2010 should be ashamed of itself; it should be taken behind the shed and thwacked with a shovel. It should be jumped in a dark alley and relieved of its wallet. It should be picked last for dodgeball, left in a car with the windows rolled up during summer, and allowed to run down cement stairs with scissors, knitting needles and a cactus.

Sure, there have been worse years for the world, and no doubt worse years in the future, but 2010 went all out to turn almost all countries not named China into trembling wrecks. It waterboarded America’s economy. It unleashed tsunamis, destroyed a whole country with an earthquake, dished out bizarrely terrible weather, swine flu, and a Republican-held House. A hole was punctured in the Gulf of Mexico that had serious scientists discussing a tidal wave of fire and oil destroying the southern part of America. All 2010 was missing was a space shuttle disaster, or it could have had the EGOT.

On the personal side, at least for us, it has been a struggle buttressed by some really awesome things. I’ve already dished some of the harder parts (excluding something that happened after I wrote those blogs), and I had the worst depressive freefall since I started drugging myself to make the noonday demons leave me alone.

And yet, we sold a great show idea to ABC and are working with some producers who are smart, insightful and trust us. And then there’s the Lulubeans, such a shiny, absurd, awesome beacon of lighthouse lumens that any year with her in it can’t possibly be that bad. Anymore, I just long to inhabit whatever dreamscape she’s got going at any given moment.


It is because of this, or perhaps the ludicriousness of 2010, that I can finally say this: despite the laundry list of bad shit, despite America’s politics going down the fuckin’ toilet, despite hope being all but erased from the progressive landscape, and the environment becoming a sick, morbid joke… I don’t really care. I still obsess over music and writing and friends and technology and philosophy and all the things we discuss here, but 2010 taught me a lesson in letting go. Because, you know, it offered so much to let go of.

And so we bid adieu to a crappy year topping off a shitty-ass decade, which lends new meaning to “happy new year”. We’re all really in need of something different, so it is with revitalized energy that I wish you all a very happy, and very new year.

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  1. Anne

    2010: The good (yes, some good things did happen), the bad, and the ugly. VERY ugly. Yet I know of few people who do not, at the least, hold out hope for 2011. It’s our human response to even the most awful cavalcade of bad news: Things have gotta get better.
    Wishing you and your family much happiness in 2011, Ian. And, maybe I missed something (I often do), but CONGRATS on the ABC deal! Will you still blog for us when you win your first Emmy? Please say yes. :-)

  2. Ken H

    Wow – congratulations on the deal & I hope you have more great news to share in the new year. All the best to you and your family in 2011 – and thank you for all the great posts you’ve shared in 2010 (and beyond). I know your long-time friends and casual lurkers all appreciate everything you’ve shared on your site.

  3. Bozoette Mary

    Yep, 2010 was pretty much a terrible year for us too, financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. But, like you and yours, it was punctuated with good things. So I wish you, Tessa, and Lulubeans the very happiest of happy new years, with fingers crossed for great success with the new show!

  4. cd

    This year was so hard, in so many strange ways. Thank goodness for our ability for renewal, no matter how much we may eschew it at times. That said, I was eating banh mi in Park Slope this afternoon and noticed, mid-bite, a postcard offering hoop lessons. The woman (with enviable abs, oh my god!) on the card was your friend Annie, and it made me instantly grateful for communities large and small. The sense of connectivity may be false sometimes, but in that moment, the recognition made me happy. Or maybe it was grilled pork.

  5. tregen

    2000-2010 was a good decade.
    No global wars, no nuclear Armageddon and the US made it through another 10 years. 2011-2020? Who knows, but be happy…. it’s all going to be okay.
    Plant your garden, feed your soul, grow your happiness.
    Happy 2011!!

  6. josie

    Ian, what happened “after?” I felt as if there was something unresolved there; I never got to exhale. How difficult it must have been to share that information without some type of a resolution in your mind…even if the resolve was to quit trying. I guess the other respondents know, since they are ignoring the mention. Take Care + Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.


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