meet me by the pelicans in st. james park


I have a rather odd code word question for you all today – I’ve been thinking lately about people who decide to “disappear” for a time, canceling themselves off the grid and leaving no trace. Famous people have done something similar – Agatha Christie did it for 11 days in 1926, John Lennon had his lost weekend in the mid-70s (when he wrote his best solo song #9 Dream, and even nitwit Mark Sanford went to Argentina rather than run South Carolina.

Given modern interconnectedness, it isn’t easy to pull off a even a temporary disappearance, but it’s still possible. So my question is this, answer as anonymous animals if you can…. if you were given the ability, how long would your lost weekend last, where would you go, and what secret person might you meet there?


19 thoughts on “meet me by the pelicans in st. james park

  1. arctic bunny

    my “lost weekend” would last for fourteen days and nights. maybe leave a note to family saying “don’t worry and don’t look”
    there is a boy i have liked since freshman year of college (long time ago now) and we are FB friends now and still tell each other jokes and share fun little stories occasionally.
    in my lost weekend, we meet at a lodge in the woods in a place neither of us have ever been to. no Internet or email or cellphones. it is cold and it rains every day but that is just fine by us.

  2. LFMD

    I disappear in my head on a daily basis. To answer your question, I would disappear to an expensive destination spa along the lines of Canyon Ranch, get every pampering service that interests me, with a bunch of books to read and a great bed in my luxury room for lots of naps. I think that 4 days would suffice.
    And, I would bring my DOG with me. Yes, my DOG! He is wonderful and I love him. He has become my constant companion, and my family has actually been giving me some grief because they think that my rescue dog and I are too attached (he favors my company over everyone else’s and is always by my side).
    Anyway, a spa, some books, naps, and my dog would make for a lovely time off the grid.

  3. cullen

    Dear Mr. Cartographer, Cool map! Love this meme–not quite sure to where I’d ‘get lost’, but hopefully the weather’d be nicer than today’s on a dreary “Law(n)g Eylandt”.

  4. Wu Ming

    Like that Canyon Ranch idea, even for just a weekend. The secret person I would meet there is my spouse. Also need the child care fairy to stay at my house.
    Three young kids.

  5. Who me?

    I would replace Meg White on drums and run off for a month-long tour of Europe, especially Italy, with Jack White. Definitely a friends with benefits gig. ;-)
    PS: No, I can’t play drums. But that never stopped Meg.

  6. red fox

    a month in south america.
    Eating, contemplating, reading.
    college girl friend… extra pounds and all…
    but more honestly i would prefer to just be alone.

  7. gazelle

    Somewhere tropical – as far away as Bali maybe. I would like a month but prefer 2. And I would want to go w/the man that I have been lusting after for a long time.

  8. Salem's Little Sister

    10 days at Disney/Harry Potter/Universal/Sea World/MGM/Epcot with the husband and son with no lines, no worries about a budget and 80 degrees every day with no rain and no blackberry for my husband.
    I tried to think exotic, but actually being together for that long would be exotic and I really, really want to go to Disney but it isn’t happening any time soon.

  9. Piglet

    Probably pack a small suitcase, a guitar and a backpack and take Greyhounds across America for a month, most of which would be spent working on playing guitar and scribbling in notebooks in restaurants, libraries, bars, hotel rooms and parks or natural areas. If it was in the Summer, I’d center my travel around the Great Lakes; if winter, probably more like LA to Savannah and back.

  10. Kevin_In_Philadelphia

    My lost weekend would last at minimum a year, maximum forever. I would go to a lonely island in the Med, Caribbean, or South Pacific. No one would meet me there…kind of the point to disappear is to be alone, no?

  11. littlerattyratratrat

    Tuscany. Hang out in the Italian countryside, visit the Uffizi, drink good chianti, eat food that doesn’t suck. Yes. No phones, no internet, no TV, but a good kitchen, a guitar or two, and a stack of books. I’ll stay until they hunt me down and drag me screaming back. If nobody cares that much, hey, so much the better. It’s like the man said, “Fahhhk…I don’t care where I go as long as it ain’t here.”
    (But frankly, I’d be bored without the wife and boy. I must be old.)

  12. Camel

    These answers are so wonderful and honest and sometimes hilarious.
    I’m a big fan of New England. I’d probably find a creepy old house in Salem, Mass. by the waterfront and just sit in a rocking chair and read all day, listening to the angry squalls outside and breathing in the sea mist.
    Aw, who are we kidding? It’s a fantasy and I’d get lonely pretty fast.

  13. kitty cat

    all over italy.
    with this guy i’m mad crazy about, but he doesn’t know it. or maybe he does. whatever. that’s another very frustrating story which does not belong in this awesome imaginary adventure.
    eat. drink. laugh. relax. listen, watch, absorb art and music. and have mad crazy sweaty sex. with said guy. sigh. purrrrrrrr.

  14. seahorsey

    Interesting to read those who would while away a few lost days with an old love. Count me among them. For just a few days. Maybe a lakeside cabin in the mountains. Or a posh hotel in the heart of london. I’m reminded of that movie “same time, next year.”

  15. jje

    Honestly, I’d love a repeat of my honeymoon in Paris with my husband. As long as the boys were in good hands with my mom (and I’d have to wake up and tell myself that every morning), I could probably enjoy myself for two weeks until I’d be totally overcome with missing them like a crazy woman.
    No touristy stuff, no agendas – just losing ourselves in museums and cafes, and wandering wherever our whims would take us. Oh, and hopping on trains to explore outside of Paris. And definitely books on this trip – my Kindle would be loaded up.
    We just aren’t able to escape without the kids that much, but when we do, it’s amazing how easily we slip back into the fun, fascinating creatures we were before having two under five crushed it out of us – LOL! Two weeks alone together would be heaven.

  16. Scott

    jje hit it perfectly for me.
    Trip through Italy with my wife, before we had our son, with an unlimited budget. The first time was great, just constrained by money. The second time would be ideal.

  17. emma

    Hmmmmm! Four day weekend in London with my three college roommates from Senior year. Oh, wait – that is actually going to happen in May.
    So, my imaginary trip – lost weekend will be with my husband for a week on the Greek islands. He is not allowed to take his blackberry.

  18. A. Nonny Nonny

    Driving around the country, no destination in mind, for two months. By myself, but with the stipulation that I would try to meet as many interesting people in my stopovers as possible.
    And since my engagement imploded, I’ve wanted to do the male version of “Eat, Pray, Love”. But I’m broke. I don’t want to hijack this thread, but does anybody have any thoughts on where a single guy can go to A) Eat; B) Pray; and C) get some Love? For cheap? (Vegas doesn’t count.)

  19. GFWD

    A. Nonny Nonny, as noted in the great movie, Coming to America:
    You gotta go to a nice place, a quiet place like a library, there’s good women there and um, church, they’re good girls.

  20. Neva

    I second Emma on the London trip so that one’s covered.
    Right now, given my level of constant demands I’d like a spa like resort on a warm beach with almost no one else around (except the ones who bring me food and drink!). Some yoga, some yummy food, quiet beach, good book. 24 hours completely alone and I’d be a new woman I think. After 24 hours I’d miss my hubby and kids too much to enjoy myself any more.


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