oooh we might get in TROUBLE


Just a quick word before I hop on a plane back to California: I have to say this article in Slate by Timothy Noah is one of the most infuriating editorial pieces I have ever read. I usually like Timothy Noah, but this article positively drips with pusillanimous hand-wringing fey liberal HORSESHIT.

Basically, he calls for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to abandon their “Rally to Restore Sanity” because it might make conservatives upset:

…There’s still a lot we don’t fully understand about the Tea Partiers and the political independents who have lost faith in Obama. But one thing we should all be pretty clear on by now is that they hate, hate, hate anything that smacks of elitism. The spectacle of affluent 18-to-34-year-olds blanketing the Mall to snicker at jokes about wingnut ignoramuses and Bible thumpers will, I fear, have the effect of a red cape waved before a bull.

If there has ever been a perfect encapsulation of the emasculated, limp-kneed, shy-violet impotence of the chattering-class liberal mindset, this article is it. The progressives’ failure to see politics as a blood sport never ceases to amaze me. I’d have more to say, but I think Bluto pretty much nails it at 2:30 in this video:

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  1. Kim

    This is point that Jon Stewart is constantly making about what gutless cowards the Democrats are: every time they have the opportunity to go for the jugular, shoot to kill, put the conservatives away, (are those enough cliches?) they wimp out. Perfect clip. ” ‘We’re afraid to go with you, Bluto. We might get in trouble.’ ” Perfect response: “It’s time to take these bastards.”

  2. Teesh

    I’ve been a silent lurker for ages & love the way you start my mornings — thanks. This is truly a perfect clip for Dems these days. I’m w/Bluto:
    Tea Partiers:DEAD. (do I get in trouble now??)

  3. dob

    There’s still a lot we don’t fully understand about the Tea Partiers and the political independents who have lost faith in Obama.
    No there isn’t. The Tea Party is simply the extreme right-wing of the Republican party. Poll after poll clearly demonstrates this. Anyone who thinks this is some new development in American politics is either deeply ignorant of the political history of the last hundred years, is deeply deluded, or both.

  4. Salem

    That clip was the best thing my computer has done for me all year. Thanks Ian, and thanks again Grandmother Suber, for letting me talk you into taking me to see Animal House when I was in 6th Grade!

  5. Bob

    And if you go to 3:15, you have the Tea Party’s central source of locomotion: anger as an excuse for futile and stupid gestures.


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