it’s run by a big eastern syndicate, you know


Christmas Songs That Are Awesome:

1. Skating – Vince Guaraldi Trio

2. Ah, Bleak and Chill the Wintry Wind (Camilli Quartet version)

3. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) – Nat King Cole version

4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland version from “Meet Me In St. Louis”)

5. The Little Drummer Boy (Bing Crosby & David Bowie duet)

6. Gabriel’s Message (original Sting recording, early 1980s)

7. O Holy Night (Cartman’s version)

Honorable mentions: “Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella”, “Winter Wonderland”, “Silver and Gold”, “Angels We Have Heard on High”, “Away in a Manger” (British version)

Christmas Songs That Are NOT Awesome:

1. The Little Drummer Boy (by anyone else)

2. Mary, Did You Know

3. Silver Bells

4. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

5. Frosty the Motherfkn Snowman

6. Holly Jolly Christmas

7. O Christmas Tree

Dishonorable mentions: “Away in a Manger” (American version), “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, “Santa Baby” (sorry SLS!)


album found on the farmhouse turntable when we moved in

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  1. xuxe

    my fave is snow miser / heat miser from year without a santa claus, but you can’t find it anywhere… :(
    tried to listen to john denver muppet christmas and couldn’t take it.

  2. jif

    btw i would also numbers 3 & 4 by johnny mathis – in fact, his whole christmas album is tooootally dreamy. And “Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow” as well as that “ding the bell” song – know which one i mean? Sung in rounds sort of, love those. Oh and aside from O holy night – Hark the herald angel sing and Oh come all ye faithful – top my religious xmas song list — as a catholic school girl i was always annoyed that we had to wait til basically Christmas to sing the best songs – because we weren’t allowed to sing them during advent.. or something. HARK! i am wrapping gifts right now, can you tell i am in a christmas mood!!?? is 10 am too early for gl├╝wein!?!? i think not!!

  3. block

    “Christmas is coming” should be on the thumbs up list to my hear! kinda surprised you didn’t mention anything from Dylan’s Christmas album. it is wonderfully horrid… save for an amazing Polka version of “Must be Christmas” buried deep in the tracks.

  4. chip

    our mutual friend Jerry Salley makes and sends out a Christmas CD every year. Some of the (good) highlights I remember from that are
    1) “Merry Christmas I don’t want to fight” by the Ramones
    2) “It’s so nice to spend christmas with you” by June and Johnny Cash
    3) “Merry Christmas from the Family” by Robert Earl Keen
    4) A great, great song by Chatham County Line…has the lyric “oh, St. Nicolas, what’s become of us”

  5. Salem's Little Sister

    You are forgiven but I still love it! We’ve been listening to “Now that’s what I call Christmas 4″ and Ben can sing along to almost every song. When he heard Christina Aguilera on”Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” he asked if she was famous for making her voice go crazy like that. Now, I agree I have terrible taste in music, but I am faithful to my songs and if they make me happy, that’s all I need. You won’t be surprised to know I have Glee X-Mas too. Sean Kingston’s “Drummer boy” can’t touch Bowie’s but is pretty fun and after watching “Love Actually” about a million times, I still love “All I want for Christmas is you.” Can’t you just see that little singer girl pointing to the cute, dorky boy?? Elvis’ “Here comes Santa Clause” is also a new favorite and not just because I have Ben convinced that it’s his Granddaddy Largen(Elvis was our Dad’s favorite singer and I thought he’d get a chuckle up in Heaven if he knew Ben thought he was Elvis.) My husband’s favorite song in this mix is Rihanna’s “A Child is born” as he likes some soul with his Santa. Merry Christmas everyone!!

  6. jje

    I totally agree with your awesome list – no arguments there – but I will stop and merrily belt along any time I hear Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, Wham’s Last Christmas, and 1984’s original, emotional version of Do They Know it’s Christmas.
    And I consider it a travesty of epic proportions that all three have completely horrible remakes by various artists. (I’m looking at you, Demi and Taylor, BUT I will give a pass to the little girl in Love Actually – her version of AIWFC is cute. Oh, and the Clef Hanger’s version on their new album, ’cause I love them more than my luggage.)
    And you totally left off that stupid song about Christmas shoes. *shudder* Now that is a hot mess. Oh, and also Dominick the Donkey and the 12 Pains of Christmas. (On a side note, the Clefs and Straight No Chaser do fun versions of 12 Days. SNC was my big find last year after hearing The Christmas Can-Can – they have two great holiday albums.)
    I love Christmas music! After Thanksgiving, I tune Sirius/XM to the Holly station all month long.

  7. Joanna

    It’s nice to know I’m in good company with my guilty pleasure love of Mariah Carey’s All I want For Christmas! I sing it so much my kids both know the words.
    Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song has been my #1 since I was a kid and I’m always happy to hear anything featuring Karen Carpenter’s velvety voice.
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Bud

    I agree with Ian almost completely.
    And I also like Wham’s Last Christmas and Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas (though I thought it was Whitney Houston!)… and Louis Armstrong should be everywhere, always (especially this time of year).
    Three “chestnuts” not yet mentioned are the Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping, Chuck Berry’s Run Run Rudolph and Billy Squier’s Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You.
    Also heard a surprisingly good version of Silver Bells by Wilson Pickett on college radio over the weekend….
    I also agree with LFMD to some degree! Bah Humbug! But – only until about this time of year, when I start to get into the Spirit. Probably because when I was a kid, Christmas music was verboten until Christmas Eve. Ditto for any other trappings of Christmas. Because until Dec 25, it’s not Christmas – it’s LENT. (To this day, I think my dad did that to us because he loved stuff like buying a deeply-discounted tree on Christmas Eve and throwing it up in a rush before we ran off to church… Anyway, Christmas music (etc) before Thanksgiving makes me want to strangle whoever put it on. And I don’t enjoy it until about… let’s say the Solstice.
    Happy Happy, everyone!

  9. David

    Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime makes my list of least favorites.
    Two Front Teeth made my son burst into laughter when he was little, so I have a soft spot for that one. I do understand why it makes the negative list.
    Watching Love Actually has become a tradition for my wife and me. One year we watched on regular cable with all the foul language removed. It did not have the same impact. Bill Nighy’s cussing in that move is perhaps the best ever.

  10. GFWD

    I love the following non-traditional pop music Christmas songs:
    1. Feed the World–Band-Aid
    2. Christmas Wrapping–The Waitresses
    3. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)–John Lennon
    4. Last Christmas–George Michael
    5. Christmas Vacation (from the movie)–Mavis Staples
    In fact, I’m listening to them now on my iPod playlist. Bring on the presents and family gatherings.

  11. GFWD

    LFMD, you should have skipped some classes at UNC and you should get in the spirit with some Christmas music. Come on, share with your internet family the real reason that you don’t like Christmas music.


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