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You’ll have to excuse us today – my brother (and web admin) Steve and I are working out how the blog should look. For those of you in the biz, we’re trying out a “fixed” vs. “fluid” text layout and playing with the font.

Personally, I don’t like it when individual entry pages (aka the “comment” pages) have sentences that go for 16 inches across your screen before breaking to the next line. I lose my place, and it encourages skimming, but then again, my web habits are weird. Any thoughts on this or a redesign?

And now for your help:

Okay, make sure you’re on the main blog page, not an individual entry. In the first paragraph above, on what word does the line break back to the left margin? Then click on the “comments” button below and look again (since that takes you to the individual entry page that removes all the links at left).

For instance, on my page, the word “fixed” is the beginning word of the second line. On the “comments” page, the second line is already the start of the next paragraph (“Personally”).

I know it all depends on how big you typically open your browser windows, but that’d be good info to know before we make any “fixed” widths. If you know what I mean. Too complicated? Probably, but I don’t ask much of you lot, do I?

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  1. Mom

    You can’t judge anything by what I see on each line, since I blow the text up for my failing eyes. And I don’t know what “fixed” implies. That said, I am VERY grateful for the fact that when I blow up the font size on this site, the text remains ON the page taking up the same space at any font size. Lines are shorter, of course, but they stau in place. Same for the “comments” page.
    On some web sites, enlarging the text makes it move off the page or disappear to the right. I just give up on those. This current format works great no matter how much I blow up the font size… please don’t change that.
    My only problem with the site is that the comments are in a lighter color and harder (for me) to read. But I’m probably your only vision challenged constant reader, so….

  2. adrienneg@gmail.com

    Thanks for asking.
    Main Page breaks at “biz”
    Comments breaks at “with”
    I’m running Firefox on a Mac, page open to full width, minus the dock on the left.

  3. Lurker Ann

    On my page, the first sentence takes up the first line of the first paragraph, and the second line starts with “For” at the start of the next sentence.
    On the comments page, “vs.” is the first word of the second line.

  4. the other lee

    glad to help. As I resize my browser (firefox) the end word changes. i.e. it is not fluid, at least in my browser.

  5. caroline

    On the main blog page ‘out’ is the last word of the first line and on the comments page the whole sentence fits.

  6. Scott

    Main Page – “the”
    Comments Page – “font.”
    I have a very wide screen, so my data points should be taken with a grain of salt.

  7. Greg T.

    It depends on which monitor I’m using. When I size it to make the text seem ‘right’ it breaks on the the word ‘look.’ and then on the word “fixed” in the comments view.
    I agree that I don’t like having the text run on to the right when I’m on a large widescreen monitor, but the range of acceptable is pretty broad.
    Thanks for thinking of us!

  8. Lisa on Maui

    Main page= text
    Comments page= font
    I’m using Safari on a macbook pro 17″ monitor if that helps/matters…

  9. librarysarah

    Main page: “layout”
    Comments page: “Personally” (second paragraph)
    My two cents is to go for max-width, fluid up to a certain point.


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