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UPDATE! (12/16)

Due to overwhelming response, I’m going to leave this blog up over the weekend – get your orders in for Xmas, folks!


Okay, I know it seems like Family Appreciation Week here on the blog, but my sister has just started something that I think is truly fantastic, and I’m immensely proud of her. Together with Jon, they have created a new company called EverPresent that sells BEAUTIFUL, REUSABLE WRAPPING BAGS FOR EVERY KIND OF PRESENT. She’s been doing them for our humongous extended family for years, and decided to go national.


Wrapping paper has always made me kind of sick; even when I was a little kid, I’d look at the living room after Christmas and feel a twinge of disgust when we threw away 400 pounds of paper. When I was a teenager, I started doing what Kent did and wrapped everything in newspaper, but it turned your hands black and looked like shit.

Now we’ve got Michelle’s bags, many of which have been in rotation for five years. They still look awesome and… I don’t use the following word very much… “festive”. They come in five sizes, and one of the benefits is this: nosy little brat kids (like me at 6) will find it harder to suss out what’s inside.

Environmentally, it’s a no-brainer for obvious reasons. For those of us who wrap poorly, it’s also a no-brainer. There are ten different fabrics, so there’s no creepy uniformity under the tree. And this is only the beginning – she’s getting designs for all the different holidays, and birthdays as well.

So don’t go buy more rolls of felled trees destined only to be ripped and discarded! Support the home team! WOO-HOO!!!

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  1. Anne

    Excellent! Love this idea.
    I usually stock up on Christmas wrap, bows, etc. at the sales after the holiday. But then you have to store those big rolls, blah blah. Folding some nice cloth bags would be much easier.

  2. Piglet

    Hey, we’ve been doing that for years using cloth bags my mother in law sewed herself. They even look a lot like what’s in that picture. I’ll send my mother in law’s address so you can send the royalty check, dude.
    Seriously, this is a GREAT thing to do. Except for things they wrap up in the store for us, we have no paper-wrappings at all, and we don’t miss the cleaning-up a bit.

  3. Mindy

    OMG that’s brilliant! I reuse gift bags all the time, but they end up battered looking or ripped. Why didn’t I think of this. I just placed an order and can’t wait to get them!

  4. Anne

    So, I ordered a set. And I posted the link to Michelle’s site on my FB wall, and several of my friends are going to order. Yay for social networking!

  5. michelle

    Wow, thanks, everyone! Got a HUGE influx of orders this AM, all of which are going out today. Some sizes have already sold out – but I’ll be doing more sewing this weekend to get more bags out by Christmas. Thanks for the support!

  6. Meredith

    These are a great idea – thanks for sharing!
    For presents that won’t fit in one of these or for those of you who are still addicted to paper and bows, an environmentally friendly trick that our family has used for years is simply to wrap boxes in different sizes: you wrap the lid and the bottom of the box separately, and then when you open the box, you just take the lid off rather than ripping the paper. Then you just store them in between Christmases and reuse — we have some that have been in circulation for 20 years now, and they’ve held up fine. Added bonus that you can just bring down the boxes with the rest of the Christmas decorations, and it looks like there are presents under the tree as soon as the tree is up, rather than only at the last minute when all the shopping is done. (At least that’s how it works at our house….)


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