charon expects his coin for that one


Let’s get this mid-week going with a depressing FLURB sound, shall we? Today’s question will be the following: what was your most massive, unqualified, gigantic failure? I mean, sure, it might have been valuable as an education, and you might have met a ton of cool people through it, and you can’t imagine it not happening, but taken at face value, what thing of yours failed the heaviest?

Mine? I made a movie about a house I used to live in. You?

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  1. Dr. Dolittle

    I got a PhD. [Have tried and failed for years to get a tenure-track position, have been in the academy for 12 years and make
    $43, 500. And every penny goes back into making the art I should’ve been making all along.]

  2. CM

    LOL, mom!!
    I still want to see the Pink House movie.
    I guess mine is a young-adult book I spent years on. I turned down a 2-book advance from a chick lit publisher so that instead I could focus on this really intense YA book. But it got rejected everywhere. Thing is, I’ve been revising it since then and still love it, and probably will send it out again some day. I’ll e-publish it on Amazon if nothing else. So I guess I’m not entirely failing yet, and I guess I’m glad I wrote it either way.

  3. FreshPaul

    so, what you all are telling me is that those 5 grad school applications I finished and sent on Monday were little mistake-seeds waiting to blossom in my late 30s?

  4. Salem's Little Sister

    I spent my entire life riding horses, training horses and owned two. It was my career for many years. After I had Ben, a tiny bit of fear crept in every time I rode. Who would take care of him if I got hurt? How can I spend so much time and money away from him? My fears and worries totally took over after a while and now I’ve totally lost my nerve and haven’t ridden in over two years.

  5. A. Nonny Nonny

    I can’t decide between ‘ending engagement before wedding’ or my career shortcomings. But I still hold out hope for my career, so I’m going with the implosion of my last relationship. However, through lots of therapy I’m starting to see that it might not have been such a bad thing (and ending it before the wedding saved me mucho dinero in catering costs and lawyer’s fees!). Regardless, I choose to look on the bright side of life when it comes to my failures.

  6. xuxE

    ooooh too many to count, which is why i rarely do. but a couple stand out ones are a failed relationship from decades ago which haunted me like a hole in the heart until it basically resolved due to facebook. and one failed job effort where i didn’t try hard enough to convince my boss to put marketing dollars behind a product i spent about 3 years crafting and so it whithered and died on the vine. oh and then there was a record label i joined and was unable to save from turmoil. oh that awesome compilation cd i put together which i couldn’t get any traction on- that cd still holds up today, and i still can’t figure out why i couldn’t work it out… Ok, so remind me why are we doing this again?

  7. Lee

    I think really, either I should have gone to a smaller college or should have taken a year off before heading to UNC. I didn’t know what I was doing and really wasted an awesome education.
    Oh, and getting married was pretty effed up, too. But that all goes back to point 1.

  8. Amy S.

    I tried to be a Mary Kay lady when I was in college. The fact that I didn’t wear makeup didn’t do much to stop me. I was sure I could sell stuff and make a bunch of money. Mistake.
    The next three summers I sold books door to door and made $12K, $20K, and $24K, respectively. Turns out I *could* sell stuff, just not makeup.

  9. julie

    Getting my undergraduate degree in business. Met some of my best friends but I wish I had stood my ground and pursued a science track.

  10. LFMD

    I have been thinking about this all day. I think that my biggest failure has been letting myself go to hell physically and putting myself and my needs on the back burner ever since my daughter was born 11 years ago.
    It is an age-old tale of woe, but for me, it has been very demoralizing. I used to be a runner. . . now I am fat and out of shape. I used to have a lot of confidence in my intelligence and my self-motivation. . . now I am a corporate drone who does the bare minimum work-wise. I can hardly come up with any career ambitions, and I used to think that the sky was the limit. I don’t really take pride in my work or my appearance, and I feel like a shell of my former self.
    I have to admit that I am a great mom — I love my daughter and am so much more engaged with her than my own mother ever was with me. I am an OK wife. . . I need to focus on my relationship with my husband more than I do. But, I am really shitty to myself. I don’t take care of myself, never really allow myself to focus on ME, never take care of my needs. In many ways, I feel as though I have failed myself for the past 11 years. And I am 42, meaning that my life is half over (if I am lucky enough to live to 84, which is unlikely because I have not cared for myself for 11 years).

  11. kevin from NC

    Been out of town…
    Spent too much money too soon on a new location and lost $500K that I paid back over the next 11 years that ultimately resulted in losing my business 13 years later. Reached for the stars and came up just short…….

  12. Matt

    I quit a great, stable job I enjoyed doing and had held for nearly 4 years to take a position with a prestigious Pennsylvania Ave firm only to be laid off 5 months later.


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