and the druids sing in pentatonic joy


You are now living through the shortest day of the year. It may be the shortest by only a few seconds, but it’s the shortest nonetheless. Where I am, in upstate New York, the sun will only be about 19 degrees up in the sky at noon. With the lunar eclipse, this all augurs very well for us. I am thus allowed to grant you one Christmas/Candlemas/Yule/Wild Hunt present for surviving thus. You have stored your seeds, smoked the meat, canned the harvest – what is the one thing else you want?


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  1. jif

    i really really want to NOT spend christmas eve trapped in the car on the highway in a snow storm on the way to my in-laws (five hour drive – at least six with kid-sanity breaks). If you – and the weather gods and spirits of the autobahn – could grant me that I would be most grateful!

  2. Mom

    If you don’t click through the eclipse picture to see the stunning work of nature photographer, you are missing a treat. Cliffs, mountains, birds, skies to die for. Just spent more time than I have to spare today going through them. Wow.

  3. Mom

    Neglected to add the photographer’s name: E.J. Peiker. Really great stuff. And thank you Ian and your entourage of gods, Druid and otherwise, for granting me a wish. But it’s a secret.

  4. FreshPaul

    a cure for my suddenly and recently obtained fear of flying would be swell before I have to board a plane on Christmas morning.
    I’d happily rather drive the 12 hours at this point. Don’t know where this came from, but it sucks. I’d say it came out of the blue, but that would be too obvious a pun.

  5. Neva

    Good health for my whole family, please, please.
    Today is my oldest 10th birthday. I’d like her to get through it without a migraine or a GI bug but it seems at least on is likely.

  6. Caitlin

    To get the job I am applying for. I realize running a tuberculosis ward is not everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s exactly what I’d like to be doing for the next couple of years.


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