thou shalt


Today’s code word question is easy – it’s all about covetousness. Without too much thought…

1. What gadget do you currently covet?

2. What piece of clothing/shoes do you currently covet?

3. Besides the wife, what thing does thy neighbor possess that you covet?


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  1. jif

    1.) I have asked Santa for a sewing machine. And a Kitchen Aid. Oh my god, it’s official. I am a German Hausfrau.
    2.) I covet every single outfit from the CĂ©line Fall and Winter 2010 collection. I have a maad crush on Phoebe Philo.
    3.) A kitchen island. And a projector. Actually, i think I need to move projector up to number 1. Also, my neighbors have ridiculously good taste in lamps. I WANT THEIR LAMPS!!

  2. ken

    Ooh, is this gonna be like Oprah’s Favorite Things Show and we each get what we covet?
    1) My 120GB iPod is like a crowded night club right now, I can’t add an album until I take another off, so I need to upgrade to the 160GB. And I have a desktop Mac but would LOVE a MacBook Pro.
    2) My fifteen-year-old #7 Chris Chelios Chicago Blackhawks ‘sweater’ is pretty worn out but I can’t pull the trigger on a new Hawks jersey because $350 is WAY too much for a new one. Really??! $350 for a polyester jersey??! My first suit cost less than that. If you’re buying, a Duncan Keith #2 would be cool.
    3) A leak-proof finished basement would be fantastic.
    And “Hey Jif! My love to the twins!”

  3. ken

    Oh, and Jif, you’d be proud of Carla, she’s been busting out her sewing machine; she even made her own Halloween costume and made muffins using the Kitchen Aid yesterday.

  4. josie

    1. What gadget do you currently covet? I still covet the iphone. Although, I hate AT&T more than I want an iPhone.
    2. What piece of clothing/shoes do you currently covet? None. I wouldn’t know what to covet. Sad, but informs #3
    3. Besides the wife, what thing does thy neighbor possess that you covet? Sense of style? Depth of wardrobe? I have neither; I am just not programmed that way. Wish i were, because I’d love to look as fabulous as my gal pals when they put it all on. :) Actually, I tell them, “It’s not that I am not vain, I’m just cheap.”

  5. Scott

    1. iPad.
    2. I don’t really covet, I just purchase what I want/need. I suppose I could covet even nicer suits or a new Burberry coat.
    3. I’m guessing you mean literal neighbor, not the figurative neighbor. If literal, then my neighbor has a HUGE fireplace in his kitchen. It’s an old (1700s) house, so that’s just how they were built back then. I think I would like to have such a feature, but I’d also want equally huge doors to cover it up when I wanted the kitchen to look modern (and not as sooty).

  6. Salem

    I don’t really covet, I just don’t purchase what I want, and seem to be cool with that so far. :)
    Actually, I crave, not covet. There is a difference right? Maybe I used to covet. Cravings are easier to squeeze into my day. Except when Ian calls for a menu consultation from Vegas, as he faces an overwhelmingly large selection of Prime Dry Aged Steaks! Hope the truffle butter was tasty you farging bastage.

  7. wottop

    1. My father has an iPhone4. I want one.
    2. Not a clothes guy. I wear jeans any day its not cold enough to wear shorts. [Software is a great industry for slobs]
    3. BMW 5 series. When I told my son that I used to drive a 3 series, he asked why I did get another one. I told him I decided to have kids instead.

  8. D

    1)I don’t covet any gadgets this minute as I just paid the monster credit card bill for the upgrade of our fancy, high end entertaient system. The real problem with fancy high end systems is that after 9 years, they become obsolete end but you still remember how expensive they were. So you get back on the hamster wheel and upgrade.
    2) I covet a great in between coat (not too warm, not too light) but I have no time to devote to finding one so I either freeze in my trench or boil in my shearling. Such problems :)!
    3) I covet a weekend place with a husband that doesn’t travel over 100k miles a year.

