yo fat girl, are ya ticklish


I realize I might be the last person to see this album cover on the internettz, but I just want to say this: having worked in collaborative rooms full of people pitching ideas for a single project, I desperately want to have been there for this:


A few things to note…

• the “Big Bear” logo is actually dripping with honey. Because bears really like honey, they steal it all the time.

• bears also like cognac, because they’re clutching a glass each, in their dainty paws. The cigars are to be expected, but a nice aged cognac? Brilliant.

• just because Big Bear sports a purple ascot doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the ladies. Truly subversive.

• the tray is full of nuts and berries, almonds and strawberries in particular. Strawberries. How many rap albums have plates of fresh strawberries on the cover?

0 thoughts on “yo fat girl, are ya ticklish

  1. emma

    And with your strawberries on the tray, you might also want to grab a cigar. Can’t say that I have ever seen a tray of strawberries and nuts and cigars.
    And the sparkles – I guess they must be real diamonds if the glasses and the rings sparkle like these do.
    Is this for real. “Surely, you can’t be serious.”

  2. Salem

    Big Ian. Big Bear? Aw man…If this isn’t a Club 510/Purple House party invitation, I don’t know what is!
    Doin’ Thangs 89′ this Thursday at 510 East Franklin. We could fly that plane AND land it.

  3. caveman

    I always wondered what happened to Chuck from the River-Bottom Nightmare Band. Looks like he is doing pretty well for himself.

  4. Neva

    Okay, why are we all ignoring the elephant in the room – what is that thing sticking out of his robe? Is it what I think it is?

  5. cullen

    Is that fresh fish in the foreground underneath the title? Catching a spawning salmon IS really doing somethang..(as is rolling a blunt that thick). Hilarious!

  6. Lara

    Wow. I can’t remember the last thing that’s brightened my day as much as this treasure. Thank you.
    And Amy S., I really want to know how much they payed the one black guy to stand on that stage so they could sing the line about diversity. Whatever it was, it wasn’t enough.

  7. Ian

    Oh my god, I just noticed the salmon. That brings this to the level of “unthinkably mesmerizing”.
    Amy, when I saw that video, I thought the same thing my brothers did… those dudes GOT to be Mormon. I can spot an extended family LDS production a mile away.


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