‘preciate the sugar vittles, ma’am


One thing I love about my daughter is the immediate specificity of her big plans. There’s no hemming and/or hawing: she makes a decision and sticks with it. Such has been the case with the last two Halloweens, when she picked the subject (butterflies ’08, fairies ’09) without hesitation, and this year was no different. We were to trick-or-treat with cowgirl/cowboy theme.

I admit to the Western genre not being in my “wheelhouse” per se, but it’s always good to stretch your boundaries, so I tried to think of a way to go cowboy without looking like a fey dandy. Lucy, of course, makes pretty much any theme seem second-nature:


at the kindergarten parade

Last year’s foray into small LED lights taught me a valuable lesson: on the crazy “candy gridlock” kid-packed sidewalks without streetlights, the chick with the glowing costume is queen. So I fashioned a set of blue star LEDs into Lucy’s cowgirl hat, which made her delightfully easy to follow:




Tessa and I went along as cowpeople elders – my wife already had an awesome shirt, so she only needed a hat. I got the same kind of leather cowboy hat my dad used to wear when he shoveled snow, and then I cut the center section out of a pair of brown Carhartt pants for instant chaps. I still had the awesome boots from the Texas Black Tie & Boots Ball at the Inauguration, which made this year relatively easy:


At the behest of some school friends, we tried out another neighborhood this year – this time, there were some very old-timers who looked to be in their eighties. Back when I was a kid, you tried to avoid these houses while trick-or-treating, because really old dudes always ask for a “trick”, and we knew, even then, that was a loser’s game.

Plus, really old people used to have terrible candy, the hard, lacquered stuff like impenetrable taffy, and my own personal scourges, Mary Janes and Bit-O-Honeys. But these days, the mass corporatization of candies means everybody has the same thing, even old folks. M&Ms, Reese’s, Starbursts, and the usual Hershey’s lineup. You know the bar has been lowered when your daughter sees you get slightly excited by a mini-bag of Lemonheads┬«.


0 thoughts on “‘preciate the sugar vittles, ma’am

  1. Neva

    While out last night we were noting the homogenization of the candy choices as well. Seems everyone in our neighborhood bought the same giant bag of candy on special at Costco and there was just no variety of stuff at all.
    EXCEPT for the evangelical neighbor who bought whole regular candy bars and labeled them with Bible verses. Have to give it to her – that was one good marketing ploy for her message.

  2. Caitlin

    Yup on the candy, mostly the same. Except for something called “Fun Dip” which Milena is into. I think of it as My First Crack Powder, complete with edible spoon.
    Canals were fun to trick or treat, no cars and the reflections of the lights on the water gorgeous.


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