  9. Anne

    1) Either an iPhone or an iPad, or both. (Hoping Verizon gets the iPhone soon.)
    2) A pair or two of Bogs waterproof boots — ankle height and maybe the higher ones too. They are relatively expensive but look awesome and get great reviews. We have a lot of damp weather, lots of slush, and I walk the dogs (yes, I did say dogs plural, see my Facebook walls for the past four days) on sandy beaches. Waterproof boots are my most relied-on footwear.
    3) Retirement with a government pension. (Next-door neighbor, now in mid 60s, retired from her clerical desk job with the Air Force 10 years ago and gets a great pension, health coverage… She travels a lot, goes to plays and concerts, has a blast.)

  10. julie

    #1: ditto Anne
    #2: a down Burberry coat. Saw it in a magazine. I am so prone to being cold – there is no way I would be with that one. Of course I might look more like a dough boy…
    #3: I wish my parents or my in-laws would take my kids for a weekend every once in a while for just because reasons and do things with them we wouldn’t otherwise do. Doesn’t have to be real fancy just some good bonding.

  11. kent

    My wants are probably a little obscure to most of you:
    A Buchla 200e modular synth, and a well equipped Serge Modular synth.
    Between the two of those, we’re talking about $40k. If you’re wishing for things you can’t afford, wish big.

  12. jp

    1. MacBook Air. If we’re talking covetous, I might as well covet the more expensive one.
    2. I would love some Frye boots! I saw some in purple.
    3. I covet my neighbors’ (yes, plural) renovated houses. Ours is pre-renovated.

  13. LFMD

    1. I have an iPhone and husband has the iPad. I covet a lap top. I have a lovely work from home part of the week schedule with the Insurance Job, and I am just waiting for this clunker old desktop of our’s to die soon. If that happens, and I don’t have a lap top, I will have to drive to work 5 days a week. Oh, the horror! Any suggestions for a simple laptop? I am too lazy to do the research.
    2. I need an entire new wardrobe. But, I want to lose weight first. So, I am uncomfortable in my current, ill-fitting wardrobe. It’s a vicious circle.
    3. I covet trust funds! And beach homes! A more realistic thing to covet is a housecleaning service. I hate to clean. Hate it. But, we can’t justify hiring a housecleaning service, what with private school tuition and our family budget. Our house is average size, and cleaning it is manageable. . . I just hate to do it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to come home to a clean house on a daily basis?

  14. jp

    (Confidential to LFMD: buying bigger clothes that fit well and look good–instead of smushing into those too-small clothes–can be a huge confidence booster which, ironically, can make losing weight and getting back into smaller clothes that much easier. You just have to get over the size on the label–but it’s totally worth it.)

  15. Sam

    Long time listener, first time caller. I’ve become a daily reader since you visited Ian.
    1) I’m not really familiar enough with the ipad to covet it. I do however have an N64 sitting in my house without controllers and games.
    2) A new pair of of merrill hiking shoes. Mine have seen better days.
    3) If we’re talking figurative neighbor, a resonator guitar. My actual neighbor has a great dog that they keep cooped up in the house all day.

  16. Claverack Weekender

    1. An iPhone on Verizon. A fully electric Toyota Land Cruiser with 400+ miles of range.
    2. Need a warm jacket, style still undefined.
    3. Elevator, perhaps? Live in a row house and spend too much time carrying things up and down stairs.

  17. David

    1. I’d like an iPad and an obscenely expensive stereo (all tube except for a USB DAC.) If by KitchenAid, you mean the mixer that has an available meat grinder and pasta making attachment, I want that, too.
    2. Custom shirts and suits
    3. I don’t covet any of my neighbors’ stuff. Perhaps I should look for a new house?
    We just got an inexpensive Brother sewing machine from Costco. It seems fairly nice and is easier to store than our old Singer table model.

  18. tregen

    1. What gadget do you currently covet?
    Industrial grade table saw
    2. What piece of clothing/shoes do you currently covet?
    I have a new canali suit…. wouldn’t mind having a closet full of them….
    3. Besides the wife, what thing does thy neighbor possess that you covet?
    Not a thing. I am a lucky guy

  19. xuxE

    damn Kent you stumped me and i even know what an ARP is…
    1. a tenori-on
    2. lots but i’d settle for new yohji yamamoto boots
    3. nothing i can think of, my obsessions are too obscure. except compared to Kent.


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