the moral arc bends towards the hoop


Many apologies for the technical outage with the blog yesterday – apparently the non-profit group that hosts our site has not paid the bill in months, meaning a lot of sites got temporarily switched off. I was unaware such a thing could happen, but we’re back up, and on a different plan now.


No apologies needed for one Mrs. Rebecca Lowell, who won the xtcian all-stars Tournament Challenge this year with a fabulous come-from-behind victory over many excellent prognosticators. As I said before, more than half of the top ten are women, and one of them is my wife, so I couldn’t be prouder. Who cares I was in the 38th percentile? My betrothed was in the 87.4th!

And so Rebecca gets a dram of the best scotch released last year, a 1970 Glen Grant that is an absolute stunner. Or she gets a bizarre tchotchke from Venice Beach – just ask past winners Joan, caveman, Anne, and the rest!

One more word about hoops before we declare the season absolutely over until Midnight Madness in October. I’m often defending the college game against people who think the NBA is the only basketball worth watching. I always mention the scrappiness, the heart, the love of school, the love of being young, the love of caring so much your heart could burst.

In the NBA playoffs, a best-of-seven matchup pretty much guarantees the better team moves on. In the college tournament, some crazy Cinderella can come along and charm you with a miracle run. You’ll have a 19-year-old poli sci major who will suddenly swish eight 3s in a row. It can be the most inspiring game on the planet.

What we got on Monday night, however, was a dreary display of grisly shooting, grindingly-poor offense, and a halftime score better suited to volleyball. It would have been tragic if it hadn’t been so boring, a game finally decided in favor of a school with the charm of congealed snot. Cinderella lost her shoe, lost her way, and fizzled still sweeping the fireplace. Next year cannot start soon enough!

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  1. Steve Williams

    Sorry about the outage! If you’re curious, here’s a photo of the server (and the others) yesterday, after it was unceremoniously removed from the rack at the colocation facility at 200 Paul Street in San Francisco:
    It’s back up now at an undisclosed location.
    More photos: Two years ago, almost to the day, a bunch of us volunteers moved the servers to 200 Paul. xtcian lives on the server labeled “”:

  2. CM

    “You’ll have a 19-year-old poli sci major who will suddenly swish eight 3s in a row.”
    Nice line! Even a non-fan like me can appreciate that.

  3. noj

    Joe Posnaski from CNNSI had a funny riff on the game – he said (something like) the game was so slow and from another time that he kept expecting the cheerleaders to break out into the Charleston.
    I had to turn it off midway through the 2nd half. I actually escaped the awfulness of the game by turning to my taxes.

  4. GFWD

    How can the lovely Rebecca and the lovely Neva even have their entries counted if they didn’t pick Carolina to win it. I was the top entry that picked Carolina. So, I think she should get a Venice Beach postcard and I should get the Scotch.
    I’m not bitter at all or nothing.
    By the way, when has a guy ever won this thing? Didn’t the lovely Emma win it all two years ago?

  5. joan

    I have this beautiful ability to forget the tournament exists as soon as UNC loses. That’s why I pick UNC to win it all every year. Because if we don’t, I don’t care anyway.
    A friend tells me this means I am a True Fan.

  6. emma

    GFWD – the year I won, I tied with Big Scott, so a guy has won in the past. And, you can always say you were the #1 guy in the pool. As a consolation prize, Neva, Mollie, Tracey and i will send you a postcard from London next month (on (or about)the 20 year anniversary of our graduation from UNC).
    Kudos to Neva and Rebecca for such a good showing.

  7. GFWD

    Emma, I didn’t know the 2011 MILF Tour was kicking off in London! You gals have been out 20 years? That just made me feel old, because the Class of ’92 follows your class. Gulp.
    I don’t want a postcard, though. I want a picture of all four ladies in front of Big Ben of of all of you standing on either side of one of those palace guards who ever smile. Or from the big Ferris Wheel.


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