take solstice in your loved ones


What? You say you don’t want to hear my blood-churning, spittle-spraying pinko exhortations to hate hate hate? Okay, fine, then you’re getting…


First up, Lucy hangs with Jack Bowen at the Nutcracker. She had the outfit picked out for weeks beforehand, and god knows she loves visiting the world’s great cities with Jack. By the way, the Arabian Dance was even better than last year:




As I’ve oft bored my readership, I pick a random skill set to learn each year, some “talent” or craft with which I have no previous experience. 2010 was “ice skating”, which coincided with Tessa resurgence in the sport, and Lucy’s lessons. So we brought our skates 3,000 miles to the famous rink at Rockefeller Center, but it was 10 degrees, and the line was an hour and a half long:




Not to be defeated, I planned to make a backyard ice rink up at the farm, since water always floods our yard and freezes anyway. To our astonishment, nature had taken care of it, leaving a beautiful little rink for the ladies:




My pregonaut sister Michelle and I pondered the Christmas tree farm:




…while Tessa wrapped packages courtesy of Michelle’s new business (Lily standing guard, as usual):




I like my Waffle House hash browns scattered, smothered and covered, but I like my family studying, dreaming, mothering, tickling and pontificating (in that order):




Our staircase is running out of room, wonderfully, thanks to little sweetieboots like Marlena, in Tessa’s arms:




I tried to make sure… *ahem*, I mean Santa tried to make sure everyone was surprised with a Pillow Pet, which is a product I confess to liking far out of measure:




Tessa got these Xmas-themed jammies a few years ago, and they are pretty comfortable. Even the dog has one, which is not something I condone AT ALL, mind you:




The storm that hit after Christmas was theatrical, to say the very least. Parts of the farm were under 6-foot snow drifts, others were passable by Lucy, with Lily following her tracks like a coal cart in a mine:




Our annual Arcticular party for New Year’s Eve turned the barn into the parlor game hootenanny it was always meant to be (note GFWD’s Carolina pool table light):




Seth, Ehren, Tammy and Salem prepare to taste a scotch as old as Salem and I are. This 43-year-old Glenfarclas was absolutely wonderful, though it is getting very hard (and expensive) to find whiskies aged like us:




And there’s always the quiet times when you can introduce your daughter to the Rankin-Bass claymation Christmas specials:




Anyway, from all of us to all of you, we hope your winter is going wonderfully!




0 thoughts on “take solstice in your loved ones

  1. chip

    This is my favorite post of the year (2010 or 2011).
    I’ve deliberately shielded myself from any of the Giffords news in the last few days just because dunks me into a lake of despair. I only hope she somehow gets most of her mind back. I don’t really have hope for any of the issues (guns, rhetoric) underlying the shooting changing.
    What does give me hope is seeing the Williams clan in winter.

  2. GFWD

    I am very happy to see that the Carolina light is being put to proper use. I like how the barn has the pool area, the ping pong area and the music making area. Great holiday shots.

  3. cullen

    Great pics. Nothing like being a bit snowed in to bring the clan closer. As for the tree farm, I say go for it. My family did in WNC some yrs ago and it’s still going strong…

  4. cullen

    Dear gentleman-farmer, Great pics—nothing like being a bit snowed in to bring the clan closer. As for the tree farm, I say go for it. My family did in WNC some yrs ago and it’s still going strong…

  5. Lara

    Great pictures – looked like a dream Christmas! And what’s NOT to like about Pillow Pets? It’s a pillow. It’s a pet. C’mon!!

  6. CM

    awesome. i especially like the one of your family just sitting quietly in a room. we should all be so lucky to have a quiet haven of peace and love.
    those pillow pets look cute. i gotta check em out.

  7. Neva

    The intermingling of Christmas PJ stripes is my fave. Hard to see which body belongs to which head (including the doggie). It does seem there is at least one head missing. Is that you Ian?

  8. julie

    Pillow pets were a hit for us too. Even the 8 yo boy who is just beginning the eye-rolling at comments he deems too babyish loves his. My younger boy received the penguin one as well. What wonderful pics!

  9. Joanna

    The photo of Tessa’s graceful motion at the farm is more lovely than anything you could have captured at Rockefeller Center.
    (and, by the way . . . TEAM IAN! I was late to the discussion but kept thinking as I read that although they may love their families and country, they hate homosexuals, minorities and science. It’s this hatred, rather than insults, that leads to incitement, that has led droves of them to retire from truck pulls and dwarf tossing and into the political realm. But back to Kristmas . . .)

  10. jersey

    my house has also suffered from an infestation of pillow pets following santa’s fly-by … is there a number i can call to have them removed?

  11. Anne

    Lovely, soothing, charming… only good adjectives for these photos of your holiday fun.
    But please tell me those are not figure skates you are holding, Ian. HOCKEY SKATES are the way to go! For girls too!
    former college ice hockey forward

  12. Ian

    Hockey skates suck! I can’t make them work. Turns out figure skates are the best for those of us lumbering goofs with size-13 feet.
    emma, you’re on.


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