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  1. LFMD

    I didn’t have time to tell you about what is outside my window, so here is today’s update. I am working from home today, and my desk sits against the window of my office, facing my backyard. For the past half hour, I have been watching the two groundhogs who live in a burrow somewhere nearby scamper and play and eat and relax and lounge. These are the same two groundhogs who ate everything in our garden. We complained about them all summer, but looking at them now, I love them! They are so cute and busy and playful. I hope they stay in our backyard. I want to see them in the spring. . . perhaps they will have a little litter of groundhogs! They are playing with the squirrels now. So much animal activity here during the day. . . I had no idea!
    Two bits of news caught my attention yesterday.
    1. George Lopez and his wife are divorcing? After she gave him a vital organ to save his life? Where did the love go? Very sad.
    2. Did the owner of the Segway company really Segway himself off a cliff? How dreadful!

  2. Anne

    Well, I have something to say:
    SOMETHING AWESOME MY WAY CAME! In yesterday’s mail. From California.
    Having trouble photographing this awesome item AND myself, though. May have to bring it to work and get some help, although that could be … embarrassing. :-) Ian knows what I’m talking about. THANK YOU, my hung-over friend! hee hee

  3. littlerattyratratrat

    I’ve traded in my single-malts for absinthe, these days, which is legal again in the US after a 80 or 90 year hiatus. Now *that* stuff gets the poetry flowing. Don’t buy the Pernod, though…it’s not what it once was.


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