the brontosaurus is dead, long live apatosaurus



Everyone brags about their kids, but I’m just amazed at the Lulubeans’ voluminous appetite for dinosaurs – we went to the Natural History Museum in NYC today, and she knew almost every single one from the skeletons alone. And while she can read rudimentarily, she can’t read dinosaur names with eight syllables, so the following display of Cretaceous erudition comes from episodes of “Dinosaur Train”, hours of leafing through her Dinosaur Atlas, and making me Google pictures of Einiosaurii:

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see her drawn to something that used to be the domain of boys, and usually boys 3-4 years older. Next stop: Roy Williams’ secondary break!

0 thoughts on “the brontosaurus is dead, long live apatosaurus

  1. cullen

    get the ball up the wing, look inside, transition 3s good w/folks crashing boards, reverse ball, trailing big man needs a little range….good luck

  2. josie

    That is awesome. Kids are such sponges for facts. She’ll be able to captivate the punch bowl crowd at the next bday party with all of her dinosaur knowledge.


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