you’re winsome, you lose some


A propos of a conversation overheard at the sporting goods store today, our code word question is this: What body part – or part of your body – used to be much better than it is today? And conversely, what is now much more awesome?

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    I think most of us who have had kids will say our mid-section. Mine used to be so flat and I took it completely for granted.
    I will say my legs are looking much better than when I was a stick figure in high school. I’m training for a marathon and I actually have some muscles on my legs now.

  2. CM

    I’m breastfeeding and all the fat is coming out in my breastmilk and I can’t keep weight on. This is something new for me. My legs actually look slim. Maybe I can breastfeed my son until he’s 10…?

  3. Tammy O.

    The three years I played roller derby, I had a pretty incredible ass. I miss that ass, along with the legs that made me feel like I could be some sort of Bond girlvillain.
    I think my face has gotten a lot better. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.

  4. Anne

    Every single part of my body used to be better than it is now! I’m not kidding. Aging is not for the faint of heart. No wonder rich people get themselves carved up by surgeons.

  5. The Visual Learner

    Ladies, I speak for all men of the blog when I say that we need to see pictures to really appreciate what you’re talking about. Whether it’s legs, asses, boobs or bellies, please send or link to pics so we can help weigh in.
    For me, my height is better. I was about 5 feet tall until after high school and then had a growth spurt to about 5’9″ which, though short by some standards, is like being a giant compare to where I was before.

  6. FreshPaul

    My sinuses used to be better. As did my hip, shoulder, and ankle joints, thanks to numerous basketball injuries I was too macho to get treatment for.
    What’s better? Nothing really, but I don’t weigh any more than I did in HS, having gained and lost 40 pounds during a 4 year flirtation with weightlifting.

  7. Sean

    My knees suck. They have, to a certain degree, but I jumped twice at a birthday party two weeks ago (to grab a balloon off the ceiling) and my knees have hurt ever since.
    My penis has gotten much better. It’s even more beautiful now, and since so much less is asked of it of late, it seems to be at peace. It’s like an attractive college professor, sitting in an overstuffed wing-back leather chair.

  8. Annie Nervosa

    My brain. It used to perceive my nubile, young body as malformed and imperfect; Now it tells me to slap on some tight pants and shake my (15-20 pound heavier) money maker whenever I can.

  9. grazie

    got worse: my digestive system, so many things i can’t eat now
    got better: my tits are fabulous, never thought so in college, but now… (sorry guys, no pics, you’ll just have to imagine)

  10. m.v.l.

    I would say nothing is worse, just different! Things have altered a bit, but they appeal to the kind of person I want to be with NOW, not when I was 23.


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