autumn oughta fall


Alighting in NYC tomorrow, but for now, a picture will have to suffice – how about today’s view outside the barn window? Or is it too Hallmark card?


What’s outside your window right this second?

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  1. GFWD

    I’m looking over Peachtree Street. There is an American flag that is in my line of vision in the distance, just to the left of my monitor. That star-spangled banner is proudly waving at all who pass by . . .

  2. Anne

    Gorgeous colors, Ian!
    I don’t have a window at my present job (ick). But this morning at 6:30 when I walked the dog along the beach, there was a brilliant white 3/4-moon above us in a sky streaked pink and baby-blue. Two swans stood near the rock jetty on the sand, preening themselves, unafraid. The local quahoggers (peeps who go out into the bay on little boats to dig big hard-shell clams with long rakes) were racing each other past Warwick Neck to claim the best quahog beds for themselves, leaving foamy wakes behind them. The rambling plants and vines alongside the walking path are turning burgundy, yellow, and brown.
    Great way to start the day.

  3. monheric

    birch tree (no leaf change yet), ornamental grasses, parking lot, trees (a few fluttering-down yellow leaves), Beaver Brook, train line, low clouds coming from the ocean to the SSE. Crows with a 40% chance of a blue heron.

  4. Caroline

    A grey day, some green trees, traffic, an apartment building, the Union League Club where I had my wedding reception and the atrium of the Morgan Library. I looooooooove my apartment.

  5. Neva

    Incredibly gorgeous sunshine, moist dirt on the ground (finally!) and best of all, a nice cool breeze coming through the screen. Maybe we WILL have a fall after all??

  6. wottop

    Parking lot surrounded by trees. Only the slightest bit of change here in Raleigh.
    A cube with a view is better than no view at all.

  7. ginat

    Picnic table and chairs, lawnmower, part of the grill and LOTS of leaves on the too-tall grass. The sunshine streaking through the tree branches is beautiful.

  8. carolyn

    It was the hottest day on record yesterday in Los Angeles. 113 downtown. Today is marginally cooler. Highs only in the nineties.
    I live in the upstairs of duplex built in 1952 in beverly hills adjacent with NO AIRCONDITIONING.
    Its overcast and stuffy hot. A car alarm blares. A leaf blower drones. The old man next door can only communicate by screaming, which he does day and night. Nonstop. (he had a stroke three years ago.)
    The view? My roommates collection of ill tended potted plants, a cute duplex across the street, and the old oak tree in my front yard that is just starting to turn.
    It does not feel like fall. It feels like the end of the world.
    I hate it.

  9. monheric

    Bird update: no heron – instead a redtail hawk on a light fixture in a heavy shower, taking a few minutes to get clean by lifting and spreading wings and tail, tilting and turning, showing the lighter colors on the bottom of wings in the gloom. Got the whole office watching and chuckling.

  10. ally

    I see a dull grey sky, some slight snowfall, muddy parking lot, a massive rock that blocks half my view, teenagers crossing the parking lot from the high school next door, and the occasional inuit mother carrying a child in her amauti.
    I live in the arctic. No trees. No pumpkins.

  11. ally

    Salem’s Little Sister – I would like to write more about living in the north but have been feeling hesitant about my writing and storytelling abilities. You have given me some incentive to get on it. Thank you!


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