10-Q, you’re welcome


Man, I was all set to write down the things I was Thankful for this Thanksgiving, but it devolved into a profanity-sautĂ©ed flambĂ© of how much this stupid-ass country sucks green donkey balls right now, so I deleted the fuck out of it. Half-cup of eggnog later, I’m doing much better, thank you, and already have a nutmeg-sprinkled inkling of how to do it better.

So I’ll rewrite it tomorrow, but for today, perhaps I should open things up with a pre-Thanksgiving bit of smart-assedness with this question: What do you think you should be thankful for, but to be honest, it’s just sort of a pain in the ass, and you’re getting tired of pretending?

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  1. LFMD

    My Job. I mean, without it, I could not pay the mortgage, private school tuition, vet bills, etc. And, I know that the economy is dire, and job hunting in this economy is miserable. HOWEVER, I am a bit sick of my job. And the people with whom I work. And I am not really “giving it my all” at the Insurance Job lately. Partly because I really gave it my all last year, but there was no $$ for merit increases. This year will be the same, but I have been dragging along, doing the bare minimum lately. I need to be inspired.

  2. julie

    I ditto LFMD and Anne. Not for all the same reasons since, for the most part, I really like the people with whom I work. However, I am super tired of a senior management team who operates on auto-pilot and with the mantra of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Well if they looked semi hard, they would see there is a lot that’s “broke.” It is amazing how little people are actually working – case in point – I’m goofing off on the berry (site is blocked on desktop) – and no one gives a crap.

  3. kazoo

    ugh, i hate to be a parrot, but i agree with the developing trend – every time i complain about my job, i find myself adding, “i know i should be grateful to HAVE a job”…but having put in slave-ish days over the past year, with only a salary cut and a bad repetitive strain injury to show for it, i’m starting to think i’d rather be laid off. i don’t know.
    here’s hoping this next year gets better for us all! happy holidays, people!

  4. Piglet

    My mortgage will be paid off in two more months. And then they don’t get to forclose on me. Not until the next Republican Administration, anyway.

  5. Scott

    I love my job. I just love it. So, I don’t need to fake being thankful for that.
    But here’s the thing – I feel I should be thankful for being where I am in life – pretty comfortable financialy, good family life, good dog – but the reality is that I’ve worked pretty hard for this. Sure, I’ve got a leg up in that I have the potential to do this, and for the most part I didn’t squander my potential. But to me, I am where I am because I kept showing up and working hard. Is that just wrong???


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