consistency, part deux



In 1967, I was a fan of peace.


In 1977, I was a fan of the Los Angeles Rams.


In 1987, I was a fan of big hair.


In 1997, I was a fan of the North Carolina Tar Heels.


In 2007, I was a fan of the Lulubeans.


I’m sticking with Lucy and the Heels.

0 thoughts on “consistency, part deux

  1. FreshPaul

    I’ve got only the utmost respect for the George Lynch Tar Heel apron…I need to know where you got that so I can keep it in my kitchen (alongside my Breadmen’s apron), in honor of my most revered Heel of all time, the Atlas of Virginia.

  2. FreshPaul

    good point, though I think Lynch was there during the transition, as his career overlapped the pre- and post- Julian uniforms.

  3. GFWD

    FreshPaul, I don’t know enough of your posts to know you or your politics, but Lynch is my all-time favorite Tar Heel, too.
    Dean’s is Rasheed Wallace. If you need to ask why, look to his Facebook profile picture and see the reason why.
    Who is everyone else’s favorite Tar Heel and why?
    Seriously, where did you get the apron?

  4. FreshPaul

    I was a freshman in HS when the Heels won it all in ’93. In Freshman English class, we had to prepare a paper and presentation on any person of our choice. Naturally, I chose Coach Smith…the game was the night before my presentation was due and I was the only one in my house up to watch the entire game. I got my note cards written and memorized while still buzzing from the win.
    My politics? My politics are informed by my knowledge and study of history: in general, the liberals have been on the right side of very many questions important to this republic and its attempts to live up to its (original liberal) ideals. On foreign policy, I’m a largely non-interventionist. At Peppers, I like the Hot Dog, the Chicken Soup, and the house salad with Poppy Seed Dressing.

  5. Ian

    Honestly, I can’t remember where I got the apron… maybe Tessa found it on eBay a few years ago? The amazing thing is the BASKETBALL OVEN MITT that attaches with velcro to the front (not pictured, sadly).
    And yeah, I see it as a George Lynch apron, though major points for identifying the pre-Julian design.


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