currently 74th in line for takeoff


Ohmygod, I just did everything below and now sit at the farm upstate, too tired to think. Can one of you take the lead in asking an interesting question? Lemme think, who would be the least interested in such a duty… how about… Joanna!

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  1. Joanna

    Good grief, Ian! I’ll have to pass the hot potato for now, as I’m on my way out, but I’ll be thinking . . .

  2. Tanya

    oooh, can I try?
    Thinking back to your childhood, what experience/memory would you want to replicate for your own child?
    Brad and I were talking recently about how awesome our Halloweens were as kids. Running around to houses dressed up in costumes we made from stuff at home, no parents hovering over us, more candy that we could carry…
    I wish my kids could have that same experience, but I know they can’t.

  3. Anne

    Tanya, I totally agree about the Halloween experience. We felt so much safer and had more freedom as children. It was a huge thrill to be out roaming our nice Connecticut neighborhood with other kids in the dark, sans parental bodyguards.

  4. hodi

    Haven’t heard a good rant from Ian in awhile…
    Nature vs nurture: Duke students have a special place in your heart. Male, Duke lacrosse players certainly have an even more special place.
    How does it make you feel when you come to learn that they were specifically targeted to engage in gratuitous rated sex? Do they go through life doing what they know, only responding to what they are presented? Is this a only a tiny recorded insight into what might be their cultural norm, that they can’t help?

  5. CM

    I agree about Halloween. What’s it like these days? I live in the city, so mostly here it’s restaurants giving candy out, but for those of you who live in the burbs, is it like it used to be?
    The whole reason I had a baby was so I could steal his candy.

  6. emma

    I think in some ways, my neighborhood is like the old days. I will let my ten year old roam the neighborhood with his friends trick or treating – I might would even consider letting my 7 year old tag along. The big difference from old days that I remember is that a lot people drive in from other places and t-or-t in our neighborhood.
    There is one lady down the street who makes candy apples, but only gives them to kids if they say they actually live in the neighborhood.
    One block in the other direction, Sammy puts on a chainsaw massacre mask and a chainless chainsaw and comes out of a coffin and chases people. He has loud sirens that go off and he has a crew of people working with him. It is a rite of passage to be able to get candy from his house.
    I sit in my front yard with a great big fire pit and hand out candy – I have extra chairs and a cooler of drinks for people to stop by and visit.

  7. Josie

    The kids’ favorite holiday, hands down, is Halloween. It feels pretty safe, but I don’t know if that means I’d let my children, 5 and 7, go it alone. It’s not like we live in a protected subdivision where you possibly can keep track of who comes and goes.
    In my little “village” we have created a number of events which make Halloween one of the most connected times of the year. It really hearkens back to another time. Not my time, ’cause my Halloweens were never this good.
    We usually trick-or-treat early, then retire to a neighbor’s home, where the kids stay corralled in the backyard (still warm here!) or play areas enjoying their loot while the parents (20-30) dine on bowls of chili.
    We also have about 6+ city blocks which participate in a Halloween Parade of costumed children, typically the weekend before Halloween, during the afternoon. This was primarily started so that the wee ones — who are really too young to stay out more than a few minutes on Halloween night — get to wear their costumes and be admired in them. Now, however, it’s all early primary school ages, not just the stroller set.
    And let’s not forget THAT AMAZING MOM and her parade, haunted house, pizza party, and movie-in-the-park bonanza that she puts on every year WITHOUT FAIL. As they say around these parts, bless her heart (and keep her supplied with wine).
    I love these traditions. I may have doubts about my city, but my peeps are awesome.


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