spiritus mundi


Do not read the news; there are things there you were never meant to know. Do not dwell on our lack of community, or that we look at each other over vast spools of wire stretched taut by longing; we are all doing the best we can, given how little we know.

Culture moves on without us, whether we like it or not. You can choose never to be left behind, but it takes a lot of running, and a lot of detours, a lot of wondering if the next big thing is only big to people who are still small.

I don’t belong to a country anymore – I have come to recognize it as arbitrary as my religion. I have shrunk my fraternity down, dried my sorority three sizes smaller, and now I only belong to the cult of my family, and the greater penumbra of friends. Many of these I have seen through storms, and others I know only through an ambient loveliness; even a closed circle can be infinite.

It is to all of you, whatever warmth I can possibly radiate through these pixels and through the many years, that I say thanks and send compliments. These pages I write are bad at so many things, you know, but they have never failed in making me feel part of something larger. Even if for a second, and that’s long enough.


see you next week!

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  1. jif

    I think this article about your friend Senator Gillibrand will make you want to read the news, be proud of your community and living in a country with representatives like her – YAY for Kirsten Gillibrand! http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/23/nyregion/23gillibrand.html?_r=1&hp.
    And about my one granted wish from the solsticer/lunar eclipse gods, it’s supposed to snow from now until the 25th all over Germany – still wishing for a successful drive down south!!!
    Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  2. Anne

    Ian, what a beautiful, beautiful post today.
    I am glad to know you and your family through this blog.
    In the end, we are all a bit less alone because of our connections with other people, whether intimate or casual. Love (in the agape sense) is what matters.
    Merry Christmas to you, Tessa, and Lucy.

  3. kazoo

    indeed, this blog is a shining example of being able to make real connections via the digital space…and i’m grateful to have both the proof that it’s possible and the friendship.
    happiest holidays to you all!

  4. Ruth B

    No, thank you! and Happy Chrismukwahstice, you wonderful, intelligent and chatty citizen of the world (oh yeah,…and Go Heels too!).

  5. killian

    Thank YOU, Ian, for making me feel less alone as a citizen of the world. Your blog has introduced me to a ‘penumbra’ of people under whose shadows I gladly travel. . . a little like Pigpen, with his accompanying cloud of dirt, but in a Very. Good. Way. “To the cloud” sends me to Coastopia and all its crazy/wonderful inhabitants–a WONDERFUL gift you offer. Cheers and Big Blessings!


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