my one constant is acne


I had about four hours on the plane to re-categorize about 3,000 pictures – old and new – buzzing about my hard drive. Of course, this makes a person go off on many photographic tangents, among them this screen grab of Tessa and me in 1989 and our 2009 passport pics. Twenty years separate these pairs of pictures, which leads another person to ask… whatsit all mean?


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  1. Joanna

    It means someone other than the teenager with facial piercings at the CVS photo counter took your passport photos. She took mine last week and it looks like a mugshot.
    It also means you’re both aging beautifully, of course.

  2. josie

    I don’t know what it means, but you guys are cute!
    Speaking of passport photos, I was just filling out the paperwork to renew mine last night, and was wondering — can’t we take our own passport photos these days? I don’t have to go to a Kinko’s/pack-n-ship to do that anymore, right?

  3. joanna

    josie, you can take you own as long as you have the white background, bright lighting and required dimensions. I was just in a hurry to renew mine, hence the CVS experience.

  4. LFMD

    Damn! This means that you both have some Dorian Gray portrait hidden somewhere in your farmhouse, showing your true aging process.
    You both look awesome! How have you managed to avoid the bloat, graying, and weight gain of the rest of us? I suppose good living and taking care of each other.

  5. GFWD

    Who takes passport photos that well? Hers looks like a head shot. The only difference in her two pics is that it looks like she just combed her hair, changed shirts and took off the pearls. Dorian Gray is right. Yours looks like you lost baby fat from the face . . . and still forgot to comb your hair. Smile.

  6. Anne

    PS: Whoever does Tessa’s highlights is a real pro. Gorgeous hair!
    Ladies, observe how the placement of those pretty lighter streaks brightens up her face. Any woman pushing 40, or older, who used to be blonde and is now one of those nondescript colors between blonde and brown, pay attention. Some highlighting, particularly framing the face, perks you up and lifts the focus away from incipient wrinkles or saggy skin (not that Tessa has either of those), and it doesn’t have to be re-done nearly as often as a complete dye job. (I speak from experience.) Make sure you get them from someone who knows what he/she is doing, however. Good highlights need to be subtle, the color needs to look natural (unless you’re going crimson or purple, ha ha), and placement is crucial. I used to do my own with a kit from L’Oreal, but once I had my stylist do them I never went back.

  7. Ian

    Wow – gotta say, we just stood in front of our front door for the passport pictures and took it with a digital camera…
    personally, I think Tessa looks awesome even in HD (and 3D)

  8. bridget

    it means tessa has kept her part on the same side of her head and you haven’t (seemingly). and i agree that tessa’s highlights are lovely. mine always come out stripey even with a stylist.


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