i’m an autumnal spring with wintry summers


Quick code word question for today…


What is your favorite color?

What color do you look best in?

What color combination is the most nauseating in general (besides Dook blue and whatever spandex they’re wearing)?

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  1. Salem's Little Sister

    Purple is my favorite color in it’s softer shades.
    I have been told I look best in light shades of blue.
    I have been told my entire life by my mom that I look horrible in grey so there is not one stitch of grey in my wardrobe. I bet Salem doesn’t have any either as she told him the same thing. Ben has one grey shirt that he picked out and although he looks adorable in it, I still cringe when he puts it on.
    BTW, my right hamstring blew mile 4 of my marathon this weekend and my husband had to carry my limping, crying body off the course. 4 – 6 weeks of PT 2x a week and then I’m back to training. It’s a sickness, I know.

  2. Tanya

    My favorite color changes – as a kid, it was always yellow, as an adult, it really depends. I tend to gravitate toward pink, though.
    Interestingly enough, I’m told I look good in pinks and reds. Of course I wear a lot of Carolina Blue to show my support, though I know it’s not the best color for me.
    Most nauseating? Eh, nothing really bothers me that much, but I am not a huge fan of washed out greens (olive included) and I really don’t like aqua blue. That often looks cheap to me. Sorry, Carolina Panthers…

  3. Bud

    Favorite is green, especially forest green
    Prefer to wear black
    Slightly nauseated by neon colors, especially light green (aka puke green)

  4. Julie

    My favorite color is red. People have told me red, pink, and blue (the jewel colors according to one) look good on me and interestingly enough my closet is full of them. I don’t like orange and brown at all. It took a long time for me to buy neutral pants and still have very few. You will never see me in those two colors “close to my face” as mentioned in those Color Me Beautiful books that were the rage in middle school.

  5. monheric

    Favorite to see – green, as in plants.
    Favorite to wear – yellow, as in the sun.
    Worst – anything from 1973.

  6. ally

    While I usually say my favourite is balsam green, noticed recently a tendency to use a sort of wedgewood blue in all my design work.
    I feel best in black but apparently look best in pink.
    I find pastels, of varying hues, grouped together à la after dinner mints, kind of nauseating.

  7. littlerattyratratrat

    Wear mostly black, with blood-red or crimson; would go the black and brass, steampunk look if I weren’t an old man who’d look thoroughly silly. The unreconstructed hippy in me will go paisley and psychedelic in a heartbeat. Mostly just sad that mainstream Western styles are so conservative and boring. What was that quote about the “grim Assyrian absurdity” of top-hats and tuxedos and all that?
    Why is it that color charts like that have only positive personality traits? What colors represent ‘whiner’ or ‘mousy and insecure’ or ‘a real dick’? (Well, obviously, Dook blue for the latter.)


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