs.
    6. Read for 15-30 minutes.
    Somewhat related note: I choose my clothes at night for the next work day. Just a habit that works for me but feels compulsive when I admit to it.

  15. tbruns2002

    Brush teeth with Oral-b spinbrush and Crest
    wash face and hands with whatever barsoap usually ivory
    strip out of clothes to my skivvies and hop into bed
    about 1-2 minutes

  16. Patrick B

    If my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

  17. Laura

    One hour before bed, I take one children’s Bendryl and put on my pajamas: one – two minutes.
    Before bed:
    Let Dave the dog out to do his business: two – five minutes.
    Make sure I have everything ready to go for the morning and phone is charging: two – five minutes.
    Floss with J&J mint waxed dental floss: 30-50 seconds.
    Brush teeth with Sensodyne Pronamel sweet mint: two minutes.
    Rinse with Listerine peppermint: 30 seconds.
    Wash face with Cetephyl anti-bacterial soap – two minutes.
    Apply philosophy ‘When Hope is Not Enough’ moisturizer to face and neck: 30 seconds.
    Braid hair or put it in a bun: two – five minutes.
    Triple check alarm: 30 – 45 seconds.
    Turn on white noise machine: one second.
    Read for about 10 minutes – the noise machine and Benedryl do a number on me.

  18. Edie W

    Change into sleep t-shirt.
    Take off earrings & other jewelry (everything but wedding band, including my engagement ring, because I am scared I will somehow break it).
    Take contacts out (Clear Care solution), put on glasses.
    Brush teeth (Crest toothpaste, Spinbrush toothbrush).
    Comb hair, put in ponytail.
    Wash face (Olay foaming face wash or St. Ives gentle apricot scrub).
    Put lotion (Aveeno) on hands and legs if they feel dry.
    Get into bed.
    Set alarm.
    Read until feel sleepy.
    Other than the reading part, which is variable, takes about 5 minutes.

  19. Sherri Mullis

    brush teeth w/oral b spin brush and pepsodent (the only toothpaste without so much mint it hurts my teeth)
    2 mins
    remove bra and shorts (brand varies) and place them a foot of bed for dog (Huey) to sleep on
    30 secs
    get dog off pillow and lay down
    10 secs
    watch tv (Olevia)
    30 mins
    turn off tv
    depends on how long it takes to find remote
    go to sleep

  20. CM

    Salem, (if you check back here), I wonder if you’re right…my dentist has been trying to get me to use one for years. I just don’t want to cough up the $1,000. Two weeks ago, I got one from CVS for $30 but I keep not bothering to use it. In my case, I know I grit my teeth a lot, so probably it would be a good idea for me. I wonder how many others have been talked into it.

  21. Salem's Little Sister

    Funny that my brother brought up mouth guards. I never knew I ground my teeth until my last dentist told me he had never seen so much wear on teeth or such defined jaw muscles on someone my size. He pretty much compared me to a petite pit bull. I had no idea and when I asked my husband of 8 years at the time if he had ever heard me grind my teeth, he said it was like sleeping with a jack hammer. I am so bad that I ground my teeth crooked after 5 years of braces and had to get them a third time. Our son now grids his little baby teeth and I am seeing dollar signs over his head while he sleeps. I still grind mine by the way, I guess the guard just keeps it from being tooth on tooth. I’ve ground through two bottom retainers too with the night guard and the ortho didn’t think that was possible. I blame it on the fact that I never say what I what to when I’m awake and save it all for when I’m sleeping.

  22. parrot

    – take out contacts, rinse thoroughly with Target brand no-rub solution (proud of that one!), put in case
    – “wash” face with CVS brand pore-cleansing pad
    – brush teeth – Crest Pro-Health Sensitivity or Complete – pick stuff up around the apartment while brushing
    – think about flossing, don’t do it, feel guilty
    – take off pants & bra, get in bed
    – set alarm clock and cell phone – 3 total alarms
    – play Sudoku on my phone or watch TV on sleep timer
    Time without Sudoku or TV: 5 minutes

  23. dob

    I’m a grinder, but have not yet managed to fall asleep while wearing my mouth guard; it’s not painful, just distracting.
    I simply brush my teeth with whatever toothpaste is handy using my Oral-B electric toothbrush and call it a night.


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