but my knees are awesome


I’m without my computer tonight in upstate NY, so let’s try a code word question today:

What thing — or activity — have you recently discovered you’re “too old for” now?

some of mine…

• more than three drinks

• playing along when I know someone is lying

• dumb girls at bars

• dumb guys at bars

• bars

• researching video game cheats

• arguing with cops, even when they’re dead wrong


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  1. kmeelyon

    An all-nighter followed by a full day of work.
    Smoking pot.
    Pursuing the attention of people who are not interested in me (finally!).

  2. emma

    Too old to read the year on a penny (discovered helping son with project)
    Too old to compete with the “younger” tribe in Survivor. (Only watching bc there is a Reynolds High and UNC grad competing)
    Three drinks is the perfect limit for my age. Although I am in complete shock and awe that my 78 YO mom was recently seen knocking back tequilla shots on a mother-daughter weekend with my oldest sister

  3. Ellani

    Braids and pigtails.
    Staying up extremely late and being able to function on little or no sleep the next day.
    Sleeping on an iso-mat.
    Hiking DOWN a mountain (up is okay, my knees don’t like the down part though).

  4. Anne

    Ha ha ha! That’s not a list; it’s a dissertation.
    Oh well:
    Pretty much anything involving actual running. (knee arthritis and past ACL injury; hip bursitis)
    More than one drink, and sometimes I don’t even finish the one.
    Super-skinny jeans.
    Shoes with heels higher than 1.5″. (see knees/ hips above)
    Reading the fine print without reading glasses.
    NOT too old for:
    Rock concerts (and not just oldies)
    Star Wars geekiness
    All sorts of humor
    Learning new skills (aka “new job”)

  5. Caroline

    Crappy hotels
    People who live in denial of something everyone else can see.
    Mixing different kinds of alcohol. That has a very unhappy ending.

  6. julie

    MTV’s “Real World”
    Ditto everyone else on the trying to function on little to no sleep
    Almost but not quite – waterskiing

  7. kmeelyon

    @spicoli, the problem isn’t the smoke. It’s been a good fifteen years at least since I enjoyed a marijuana high. I just don’t like it anymore.

  8. Tanya

    I am too old for rides that spin around. After trying for several years at the state fair and local and county events to accompany my son on such rides, I have given up. After throwing up.

  9. Joanna

    Thanks for the link, Salem’s Little Sister. I’m definitely too old for that.
    Also . . .
    More than one drink.
    Easy Cheese or any other food with mysterious ingredients or properties.
    My usual whorish Halloween costumes (I’m going back and forth on that one.)
    Kitschy cool decor in my house. I don’t mind it in yours.

  10. Rob

    Bars or trying to talk in a bar
    Alcohol deflates my “tires” now-not that I have to blow into something to drive-it just used to make me “happy”
    Running is out of the picture-I’m the guy tourists always asked for the time or to take their picture when I’m slow running or walking around the reservoir in Central Park-depending on when the last time I shaved was
    I can’t see to read (without glasses)
    Hipster, “new” vintage-clothes wearing, painter posers drive me crazy sometimes because I feel like I earned my merit badge-but, hey let them have fun – I know I did

  11. MarkC

    Too old to join the Navy Seals (yes I did look last week, 13 years too old)
    I have known I cannot drink like I could 2 decades ago for a while, but I think I still have a Personal Record (PR) to set in a marathon and an ironman.

  12. kmeelyon

    Back for more. Too old to stand comfortably for very long at concerts. Too old to go to conerts (and some movies!) without earplugs.
    Too old to get carded. Sigh.

  13. Bob

    Watching movies that are so bad they’re good. (Now they’re just bad.)
    Eating something without thinking about the medical ramifications first.
    Worrying that I’m doing the right thing for the wrong reason.
    Thinking that exposure to the facts can make a crazy person less so.

  14. wottop

    Buying something without thinking about the next mortgage payment.
    Getting noticed by any female fewer than 30 years old.
    Wearing a hat backwards [unless I’m taking shots of my kids playing soccer].
    Sleeping past 7 AM without going to the bathroom.


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