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  1. Amy S.

    I’m going to be in touch with my real friends outside of Facebook. Facebook is just a forum for keeping up with who got married, who got cancer, whose political beliefs you’re horrified by, when the next high school reunion is. That being said, I have unfriended people in the past…and used the “kill switch” Block button once here:

  2. Anne

    I need all the friends I can get, so no unfriending by me. E
    Every once in a while, someone I only know tangentially or incidentally but who is a FB friend comments on my status or a photograph in a way that opens a new vista or warms my heart. Or posts something “wow”. So I’m hesitant to thin the herd.
    That being said, I never blindly accept every friend request. I check out the profile and see who our mutual friends or interests are. And I don’t hesitate to block status updates of anyone who spams me with their causes or politics.

  3. jason savage

    it’s fun. agree with Amy S. i see my close friends just as much and rely on them in the same ways. and i like people’s funny comments. just silly fun. Kimmel needs the attention, is my guess.

  4. Annie H.

    Interesting–I just de-friended someone late last night (so, in truth it was technically today, so yes I did Unfriend someone on National Unfriend Day…)
    The deal was, this is a guy from CA whom I don’t know but with whom I share over 100 friends from the Burning Man/hooping community (this describes much of my friend list, btw) but anyway, just to say that this was NOT some good old boy from Davie County NC (not that there’s anything WRONG with Davie County, mind you–) about whom I might have been a little less surprised–since there tend to be more shared values than not among the burner/hoop community–about this ‘turn of status updates,’ BUT ANYWAY.
    So, last night he started posting clip after clip of actual sniper shootings–!!!—????– from Iraq and suchlike, and among these clips there was some cop clip where a cop sharpshooter had shot a gun out of the hands of a suicidal man in a standoff, and the guy’s like, “I mean, seriously, wouldn’t it have been easier just to kill him?” One of his other FB friends responded, “Dude, I hope you’re not on the other side of that argument someday,” which was a very generous and evolved way to respond, but for me–I’ve never even met this guy and it came down to, I really don’t care WHY he is posting this sick shit or saying such cynical and ugly things, I just don’t want to be connected with this in any way. So, BOOP! He went away.
    It’s weird. There have been other times I’ve been in FB disagreements –mostly political– but this was something I wasn’t willing to even discuss. Thank god for the Remove Friend app.

  5. julie

    Once again – I agree with Anne. On the flip side, though, I also spend a fair amount of time thinking about whether or not I want to “ask” someone to friend me. I certainly don’t want them to feel obligated to accept. But I take that part seriously and don’t ask just anyone either. So hopefully in the end the feelings are mutual. If not, no worries. I can take a little rejection ;).

  6. GFWD

    I have 1361 Facebook “friends” and it would probably be more if I hadn’t started getting more picky in my associations. I joined on the eve of my 20 year high school reunion and I initially accepted almost anyone. I wouldn’t do it that way again. Deleted a few and had friends delete me during the ’08 elections.
    Like Anne noted above, I occasionally get that incidental shout out from a fringe friend or friend of friend of random high school classmate that makes my day or is complimentary of one of my comments or photos and that’s nice.
    I hate when I accept a friend and then there’s no immediate message or exchange to see what someone is up to these days. Like Julie, I don’t ask for a friends without some reflection. In fact, if there’s someone I’m unsure of, I’ll just send them a note. If a friend request doesn’t come back my way or the message is not answered, then I move on to the next thing on my plate.

  7. Ian

    GFWD raises an interesting point – I wonder if “de-friending” spiked during the run-up to the 2008 and 2010 elections.
    Amy, that date is INSANE. That might be the worst pron I’ve ever read, and I lived through the Carter administration.

  8. Neva

    Don’t know about the election, but I both got defriended and defriended someone (two different people) during the health care reform bill debate last year.

  9. RuthB

    No unfriending for me. I may not be having a deep relationship with every one of my FB friends from all those periods of my life. That would be impossible. But the larger community is what Facebook is all about. Facebook is the BIG family reunion/the full high school assembly or dance/the company all-hands, where you don’t interact deeply with each person at all times. More in-depth friendships with many of them expand outside of FB. I may not be BFF’s with each friend at all times. I may not like some posts. But, it’s the community I like, and the tolerance of views, the connections, that I like.

  10. eric g.

    I won’t be defriending anyone, but I hate Facebook. I am still fascinated by the power that it wields in our culture; I just don’t visit it very often myself.


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